Dieses Spiel hat von der Community grünes Licht erhalten!

Die Community hat genug Interesse an diesem Spiel gezeigt. Valve ist nun mit diesem Entwickler in Kontakt getreten, um auf die Veröffentlichung auf Steam hinzuarbeiten.

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kaanberke2002 Vor 12 Stunden 
▓▓█░░░░ Valve ░░░█
▓▓█░░░░ Add This ░█
▓▓█░░░░ Please! ░░█
▓▓█░░░░ And Give ░█
▓▓█░░░░ Me One! ░ █
▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░ █
PazuMito ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 28. Aug. um 17:29 Uhr 
Comenté hace muchisimo tiempo, y sin duda lo sigo esperando con Ansias! Nada más salir pienso hacer un buen gameplay y hacerme la historia entera. Espero poder cagarme en los pantalones :D
INSHALA 27. Aug. um 4:03 Uhr 
Stop the world cause I wanna get off with you........ ASYLUM!

AgustinCordes  [Autor] 24. Aug. um 23:25 Uhr 
Totally not dead :)
Tim 24. Aug. um 12:08 Uhr 
buddhadoglove 20. Aug. um 12:22 Uhr 
....................... / - - - \
Mogg 15. Aug. um 4:47 Uhr 
From the intro it looked great. Gameplay... I'm not liking the drawn feeling and laggish movement that is going on. Free movement like in the trailer would have sold me. A pity. It could have been so much more.
Wayfall 29. Juli um 12:38 Uhr 
This game is taking so long to release geez..
Animegirl1993 24. Juli um 20:12 Uhr 
I want to play this one
Linz 6. Juli um 14:50 Uhr 
A ver si para antes de acabar el año está ya el juego, lo espero con ansias :D
RadKit 4. Juli um 22:22 Uhr 
Glad things are still moving ahead, you got my vote a while ago, and have been on my watchlist since. Keep up the good work. Out of a growing line of Adventure/Horror games Aslyum really caught my eye.
Aurus 21. Juni um 14:19 Uhr 
Ich warte schon ewig auf das spiel, hoffentlich lohnt es sich auch!
Yzerman 20. Juni um 6:46 Uhr 
Ich freue mich auf das Spiel, hoffentlich ist es bald soweit !
AgustinCordes  [Autor] 16. Juni um 8:49 Uhr 
Hey all! Yes, it's definitely going well. We recently switched to Unity to enhance the look and feel of the game and hopefully speed up the remaining development. The results have been incredibly positive and we're sure that it won't be much longer. More details here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/agustincordes/asylum-kickstart-the-horror/posts/876780

As always, thank you for the kind words and patience. Fans of Scratches and horror games in general are in for a treat -- Asylum will deliver in every regard! I promise that you won't be disappointed :)
MASTER EXPLODER{T.L.} 15. Juni um 13:56 Uhr 
I want to play this game so bad! i hope all is going well :D i wouldl really like to get the full experience soon!
HorseOnFire! 15. Juni um 10:30 Uhr 
>стелс хоррора!
Это вообще другого рода игра.

Is this game still breathing? I'm replay Scratches a lot of times, and i want this game so much. Guys, please, keep working. Fans believe in you and your talent. You're a pro-team of horror-adventures. One of a very small circle of developers, who do classic games without this screamer_zombie_survival_craft_pixel_shit.
PsyShoCk 8. Juni um 11:41 Uhr 
не плохая игра должна получиться, наподобии амнезии и аутласта, геймплей понравился да и атмосфера жуткая, то что нужно для стелс хоррора!
dander1493 5. Juni um 7:21 Uhr 
I have been waiting for this game for a long while now. I hope the release date is soon as I am getting impatient. The game looks too good to pass up! The teaser alone was awesome!
AgustinCordes  [Autor] 3. Juni um 16:06 Uhr 
@dikochanowski We're still hoping to wrap-up the game later this year. We're getting close :)
dikochanowski 3. Juni um 14:27 Uhr 
So,how long?
AgustinCordes  [Autor] 3. Juni um 5:12 Uhr 
@dikochanowski We are aware of the delay but we'd like to wait a bit more before announcing a definitive release date, as we want to be 100% sure that we can meet the deadline this time. All I can say is that the project is coming along amazingly well and we're close to having a stable alpha :)
dikochanowski 2. Juni um 18:26 Uhr 
We are now going into summer,are we now looking at fall for this to be released? I am starting to lose interest.
♪Ṕlumm(ρ) ฿ooty♪™ 27. Mai um 9:25 Uhr 
@AgustinCordes Oh thank heavens for that, the only problem I have with the voice is that he sounds kind of...bland, he fit in Serena, but I don't really feel too scared or nervous when he talks, it just kind of killed off my mood xP.
AgustinCordes  [Autor] 27. Mai um 7:39 Uhr 
@Ṕlumm-ℬutt™ The control system has been vastly improved since the interactive teaser, and is definitely speedier. If you liked Scratches, then you can expect a similarly cerebral and scary experience :)

As for the voice acting, it's clearly a matter of taste (many enjoyed Serena). That said, it's been also improved since the teaser.
♪Ṕlumm(ρ) ฿ooty♪™ 26. Mai um 16:45 Uhr 
Ok I just want to point this out right now, not trying to sound like a dick but this is just what I think xP. 1) I don't really like the looking system...it's just weird, it's gonna be odd being scared and turning around REALLY slow just to escape from something if need be. 2) I don't really like the voice actor, maybe it's because i've already heard him in Serena? I don't know, just seems a bit "off" putting, and he acts so normal or bland I don't see much appeal. The reason I liked Scratche was because there wasn't a lot of voice acting, when you read something like Michaels Journal they way it was written just gave a weird feeling, as well as the atmosphere around.
ArTIc_NeM3siS 24. Mai um 0:20 Uhr 
i would love to play this game looks good
AgustinCordes  [Autor] 22. Mai um 14:12 Uhr 
@CrackerMan We know, and we can't wait to see you all playing Asylum. Just rest assured that we're working hard every day and the wait will be more than worth it. Horror is getting closer and closer :)
CrackerMan 22. Mai um 10:38 Uhr 
I've been waiting so long, I'm starting to loose interest :/ I reaaaaaaaallly wanna get a lets play of it going
Slendypants 16. Mai um 12:11 Uhr 
Recognised the voice from Serena, haha. Good job on being greenlit, I'd definitely play it!
Michelle 16. Mai um 7:58 Uhr 
Mann braucht ihr ewig für das spiel,andere bringen spiele im 1 Jahr raus und es echt super und ihr schafft es immer noch net das Spiel raus zu bringen
White Wolf 14. Mai um 15:23 Uhr 
damn good i want to play it
¤CvG¤™ Healie The Llama 8. Mai um 12:23 Uhr 
I'll do that. Thank'ee!
AgustinCordes  [Autor] 8. Mai um 11:49 Uhr 
In fact, we're preparing a big update with new things to show. Also, by all means, drop us a line at info@senscape.net and we'll send you a playable build of the game when it's ready :)
¤CvG¤™ Healie The Llama 8. Mai um 11:07 Uhr 
Any update on this? I'd love to LP this.
Linalee 5. Mai um 0:05 Uhr 
Heart*Beat 3. Mai um 17:54 Uhr 
DrDanieI 29. Apr. um 7:30 Uhr 
Chudah 15. Apr. um 6:13 Uhr 
@Helgadar Pretty sure this game was in development LONG before Outlast was released.
Derpson Gamer 12. Apr. um 17:58 Uhr 
I love Outlast but seriously, asylums/ hospitals have been used in horror for years!
I agree with Mike
Teh_Pwnerer 12. Apr. um 0:14 Uhr 
The whole asylum horror genre, isn't even original to Outlast... It's an 90 year old genre at least considering H.P. Lovecraft pretty much created it.
Midia 10. Apr. um 13:11 Uhr 
Outlast much?
Mushu 10. Apr. um 2:45 Uhr 
Can't wait simply
Sophos_NSM 8. Apr. um 8:06 Uhr 
thanks for your reply
I still have hope
AgustinCordes  [Autor] 8. Apr. um 7:07 Uhr 
@boss of war, we can't confirm Portuguese yet, but eventually we're going to try and translate the game to as many languages as possible :)
Sophos_NSM 8. Apr. um 0:38 Uhr 
and brazilian portuguese?
ArchangelSavina 7. Apr. um 20:02 Uhr 
Scratches was amazing and actually scared me a few times. I watched the first of the two trailers for this and stopped the second one. I have to sleep, and that wasn't going to help. I'm a glutton for punishment, though, and shall buy this to play (with the lights on, in the middle of the day!).
.:\єtђคภ:. 7. Apr. um 9:36 Uhr 
Thanks for the response! I do not doubt it will be well worth the wait!
AgustinCordes  [Autor] 7. Apr. um 3:53 Uhr 
@Disregard Sorry, really sorry... But rest assured that your patience will be rewarded in all imaginable ways :D
.:\єtђคภ:. 6. Apr. um 23:05 Uhr 
Early 2014? Its come and gone, and still no amazing game ;( I needs mah fix, sooner or later I'll beat Scratches (its taking away doing it without any help)
Vivache 4. Apr. um 9:02 Uhr 
I interested this game after playing SERENA..

I hope to meet Asylum soon on STEAM.