Tato hra dostala od komunity zelenou!

Komunita projevila o tuto hru zájem. Společnost Valve je nyní v kontaktu s vývojáři, aby se věci pohly správným směrem a hra byla vydána ve službě Steam.

Dragons' Odyssey
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Virsalus před 23 hodinami 
This looks so promising, please don't give up on this!
Richard 31. kvě. v 3.56 dop. 
any news?
Beria 23. dub. v 3.37 dop. 
Really interesting game!!
Darkneko and Vexy 10. úno. v 12.27 dop. 
Hi!My name is Christina Migliara and here my youtube channel where i vlog about video games and anime:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdPNUaZpUs_8cyNj_Fd4nYw. I am writing to you to ask if i can have review copy on your game? To promote your stuff
Chevalier 8. úno. v 8.14 dop. 
ahah! i hope to add it! plz steam take this game!
[BOFFIN] Critical_Glitch 29. lis. 2014 v 11.02 dop. 
It's still coming right? Can't wait...*wants it on Android too*
yuela 8. lis. 2014 v 3.53 odp. 
Looks promising, can't wait to play it!
sst1310 14. zář. 2014 v 2.32 dop. 
Когда она выйдет или можно не надеятся?
SpartanChick316 28. srp. 2014 v 1.48 dop. 
Fantasy 20. čvc. 2014 v 3.35 dop. 
it got greenlit? o.o
ricardocasama 29. kvě. 2014 v 5.56 dop. 
Add spanish language, please.
moo 26. kvě. 2014 v 4.14 dop. 
Deusexhuma 17. dub. 2014 v 7.10 dop. 
*throws * Me want ;.;
Richard 31. bře. 2014 v 7.29 odp. 
any news about this game getting on steam?
jenilee.dunson 23. bře. 2014 v 2.10 odp. 
The voice acting is horrible even for an indie game. I hope for an option to turn off the voice acting while still leaving music and sound effects enabled.
deathjesterXIII 17. bře. 2014 v 4.17 odp. 
yeay classic adventure game..my taste !!!
Dalphakans 11. bře. 2014 v 11.48 odp. 
D.J 22. úno. 2014 v 6.43 odp. 
so cute game
skyTocsx19 10. led. 2014 v 3.18 odp. 
daicon 6. led. 2014 v 6.35 dop. 
Day 1 buy
对方可是猫娘啊! 31. pro. 2013 v 7.07 dop. 
looks so good
[ ] 26. pro. 2013 v 1.41 dop. 
Erzio 18. pro. 2013 v 10.46 dop. 
I don't like playing jrpgs without the original audio and the option for turning off the eng voices it's a good point but I hope they can them.
Hollow_Tears 16. pro. 2013 v 10.36 odp. 
Since it's been greenlit please add japanese voices.
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 13. pro. 2013 v 5.27 dop. 
Looks Good and Beauty
Dark Revenge 8. pro. 2013 v 7.15 dop. 
Looks fun. Looking foward to it on Steam.
Jinx 5. pro. 2013 v 9.47 dop. 
Looks cool. 16:9 aspect ratio would be really nice, though. No reason for 4:3 these days, even in retro titles :/
mattiahu 5. pro. 2013 v 9.22 dop. 
please add italian languege t.t
ACWraith 4. pro. 2013 v 2.18 odp. 
Saga Saga: Super Vehicle-001 4. pro. 2013 v 11.37 dop. 
Had no idea this was even on Greenlight.....

daicon 4. pro. 2013 v 11.30 dop. 
Greenlit! Congrats!!
CrackMasterK 21. lis. 2013 v 7.28 dop. 
Hey just wanted you guys to know I started a gaming social network just for gamers and game developers. I would love it if Dragons' Odyssey joined and made their own group on there. Also I will soon be creating a fan page section!

蕾米莉亚斯卡雷特 13. lis. 2013 v 4.04 dop. 
great game, i love this。
Breath of Hell Storm 11. lis. 2013 v 11.37 odp. 
Awesom history must have
fanyy2012 11. lis. 2013 v 4.44 dop. 
good game
Light 4. lis. 2013 v 7.36 odp. 
Portuguese plzzzz
Yekkusu 4. lis. 2013 v 9.55 dop. 
I love It! :D
TheArgentino 4. lis. 2013 v 9.30 dop. 
maan what a great job you guys put into this!
Sprocket 2. lis. 2013 v 12.44 dop. 
Looking forward for nice story
Sku11 30. říj. 2013 v 6.16 odp. 
i'd play it
Estus 25. říj. 2013 v 8.01 dop. 
JRPG, I like it :D
daicon 24. říj. 2013 v 2.38 odp. 
Desperately want to buy this, reminds me of Ys!!
Erzio 22. říj. 2013 v 11.11 dop. 
I like these old school 2D jrpgs and I will purchase it the japansese voices are available.
Kurokami 20. říj. 2013 v 7.57 odp. 
Need more JRPG like this :D
[AUT]BakaWing 20. říj. 2013 v 6.53 dop. 
looks good
Kain 17. říj. 2013 v 7.55 dop. 
I like
gauxel 13. říj. 2013 v 3.50 dop. 
The JRPG effect looks great!
Purple Fiction 13. říj. 2013 v 2.18 dop. 
The character's look like they fell out of a Suikoden game
sst1310 8. říj. 2013 v 5.04 dop. 
I like jrpg.
Lambda 1. říj. 2013 v 6.32 dop. 
Will this game have regional lockout on japanese users? or Will this be sold higher price to japanese?