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コミュニティがこのゲームに関心を示しました。Valve はこの開発者がSteamでのリリースに着手するよう働きかけました。

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Lottapril 11月27日 15時03分 
Trailer: Coming 2013. 3 years have passed, what's taking so long for a mediocre horror game honestly?
Keyser Söze 10月30日 3時33分 
i can't wait for this game! it looks so fun!
Skarktrol ™ 10月21日 12時51分 
AgustinCordes: Thanks!
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 10月21日 12時32分 
Remember to regularly check out the announcements section for updates! There's more coming.
Skarktrol ™ 10月18日 4時28分 
Этот день не настанет никогда....
D.R.E.A.M. 10月9日 10時51分 
You keep us waiting... :D
kamyk 10月8日 22時17分 
Wish this was gonna be a halloween release. It would be the perfect game to play. Yes I am still checking on it once in a while Agustin. :)

Glad I got a digital copy of Scratches when I did apparently :/
Wayfall 10月3日 11時03分 
probably release this year or the next
Eurl 10月1日 12時06分 
this game is either dead or the constant delays killed the community
_PREDATOR_ 9月28日 14時28分 
По ходу она не когда уже не выйдет!...
Youthanasia 9月17日 3時03分 
Need some updates ! :D
Valdi 9月10日 15時22分 
I back you guys 100% i've had my eye on you guys since i was introduced to scratches directors cut. i'll be here as long as it takes. you can count on it . take your time. as project ni says " you can't rush art" goodluck and godspeed.
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 9月8日 19時00分 
Thank you! We won't reach perfection, but surely we're attempting to deliver the very best game we can. Asylum has already surpassed our expectations: when we began with the project, we couldn't even dream of reaching the levels of production the game features these days. Of course, we had to push the limits of our capabilities at the expense of constant delays. I understand the frustration and don't mind if people need to vent. At least we're putting our act together when it comes to posting updates and serious information about the status of the project.

Asylum will become a reality, and I'm absolutely positive it will also surpass your expectations!
Project Ni 9月8日 18時36分 
Thanks for the quick response! By the way don't take to heart whatever some people might say over the long development cycle of this game. You can't rush art. A quick release now before completion will not translate into a memorable game in the future and develop a following like Scratches did. I'm sure that the wait will be well worth it and in the end the game will be highly regarded. Take all the time you need for the perfection that your team strives for. :)
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 9月8日 9時48分 
Regarding Scratches, the contract with the former publisher expired and prompted its removal from Steam. I'm analyzing the situation and trying by all means to bring back the game. Hope to have more news soon.
Project Ni 9月8日 8時00分 
It seems like Scratches was removed from Steam. Any info if the removal is permanent and why it was removed in the first place?
DramaQQ 9月3日 1時32分 
"posted: 13. September 2012"... now it's Sept. 2015 and I think it won't make it till Sept. 2016, so good that I didn't spend even a penny. Gonna just buy it when it's reduced to 1-2 Euro.

- unfollowed, unfavorited -
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 7月24日 17時10分 
Yes, we're evil persons who devised a cunning 5-year plan to get money from poor unsuspecting fans of our previous and much beloved game Scratches. Every screenshot and video you've seen from Asylum is a mock-up. Haha, the joke's on you!

But seriously, here's a more detailed status update with things you may not have seen or heard: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/95795715/1437775833

Coming real soon is a new Steam page for Asylum with a dedicated forum and updated assets. Have a great weekend, all!
dander1493 7月24日 1時27分 
I heard about this game way back in 2012 and it's STILL not done? I feel like it's all a big con now. I bet they're not even making a game and just trying to get people's money.
KablamO 7月17日 19時31分 
Well Agustin posted on June 26th that they are close to beta. A release before Halloween would be nice (but doubtful I suppose).
malienvictor2004 7月17日 17時52分 
Lost interest in this. The last updates on kickstarter weren't very compelling that it doesn't state how much is complete. If I were ever to see this show up on steam, when ever that might be.
I'll probly just wait for user gameplay reviews and see if this will live up to the hype that so far doesn't seem phenominal.
Master Auratios♛ 7月10日 7時59分 
I still got nightmares about Scratches....... and believe me ..... its was soooo many years ago...... I wont play this game ..... but I will buy it :P
JDawgRiggz 7月8日 18時56分 
please release, i have played outlast and amnesia and i think it would be cool if it was more cinematic. not so stratigic
DramaQQ 7月2日 0時54分 
that's why I never pay for a game before it's even finished... it's already YEARS ago
crysisheld 6月28日 14時18分 
Please release this game soon. The asylum looks so great, creepy, spooky whatever. please, please, please...
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 6月26日 10時55分 
I honestly don't want to create false expectations, so most likely no. We are, however, getting real close to a beta. I'll post more news as soon as I can!
The Grave Robber 6月26日 9時43分 
I'm a fan of "Stalker of Chernobyl" - it took the people involved in it's production well over 5 years to make and when it was released - it was released I believe under pressure from the public who were fed up with waiting as well as other problems with the programmers. The game was released and it had too many bugs in it, they needed another 6 months to a year in my opinion but even so the game I thought was brilliant. Exploring so many nucular damaged buildings, the city of Pripyat as well as the Chenobyl reactor itself. So don't release this until it truly is right otherwise it will receive poor reviews which will put all the hard work in the shade particularly as there are other quality games to play in the meantime. I have just purchased "Life Is Strange" and that according to reviews should keep me well happy for some while. Having said that it would be just nice to know if you think that "Asylum" will be out this year or not considering we're almost into July.
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 6月26日 8時10分 
@Portugieser: It's true, we're not updating our website that often. It's dated and clunky, and the intention is to modernize it but right now we're focusing on completing the game as soon as possible. That said, we're often updating Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter, and I come here every day to answer inquiries. As for Asylum itself, our backers are already testing it so it's 100% happening for real. I'm really, really sorry about the delay, but we're determined to make the game we want (and I'm sure YOU want to play as well).
Portugieser 6月26日 0時20分 
Guys, you keep promising and promising since years. Big words here as well from Agustin ... but it is hard to believe anymore. The offical webapge news site has no entries since long. An advise: if you have no idea / funds, do not keep promising. You just ruin your credibility. And why the hell you start a new project? You should really focus finishing this and publish something to gain trust in your community...
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 6月24日 18時28分 
Yup, it's massive. And remarkably detailed, which is why it's taking so darn long. But we're getting there! Although, keep in mind that Asylum will be more classic adventure than a fully explorative game -- certainly among the lines of Serena, but with more interaction, puzzles, and the addition of non-playable characters :)
The Grave Robber 6月24日 16時27分 
Thanks a lot for your reply Augustin, yes I'm enjoying Serena very much. I had my first taste of first person exploration games with "Gone Home" - a game that I rate immensely and I'm desperate to find other games like it. I came across "Homesick" enjoyed it but far too short for the money....... but now I've come across "Asylum" - a 100 rooms you say? Now I'm really waiting for this to be released - get to us fella, get it to us :)
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 6月24日 15時00分 
@ŦĦĒ ĢŖÀVĒ ŖŌßßĒŖ, it's a rather curious thing: the name was inspired by Lovecraft's The Rats in the Wall, in which the "actual" Hanwell Asylum is mentioned. However, *our* Hanwell Mental Institute has nothing to do with the real place. It's supposed to be a minor reference to Lovecraft, but it's amusing how people have been confusing the asylum, to the point where we've got serious requests for admittance in our www.Hanwell.org homepage.

The Hanwell Institute in Asylum has been mostly inspired by the Taunton State Hospital in Massachusetts. Incidentally, the Institute is located in the fabled town of Kingsport, but we probably won't mention this fact in the game itself.

PS: Hope you're enjoying Serena :)
The Grave Robber 6月24日 13時41分 
Is this game set in Hanwell Mental Asylum in West London? The game page looks very much like the early photos of the asylum at Hanwell.
dale the radacool gamer 6月18日 19時58分 
thank you im really exicted cant wait
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 6月18日 17時31分 
@gaming with dale: Yes, and it was announced well before Greenlight. We're truly sorry about the awful delay but Asylum is shaping to be a uniquely frightening experience and endlessly repayable. You can't imagine the amount of detail and backstory that we're putting into this game. I can't confirm a release date but I promise solid updates and news soon. Thank you for your patience!
dale the radacool gamer 6月18日 16時05分 
whens it coming out?
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 6月18日 15時17分 
@gaming with dale: No, it isn't.
dale the radacool gamer 6月18日 13時36分 
this game is dead
jonnyrock 6月8日 6時39分 
"I'm Rael!!" Just kidding. Can barely wait much longer for the debut of Asylum!
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 6月5日 16時01分 
@Skartrol: Я обещаю, ваши деньги будут стоить он. Мы работаем каждый день, чтобы обеспечить Asylum живет до ожиданий поклонников :)

(if that doesn't make sense, blame Google Translate)
Skarktrol ™ 6月5日 15時31分 
AgustinCordes: Верю, надеюсь, жду, всем сердцем и всей душой. Очень долго жду её, не жалко даже 100$ за такую замечательную игру отдать. Scratches прошел раз 10 :)
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 6月5日 14時37分 
Asylum не умер! в статусе alpha. клянусь!
Skarktrol ™ 6月5日 12時53分 
Да никогда она не выйдет, умер проект окончательно!!!
_PREDATOR_ 5月31日 15時41分 
ОНа вообще выйдет когда нибудь!?!?
Süper Soner - Lycaena 5月27日 6時15分 
güzel birşeye benziyor türkçe seslendirme varmı
disregarD. 5月26日 15時23分 
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 5月25日 17時01分 
@Elvin: Thank you so much but we're no longer accepting pledges for Asylum, at least not for the time being. Maybe we will again when we announce the release date, hopefully soon.

@Phaidaux Balfour: My post immediately before yours explained the current state of the development. There's quite a bit of players already testing the game and, based on their early feedback, I'm confident that Asylum will definitely live to up its promise, and then some. We're working as fast as we can and seriously compelling updates are on their way. Trust me, there's no con here -- just a small team trying to do their very best and ensuring that fans of Scratches will love every single minute of Asylum.
disregarD. 5月24日 22時22分 
I am really excited about this game, have been for some time. Is it too late to back this game?
Phaidaux Balfour 5月7日 18時28分 
I first came across this in 2012. As a big fan of scratches I was really looking forward to Asylum.. Gave up hope by the end of 2013 after vague release dates came and went, this is the first time I've looked it up since then. We're now heading toward mid 2015 and still nothing... I hope I'm wrong but this stinks of an elaborate con. I couldn't trust this game now. If it does eventually see the light of day I feel I'll have to wait till it's been tried, tested and reviewed back to front before I purchase. Been such a letdown so far :(.. Still, I hope it does come together one day
AgustinCordes  [作成者] 5月4日 8時26分 
@malienvictor2004: We have been posting status updates on Twitter and Facebook, though admittedly not that often. We're trying to keep things quiet until we know a release date for sure -- I really don't want to create false expectations, so our communication is being intentionally vague.

The game is in alpha and we're testing it with your backers. So far the response has been terrific and they're enamored with the game, even in its rough state. However, there's still a long way to go.

My most immediate plan is to create a proper Steam page for Asylum with new screenshots and videos, and ensure that everybody can discuss the game in a forum. We are posting news and communicating the status of Asylum every time we can, though tweets and Facebook posts are often missed, so we'll make the Steam page the place to go for solid news :)