Ця гра була схвалена спільнотою!

Спільнота продемонструвала свою зацікавленість цією грою. Valve зв’язалися з розробником та розпочали підготовку до релізу гри у Steam.

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Chudah 15 кві о 6:13am 
@Helgadar Pretty sure this game was in development LONG before Outlast was released.
sam_hazard 12 кві о 5:58pm 
I love Outlast but seriously, asylums/ hospitals have been used in horror for years!
I agree with Mike
Dirty Mike 12 кві о 12:14am 
The whole asylum horror genre, isn't even original to Outlast... It's an 90 year old genre at least considering H.P. Lovecraft pretty much created it.
Midia 10 кві о 1:11pm 
Outlast much?
Mushu 10 кві о 2:45am 
Can't wait simply
boss of war 8 кві о 8:06am 
thanks for your reply
I still have hope
AgustinCordes  [автор] 8 кві о 7:07am 
@boss of war, we can't confirm Portuguese yet, but eventually we're going to try and translate the game to as many languages as possible :)
boss of war 8 кві о 12:38am 
and brazilian portuguese?
ArchangelSavina 7 кві о 8:02pm 
Scratches was amazing and actually scared me a few times. I watched the first of the two trailers for this and stopped the second one. I have to sleep, and that wasn't going to help. I'm a glutton for punishment, though, and shall buy this to play (with the lights on, in the middle of the day!).
Disregard 7 кві о 9:36am 
Thanks for the response! I do not doubt it will be well worth the wait!
AgustinCordes  [автор] 7 кві о 3:53am 
@Disregard Sorry, really sorry... But rest assured that your patience will be rewarded in all imaginable ways :D
Disregard 6 кві о 11:05pm 
Early 2014? Its come and gone, and still no amazing game ;( I needs mah fix, sooner or later I'll beat Scratches (its taking away doing it without any help)
Vivache 4 кві о 9:02am 
I interested this game after playing SERENA..

I hope to meet Asylum soon on STEAM.
Marcavelli 1 кві о 6:46pm 

AWESOME!! Thank you sir.
AgustinCordes  [автор] 1 кві о 11:52am 
We recently posted an update on Kickstarter with many new details and in-game stuff: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/agustincordes/asylum-kickstart-the-horror/posts/785145

The game is progressing nicely and we're close to settling on a huge and playable alpha. We're also hoping to show more soon!
Marcavelli 31 бер о 8:08pm 
Any updates? Keep it up! Looks very promising.
The 13th Child 26 бер о 3:56pm 
Hm, seems cool! Sucks that i never got to votes, but cool!
R-evolve- 26 бер о 12:31am 
If this wasnt point and click it would be on top of my list. But im sorry.
dander1493 18 бер о 9:09am 
I was going to buy Plague Inc.: Evolved as well as Epic Battle Fantasy IV on here, but I'm more pumped about this game than those two, so I will be patiently awating the arrival of any new updates, especially the release date! Scratches was awesome and this game will be even better!
Never Forget 15 бер о 2:35am 
I have Chills down my spine just by watching to trailer and i havn't even seen a jump scare yet...
tbaeuscher33 14 бер о 5:47am 
freue mich aufs spiel
csnephi 5 бер о 10:41am 
id=0 I am hopeful that this one will be a good game, if you want to try something else out by the same makers I believe the game "Scratches directors cut" was done by them. I played it and liked it, it was even fairly creepy at times.
→ SkyNeer • 3 бер о 10:45pm 
@id=0 remember this is point-click game
id=0 1 бер о 2:08am 
The trailer looks excellent, but considering how many crappy games from Greenlight/Kickstarter have had good trailers, I am not holding my breath
on the quality of the title.

Please prove me wrong, AgustingCordes, we need a great game from Greenlight.
Cpt Douille 24 лют о 7:23am 
Looks like Outlast. Amazing music though !
King of the Divide 22 лют о 11:40pm 
This looks like it's going to be great, I can't wait for this to come out
2ch 17 лют о 12:13pm 
Blackburn 13 лют о 10:19pm 
vamos vamos los pibes! estoy esperando que salga el game, lo quiero jugar!!! :)
VasXXX 10 лют о 4:39pm 
Waiting for the game for almost three years, and is willing to wait a little longer)))
AgustinCordes  [автор] 9 лют о 6:18pm 
@dikochanowski Believe me, we know, but we still have work to do :(

As soon as we're ready, we will announce the date. In the meantime, I can assure you that we keep working to ensure Asylum is one of the most memorable horror games ever made. We should have a big update fairly soon!
dikochanowski 8 лют о 3:05pm 
When are you releasing this game? I have been waiting for months. So I am eager to play it.
ThePhantomSafetyPin 8 лют о 2:00pm 
I am way past excited for this! Haven't been spooked by a Lovecraftian Horror game since Eternal Darkness...
AgustinCordes  [автор] 5 лют о 10:10am 
@dander1493, we're not comfortable yet with telling the release date. Asylum is currently in alpha and definitely very advanced, but we're still implementing the logic and going over all the details. Still, I'm going to post updates here and in our community groups soon, so please stay tuned!
dander1493 5 лют о 8:18am 
As we are now in 2014 and the release date says it will be in the 'Early 2014' months, how soon do you think it will be until an actual release date is given?
Sangreal 30 січ о 2:51pm 
Im really excited to play this! I absolutly loved Scratches. I trought it looked nice and it had the German Voice Actor from Jonny Depp so I gave it a Chance and...by far it was over my expections! I was never scared of such Horror Games/Adventures till I had Scratches. I played the Demo and oh my god! You are doing an amazing work and I feel bad that I missed the Kickstarter...but oh well. Good Luck for you!
121212121 19 січ о 8:37am 
Quiero este juego ya! Llevo esperando desde hace mucho y cada día hay más ganas de jugarlo.
AgustinCordes  [автор] 18 січ о 12:17pm 
It won't cost a lot of money :)
MrGoAt 17 січ о 7:41pm 
really hope this game isnt going to be alot of money but otherwise 10/10
ShadowRogue 8 січ о 12:51am 
This looks like an amazing game and the trailer 10/10 :)
AgustinCordes  [автор] 7 січ о 1:36pm 
@Barrows Killer Yes, you may actually try the so-called Interactive Teaser right here: http://www.senscape.net/asylum-teaser

It's a sort of technical demo :)
Barrows Killer 7 січ о 12:37pm 
Is there gonna be some sort of demo or was there I demo that was a limited time that i missed?
AgustinCordes  [автор] 7 січ о 8:12am 
@admonish Keep in mind that Asylum isn't strictly "Mythos". It's only loosely based on Lovecraft, in terms of inspiration and mood :)
admonish 7 січ о 8:02am 
Looking forward to this game. Even though they are relatively few in number, I truly enjoy Lovecraft Mythos based games, such as Elder Signs and Eldritch.
Thulium 5 січ о 11:21pm 
I think it will be a nice game.
AgustinCordes  [автор] 4 січ о 4:46am 
@Skyneer: Estamos trabajando para lanzar el juego lo antes posible. Vamos a compartir novedades pronto :)
AgustinCordes  [автор] 4 січ о 4:46am 
@Rob: Thank you so much! We're definitely working hard to meet all expectations!
→ SkyNeer • 3 січ о 2:25pm 
Principios 2014 ¿Donde esta el juego? :(
Rob Manetta 2 січ о 6:38am 
I'm a big fan of Lovecraft myself, been following you guys for almost 2 years now, and i know this one will be a masterpiece, the mood and immersion looks incredibly well done, beautiful textures as well, and a creepy feeling of loneliness. Can't wait!
Inz3n1ty 1 січ о 1:36pm 
cannot wait. LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT! But I will.
Morwen 23 гру 2013 о 3:33am