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Shantae: Risky's Revenge
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1,131 commenti
erick 20 nov 2015, ore 21:32 
i think its already on steam, but im not sure since that game says directors cut
SwitSwat 15 lug 2014, ore 12:38 
Cheese 15 lug 2014, ore 12:37 
The Sneaky Tiki 15 lug 2014, ore 12:30 
Well that's comforting.
Hwarming 15 lug 2014, ore 12:16 
WayForward says they hit a snag, it should be up later today, check their twitter for updates.
Daspolo 15 lug 2014, ore 12:16 
Come on, just release it.
The Sneaky Tiki 15 lug 2014, ore 12:15 
PLEASE release today.
Selinux 15 lug 2014, ore 11:55
But no option to actually buy yet. Wtf?
DEVz 15 lug 2014, ore 11:03 
guess not huh
SwitSwat 15 lug 2014, ore 11:02 
(Begins to wonder if they meant July 15, 2015)
The Sneaky Tiki 15 lug 2014, ore 10:58 
Gettng very concerned.
majik 15 lug 2014, ore 10:52 
When ?!!
Cheese 15 lug 2014, ore 10:43 
PSOCecil 15 lug 2014, ore 10:34 
Where is it, Wayforward?
Saga Saga 15 lug 2014, ore 10:28 
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE SHANTAE ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
VolOpt 15 lug 2014, ore 10:16 
Aww I was actually looking forward to this but the steam daily update has come and gone with no game in sight :(
godfather290885 15 lug 2014, ore 10:12 
still waiting....
Nosraef 15 lug 2014, ore 10:11 
My body is ready
Vengeance 15 lug 2014, ore 10:02 
Im a in a wrong timezone or something? I thought it would be released on july 15? :S
SwitSwat 15 lug 2014, ore 10:01 
It's July 15th and WHERE IS IT!? D:
Rick72 15 lug 2014, ore 9:12 
So... wheres the game? :(
The Sneaky Tiki 15 lug 2014, ore 7:34 
I'm thinking around 2:00 is when games usually drop
kox_3000 15 lug 2014, ore 4:28 
I swear i'll ruin the ink on my F5 key...
Little Phoenix 15 lug 2014, ore 4:14 
Wow it got greenlit! Can't wait, I just discovered the GB version that was thrown up on the nintendo shop and was surprised that a GBA game was actually decent. I haven't played this version on the DS, but I'm glad this is making its way to steam.
The Sneaky Tiki 15 lug 2014, ore 3:03 
I hope so!
kox_3000 15 lug 2014, ore 1:46 
Sooo....any minute now?
Enigma//UnboxedTV 14 lug 2014, ore 22:22 
HELL YEAH! This game was never released in Australia on the 3/DS and I soooooo want to play this game!
Tekaramity 10 lug 2014, ore 16:07 
So far, the Director's Cut will include achievements, badges (with emoticons and such), gamepad support, and the unlockable Dancer costume (Magic up; Defense down). Could be more details announced before the 15th.
Syragar 9 lug 2014, ore 12:58 
I was just about to say what ZelosZalis said. Also, the Steam version will be a "Director's Cut" version. But they haven't said what will be new in this version yet.
ZelosZalis 8 lug 2014, ore 18:00 
so according to the feed for half genie hero, risky's revenge is slated for release on steam july 15th. amazed I beat the post for here. but incase they forget this spot I'd spread the good news.
Gouda Takeo 5 lug 2014, ore 18:34 
So looking forward to play this on Steam. :) Cartoony games always have a special place in my heart. Not to mention Shantae is so sweet yet awesome <3
DraconicArsonist 2 lug 2014, ore 9:39 
Zabimarupy - Garena 30 giu 2014, ore 19:33 
released PLEASE
Erdrick The Hero 29 giu 2014, ore 20:49 
Just found out about the series. Downloaded the Risky's Revenge demo on my iPad, it was a ton of fun. I'm waiting to purchase the Steam version though.
Shannon has a switch(ask4myFC) 24 giu 2014, ore 7:46 
@Nymph not really, its pretty lowbrow compared to others
Techno Gray 13 giu 2014, ore 12:01 
I asked @wayforward and their answer as of May 8 was "we are working on #ShantaeRiskysRevenge and should have information soon!"
missing.trigger 12 giu 2014, ore 16:32 
i like rule 34 of it
DarkBlueLagoon 9 giu 2014, ore 14:15 
theres lot porn about this game
darkfiremew 4 giu 2014, ore 10:33 
Still no answer but in the meantime you can still donate even now and it will possibly come out as a dlc. Probably. Maybe.
darkfiremew 4 giu 2014, ore 3:49 
This game was set to release in spring 2014, it's now the beginning of summer 2014, what happened?
ktr4ks 24 mag 2014, ore 7:44 
Kd o jogo, k7?
Hopeless 23 mag 2014, ore 21:23 
@Davidic SSJ4
Pretty sure you're talking about "Pirate's curse" wich will be a 3ds title. 1/2 genie hero is belived to come out around october.
Davidic SSJ4 23 mag 2014, ore 12:37 
"By what I heard a while back, the new game, "1/2 Genie Hero", should come out next month. Maybe Risky's Revenge will follow shortly after??
DizzyUnbound 21 mag 2014, ore 19:17 
Is there any progress updates? Help for a fellow Shantae lover?
Pikachu 20 mag 2014, ore 16:35 
Awesome game ... I'll wait for this xD
good luck with the project!!!!
Davidic SSJ4 13 mag 2014, ore 18:52 
I think think the taunts in "Age of Empires 2" said it best: "Start the game already!"
Sono 4 mag 2014, ore 21:17 
I really want this to happen, I figured it would be silly to buy the DS one since it's inferior to the iphone port (which I got free), So I was waiting for the PC one, figure it'll have the most stuff. Don't give up on this wayforward!
HolyDiver 4 mag 2014, ore 2:59 
Are they still planning on porting it to the PC? I really hope so -____-
Skysagi 1 mag 2014, ore 11:00 
When are they going to release this game? I don't want to play this on an iPhone, I want to play this on a PC.
lxMattAranxl 15 apr 2014, ore 10:03 
When this comes out I may get it for my sis, she's a fan of the series.