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Pinball Arcade
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1,457 megjegyzés
Tiim 2016. máj. 1., 7:39 
waiting for steam sale again :) TPA is the GREATEST!
Чиж 2015. febr. 11., 6:50 
i have that, amazin
MucallicA 2014. dec. 30., 9:47 
...THEATRE OF MAGIC - greatest of them all!!
Wilmad 2014. febr. 9., 8:29 
Pope Phillis III 2014. jan. 21., 20:43 
maybe as well
Marky_Mark 2014. jan. 7., 23:21 
JulienGamer32 2013. nov. 6., 13:21 
Cool ! Finally available ! I long for the download to complete to finally see this merveillle PC !
HJHanson 2013. nov. 4., 23:11 
Jax Pok 2013. nov. 4., 13:14 
it's Out use the search box
Spynghotoh 2013. nov. 4., 11:40 
Valve told the Farsight devs a few hours, lets hope they don't mean valve time
Dr. Anomaly 2013. nov. 1., 19:13 
move along, nothing to see here.
malienvictor2004 2013. nov. 1., 17:05 
After what was described of the snafu that blew up in everyone's faces. This could severly cost Farsight in this venture, at least we heard it from Farsight themselves even though the lack of communication that has transpired for months. Valve needs to step up along with Farsight to rectify the situation. And so far, not a single word from Valve on this matter. Maybe I am wrong, but I hardly noticed any of the Valve team in direct communication with the community.
Anyways...I have been looking forward for TPA despite the lack of transparency of progress for the PC version. Untill Monday then.
Scarpia911 2013. nov. 1., 13:08 
I would add this to my library for sure.
Mordy 2013. nov. 1., 11:45 
Just added money to my wallet so hopefully this does get released today.. or if not today, then at least very, very soon.
ZOMBIE 999 TP 2013. nov. 1., 10:16 
come on, release the game, you are giving me a heart atack!
CONTRA 2634AD 2013. nov. 1., 10:06 
Wow, REALLY?! Another arbitrary release date...
Baby Sinclair 2013. nov. 1., 10:05 
i don't see it
ZOMBIE 999 TP 2013. nov. 1., 10:03 
is 10am PDT... where is the game?
Yaggie 2013. okt. 31., 23:34 
where the F is it
Hiya, Tiger ✓ 2013. okt. 31., 20:20 
It comes out November 1st 10 am PDT! Get hype!
Mr. Shades 2013. okt. 31., 15:48 
Since the game is on the PC. Is it possible for someone to get the music for these machines? Because it's hard to find most of the music for pinball, even without pitch changing.
Lancelot 2013. okt. 27., 4:05 
If it is possible to unlock/restore my purchases on iPad, even on my PC....
Vulpis 2013. okt. 26., 16:38 
My only question is what tables will be in the core pack, and what tables are they going to nickle-and-dime you with DLCs (given how they've arranged them on PSN)..
Marcellus 2013. okt. 26., 2:34 
Adams Familiy
Slyterica 2013. okt. 25., 19:16 
NOV 1ST.... wish I had a time macine.
Jax Pok 2013. okt. 25., 17:46 
Ya great news we can buy it next Friday!!
doglobster 2013. okt. 25., 17:02 
So its just been announced that will be available to buy from the 1st of Nov. Table packs 1 - 18 available from launch!
nas.djoev 2013. okt. 21., 21:50 
i find this game difficult to masturbate to
rob.z 2013. okt. 20., 5:00 
this is what games devs think of PC Users '' F UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU'' always last to get the games.
Party Yeen 2013. okt. 19., 15:57 
Maybe if we're lucky this game will be on Steam in time for the second coming of Christ.
ZOMBIE 999 TP 2013. okt. 17., 4:55 
come on! release the game, i hardly can wait!
kaworu 2013. okt. 16., 11:33 
or buy Talisman - you'll have a HUUUUGE fun if you like board games with dices
Bruno 2013. okt. 16., 11:09 
New Star Wars tables have just been released for Pinball FX2. If you are tired to wait for TPA to be released, give those tables a try. Worth every penny.
ZOMBIE 999 TP 2013. okt. 16., 8:56 
i have the demo installed
kaworu 2013. okt. 16., 8:47 
ok, may be it has not, but how do you can know it, if FX is not released on PC yet?
ZOMBIE 999 TP 2013. okt. 16., 8:41 
and by the way, Pinball FX2 have no video mode in any table
kaworu 2013. okt. 16., 7:37 
" tables of pinball fx2 have no objectives, no events, no jackpots, boring as hell"
...looks like you didnt even see FX..
ZOMBIE 999 TP 2013. okt. 16., 7:10 
and dont forget that once Pinball Arcade is running on your PC, the graphics will look mutch better than in the video
ZOMBIE 999 TP 2013. okt. 16., 7:04 
in conpensation the tables of pinball fx2 have no objectives, no events, no jackpots, boring as hell
kaworu 2013. okt. 15., 7:36 
my greatest omplain about TPA atm is what most elements of near every table are wrong placed/aligned to each ather - it results in wrong table appearence and gameplay.
Bruno 2013. okt. 15., 7:17 

Yup, so far Pinball fx 2 looks way much better. And the ps4 version of TPA doesn't look great too. Better dynamical lighting, but the textures are still low-resolution. Farsight might have a honorable mission, but they are unable to deliver the merchandise.
kaworu 2013. okt. 15., 5:07 
"modern 3D graphics"..i'm not sure..
ZOMBIE 999 TP 2013. okt. 15., 3:13 
I was waiting for a pinball game like this, for PC, for years: modern 3D graphics, perfect physics and addictive real pinball tables!
maleficamentetuoforever 2013. okt. 13., 17:47 
ma è prevista una data, opuure fanno sperare e passare tempo !!!
kaworu 2013. okt. 13., 11:51 
any guess about which day of next week TPA will appear at steam store?
i bet on tuesday
Bruno 2013. okt. 13., 5:17 
@I will noob you

We don't know. They have been saying "soon" for months on facebook, refusing to give any further details. And when you start a thread about the release date on the pinball arcade fans forum, your thread gets locked down by some wealthy kickstarter who is enjoying the beta right now.
ZOMBIE 999 TP 2013. okt. 12., 23:39 
When the game will be availiable on steam store?
Canadian365 2013. okt. 9., 14:34 
Ok time for PC release soon, and Addams Family Kickstarter in \new Year!
Raiddan 2013. okt. 9., 11:37 
I have this on my android phone. Great game. I'm still wishing they would add Addams Familiy pinball to it.
Arvo the Avenger 2013. okt. 3., 19:20 
I've been waiting for Steam to move on this. Pinbal fx2 is good stuff and bringing classic pinball online will only make it better (and make tons of money for Steam). Come on and do it!