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Arudis 14 de Abr a las 1:28 
Windows AND Linux support. And it looks so glorious. Would totally buy this on Steam
Really Slick  [autor] 2 de Abr a las 0:54 
Einexile, thank you very much for your support. Good to hear you're enjoying it so far.
einexile 1 de Abr a las 23:42 
Well, I sprang for this and so far I am very pleased. The control is precise, the keys rebind, the sound effects are huge and satisfying. I had no performance issues, and even the starfield looks good. I'm impressed and looking forward to the rest of this game.
einexile 1 de Abr a las 21:50 
@†The werewolf† Man what I wouldn't give for a new take on SubSpace.

Glad also to see Solar Jetman mentioned here. This game is practically an instant purchase for me. Having been disappointed recently by some recent games like Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Ring Runner, I was a little hesitant, but the rule is if you say Solar Jetman you get my money.
Really Slick  [autor] 1 de Abr a las 15:50 
Yeah, I sent a bunch of review copies to YouTubers before the release and I'm always on the lookout for more reviewers of all types. I'd really like to see people do speedruns too. Just posted my own speedrun recently: http://www.reallyslick.com/blog/2014/03/demo-speed-run/
HaVoK308 1 de Abr a las 13:45 
Everyone whould share this to their feed and ask their friends to Vote for it. You should give a copy to some youtubers as well. That always helps a lot.
Really Slick  [autor] 1 de Abr a las 11:58 
HaVoK308, this game is 80% of the way to the top 100. it's inching its way there but could still use a really big boost.
HaVoK308 1 de Abr a las 9:30 
How close do you think you are getting Greenlit?
Really Slick  [autor] 31 de Mar a las 11:21 
It's a mystery.
cyxceven 31 de Mar a las 2:17 
Why isn't this on Steam yet?
Njordr 17 de Mar a las 4:56 
Definitely interesting. Voted for Greenlight
Really Slick  [autor] 7 de Mar a las 21:18 
Hi guys. The orignal game in the cave-flyer genre is usually said to be Gravitar from 1982, which sort of combined Asteroids and Lunar Lander. I hadn't seen Roketz before, but there have been a lot of cool entries in the genre like Thrust, Solar Jetman, and Oids. I played a ton of Oids back in the day. For this game I tried to do my own thing by making fast, demanding flying mechanics and a good variety of levels that add complexity and make you think.
fuguelike 6 de Mar a las 20:31 
Maybe it's kind of a clone, maybe it isn't so bad though.
Naspartus 26 de Feb a las 5:31 
jacobMM 24 de Feb a las 14:02 
cool looking game, I really hope it gets greenlit! Keep being a badass!
Really Slick  [autor] 10 de Feb a las 14:26 
Thanks GnomeSlice. If I'm really lucky this Greenlight campaign will get a big boost when the game releases on February 21.
GnomeSlice 9 de Feb a las 19:29 
This looks so rad. Good luck getting greenlit!
Special Agent FrancisYorkMorgan 5 de Feb a las 17:04 
This game certainly catches my interest
Doctor Dirty 29 de Ene a las 20:04 
Presented in OpenGEAHL! This reminds me of that old title "Hemispheres"
Really Slick  [autor] 27 de Ene a las 19:48 
Glad you liked it, mycon. I hope it's even better now. Testers have been helping me fine-tune the levels, weapons, and difficulty since then.
mycon 27 de Ene a las 14:47 
I met this guy and played this for a bit at a shin-dig here in SF, it was probably one of my favorite demos from the line-up.
Really Slick  [autor] 21 de Ene a las 8:45 
Thanks for the votes everyone. Got some good posts on different game sites with the release of the new trailer yesterday. Looks like it's helping.
HaVoK308 21 de Ene a las 8:23 
Not Greenlit yet?! Damn travesty.
†The werewolf† 21 de Ene a las 2:42 
Reminds me of SubSpace, but with updated graphics and new twists to the mechanics. Love it! Hope to see more of this soon!
Mike 21 de Ene a las 2:36 
Gameplay, graphics and visual effects look very cool. Can't wait!
Rox 21 de Ene a las 1:48 
LOL, I cought an article for this game on Joystiq and I'm thinking "this looks great, I need to get on Steam and give this game a thumbs up." So I pull up your Greenlight submission here and I find that I've already given it a thumbs up. Anyways, wish I could do more to help push this through but if not, I'll catch you on Desura. Joystiq article below:

Eddy 10 de Ene a las 6:31 
cool game
Really Slick  [autor] 9 de Ene a las 0:42 
My thoughts exactly. I just got tired of waiting for someone to make this game. If you like dodging enemy fire, you've come to the right place.
Mr_me 8 de Ene a las 17:52 
Finally! I love games like these where you have to dodge stuff but with a SPACESHIP and BATTLES?!?!?!?!? +10,000 to awesomeness scale
Tempestkiller 7 de Ene a las 10:15 
ver awesome + up to yes yes yes
RedTiberius 7 de Ene a las 1:41 
Love these kind of arcadey games
Agrabah 2 de Ene a las 18:41 
BaRTi 2 de Ene a las 11:08 
Looks great!
Ultramarine 2 de Ene a las 0:06 
Good looking game! It must be interesting.
Really Slick  [autor] 31 de Dic, 2013 a las 19:13 
Hi Psyncro. Reverse thrust has been there since the beginning and it's going to stay. The original goal of this game was to make the ship much more responsive than in other cave-flyers, so reverse thrust is very important.
Psyncro 31 de Dic, 2013 a las 12:21 
Please leave the back-arrow (reverse) in. Games with ships usually leave out backing up. For me, it's an essential part of what makes this game fun and makes it possible to dodge stuff. Back up, spin around, then quick advance fire is my favorite. So is turning sideways to thrust dodge.
Trygon11 30 de Dic, 2013 a las 12:37 
Looks like it could be really fun and challenging. Will keep an eye on this :)
Really Slick  [autor] 21 de Dic, 2013 a las 20:58 
Thanks guys. I'm so close to having all the functional parts of the levels fixed up I can taste it. Have to start planning the release real soon and then work more on cosmetic stuff.
Cpt. Nick 21 de Dic, 2013 a las 6:41 
Looks awsome!
SmashRiot 20 de Dic, 2013 a las 11:15 
Retrobooster looks really great! I'm very excited for the impending release and hope this gets picked up on steam!
Really Slick  [autor] 12 de Dic, 2013 a las 10:16 
Right now I'm looking at a final price of $18 and a pre-order price of $12: http://reallyslick.com/retrobooster/ It's hard to say how much of that will change before this game makes it to Steam.
Technetium 12 de Dic, 2013 a las 1:21 
Any ideas of the final steam price?
Really Slick  [autor] 10 de Dic, 2013 a las 10:33 
Hey thanks. Yeah, Tobiah was a good host. I'm not much of a talker, but he leads the conversation well and asks good questions.
NINJA{PIG} 10 de Dic, 2013 a las 0:13 
Awesome saw you on Be Indie Now. Here's my approval.
Really Slick  [autor] 8 de Dic, 2013 a las 21:43 
Glad to hear it, Giant Bacon Waffle Donut Guy. Smoooooth is definitely what I was going for with the physics and feel of the controls.
Psyncro 6 de Dic, 2013 a las 20:01 
Just finished playing through the demo twice. Awesome. As an old-school asteroids/subspace/lunar lander fan, this game is amazing. Plugs right into my brain and reflexes. Smooooooth
Alantalan 4 de Dic, 2013 a las 7:31 
Chris0393 3 de Dic, 2013 a las 10:32 
Local co-op sounds good something that isn't really around on PC these days
Really Slick  [autor] 17 de Oct, 2013 a las 21:14 
We'll just get each other a beer and call it even.
Airbozo 17 de Oct, 2013 a las 20:20 
I'm definately addicted now. Not sure if I owe you lunch next time for all the fun so far or if you owe me for all the time I've lost... lol!