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bonzibuddy 12 sep 2014 om 8:39vm 
❤ Tomokes 💔 14 aug 2014 om 9:47vm 
too. many. polygons.
Chinese Rocks 14 aug 2014 om 8:02vm 
Are you for real? LOL
11 aug 2014 om 12:56nm 
Did you just took the MVM bomb model and threw it within a bland texture ?
FlamingRessey 2 mrt 2014 om 9:05nm 
Майор Паранойя 3 jan 2014 om 10:34nm 
Man nice work!! rep+1 !
Please see my works! I hope you enjoy it!
Five-SeveN Blue
P90 Old Paint
Dual Berettas - Green Patterns
butt 11 okt 2013 om 6:55vm 
Oh kay, looks alrighty. But needs more detail.
Brave Heart  [auteur] 11 sep 2012 om 9:09nm 
@Marceline: Thanks for the crits. I understood crits 2 and 3 but I couldn't quite understand crits 1. Also, for crits 2, how can I bake lightning information in? Can you lead me to a guide?
◦♥◦KITE◦♥◦ 11 sep 2012 om 3:19nm 

3: The material/shader. Again why is there no lighting information? This would really benefit from a normal map, or phong map, or both. Even if you bake a really simple high poly for flat normals, the lighting will give it some life, right now it’s just flat.

Look at Swizzle’s texture guide, pretty much all of these links;

Post here and if I can get to it I can do a paintover for you.
◦♥◦KITE◦♥◦ 11 sep 2012 om 3:19nm 
This critique is designed to help you better yourself as a modeler. That being said here are this issues with it:

1: The shape itself. I am going to assume this is intended to be a bomb. The bottom part of it, the part that touches his head, just looks kinda mushy, almost like a deflated balloon.

2: The texture. It almost made me sick to see the comment about wanting to ask Valve if you could use a 1024. The maximum texture size on a hat is 256. If you cannot get the detail you want in a 512 even; you are not using your texture space effectively. If a detail you want is not coming across then the detail is too small. What is up with the colors? The overall color is flat and desaturated, but the color on the end is way too saturated. They don’t even match the models they are on. What is up with the yellow stuff? I have no idea what it is and it only reads as distracting noise. Why is the wireframe baked into the texture? There is not lighting information baked in.
Brave Heart  [auteur] 11 sep 2012 om 10:10vm 
@[DTGC] ObligatedCupid1: Can you explain further? Like what is the sagged part exactly; since the middle part is the actual helmet and it has to be fatter than the model.
ObligatedCupid1 11 sep 2012 om 9:33vm 
Kinda looks sagged in the middle, maby make it more upright?
Brave Heart  [auteur] 11 sep 2012 om 8:54vm 
Ok I will... anyone knows how to upload a newer version of the hat? I want to upload the newer version of the hat with better texture to the same folder. Is there a button or something like that?
Mario 11 sep 2012 om 6:33vm 
Use a colour from the tf2 colour palette, looks bright and washed out right now.
Brave Heart  [auteur] 11 sep 2012 om 5:17vm 
@galil223: I understood what you meant but as I said in the of my problems is that for the texture to look good, I have to use a 1024x1024 texture rather than a 512x512 texture since I added the team logos which are barely visible in this model (very out of focus). I requested the tf2 developers if I can use a 1024x1024 texture file rather than the 512x512 one and I'm waiting for their reply.

@MrMarioman: What do you mean by "Lacks an outline to distinguish the colour"?

@Everyone including the developers: Any other suggetions?
Mario 10 sep 2012 om 11:43nm 
Lacks an outline to distinguish the colour.
Tortoise Fox (TF) 10 sep 2012 om 9:38nm 
try making a better grapic look like maybe the bomb carts or if you want it to be the same make the bit size smaller because it looks like a low grapic's item. sorry if you don't understand what I said im not a good explaner.
Brave Heart  [auteur] 10 sep 2012 om 9:03nm 
Anyway I can make it better? Any suggestions?
Tortoise Fox (TF) 10 sep 2012 om 3:32nm 
it's original but could be better. stay on it and make it better than people will like it more.
Brave Heart  [auteur] 10 sep 2012 om 12:29nm 
What are your comments?