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Shantae: Risky's Revenge
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lxMattAranxl ápr. 15. @ de. 10:03 
When this comes out I may get it for my sis, she's a fan of the series.
MidgetPizza ápr. 8. @ du. 7:32 
I remember playing this on the Ipad a few years ago...
lordlundar márc. 12. @ de. 11:35 
@BigCjnS wayforward can't put it up themselves. It's up to Majesco Entertainment to put it on Steam.
Tekaramity febr. 10. @ de. 10:43 
@BigCjnS - The release window is Q2 2014 (April through June). That's all we've heard.
BigCjnS febr. 4. @ de. 3:51 
what is the release date? any new??
Verkins jan. 28. @ de. 3:39 
Hope this get released on Steam!
BigCjnS jan. 24. @ de. 5:01 
...when shantae to be released (long long waiting...) also can put on greenlight BloodRayne Betrayal (I have it in xbox and is great!!)
Davidic SSJ4 jan. 20. @ du. 12:59 
I hate waiting... Oh well, longer waits mean quality right? *sigh*
AwesomeShocker jan. 14. @ de. 9:26 
The game will be released in the second quarter of this year. They've claimed it's gonna be the best version of the game, thus far. You can see the info on their for Half-Genie Hero kickstarter-page. About time we got an update for it, by the way.
Ivoryhammer jan. 9. @ du. 6:17 
Release already!
kijib jan. 7. @ du. 12:52 
where is it?
ADV Voodoo jan. 7. @ de. 9:38 
this game was only top purely cus of the scantly clad belly dancer XD jk jk
curly_nuts 2013. dec. 31. @ du. 6:48 
i think this was a hoax. it's not coming out
mmegaman 2013. dec. 29. @ du. 7:11 
Vinyl Scratch (DJ-Pon3) 2013. dec. 22. @ du. 11:47 
People, if you haven't, PLEASE check out Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on Kickstarter! We need there to be voice acting and top-quality animated cutscenes! Let's make it happen guys. :D
twothunder 2013. dec. 14. @ de. 3:48 
From the last Wayforward update:

Shantae: Risky's Revenge (Steam)
"We are hard at work on the Steam release of Shantae: Risky's Revenge and it looks like it will be available Q2 of next year! We're tentatively calling this the "Director's Cut" because we are taking the best parts of the DSiWare original and all our favorite updates from the iOS release to make it the best version of Risky's Revenge yet!"
Devimon 2013. dec. 13. @ du. 5:30 
yay this is getting relased on the second quater of next year :D
Trissihunter 2013. dec. 1. @ de. 11:18 
Davidic SSJ4 2013. nov. 26. @ de. 10:02 
@Tekaramity: Thanks for the reply. Good to know.
Tekaramity 2013. nov. 25. @ de. 12:08 
@Davidic: They didn't cancel; they just focused on Pirate's Curse & the kickstarter for a while first. Last I heard from 'em, RR's due out on Steam early 2014.
sergioreynel 2013. nov. 17. @ du. 6:48 
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Davidic SSJ4 2013. nov. 16. @ du. 2:54 
Did they cancel or is it going to come out?
Rick72 2013. nov. 13. @ de. 10:59 
Please wayforward, say something. We want to play this game!!! D:
|b00mbros| LtLuukin 2013. nov. 11. @ de. 9:35 
i want it. And i want it NOW :D
SonicRush 2013. nov. 1. @ du. 10:18 
the first one on the gameboy was great.
Bulbasir 2013. okt. 23. @ de. 10:31 
Don't have any of the games yet, but this looks promising, without a doubt.
rockin_roxie 2013. okt. 17. @ du. 9:44 
I own this on DSiWare.^^
Metafogos 2013. okt. 10. @ du. 8:34 
Hey people, remember: Wayfoward are collecting donations to make a new Shantae game!! They start in Kickstarter and now the game are backed!!! But still have some goal to take, and de Kickstarter "continues" in http://www.wayforward.com/shantae-half-genie-hero

Help us to get a better and better game!!!
MordeFan666 2013. okt. 10. @ du. 5:48 
Well, I've only just heard of this game. Its amazing that such an awesome game with such a risky cocept existed. I'm up for this game, but I'm honestly wondering what women/girls think of this. I like its cheeky sense of humor style/humor, mechanics, not to sure of the art style but love the ideas behind this game. its such a nice change from the noe stop FPS games.
Octodan 2013. okt. 6. @ du. 5:45 
They said that they found a programmer for the game and that it's definetly happening over the course of a few months. :D
Byu Wraind Mai Zwei 2013. okt. 3. @ de. 7:48 
Will Pirate's Curse and Mighty Switch Force series be available on Steam?
Tekaramity 2013. okt. 3. @ de. 12:30 
@Aliah - They've stated that they'll free up a programmer to convert it sometime soon after the kickstarter concludes:


"It's definitely coming, but there's no date set. The conversion will take a couple months once we're able to get people on it."
Aliah(Eve) 2013. szept. 27. @ du. 6:05 
So, any updates on this game possibly being put on Steam? I grasp the Kickstarter is awesome too, and I support it, but I'd also like to experience this game, and I can't really justify getting an iPhone or iPod Touch just for that.
Disthron 2013. szept. 25. @ du. 11:04 
hmm... I can't put this game in my wish list it seams. That's too bad, I'd really like to know as soon as it comes out.
НАРАТАТАТ-ТАН! 2013. szept. 23. @ du. 5:07 
Please, add Russian language
Tenk Kommander 2013. szept. 22. @ de. 11:16 
NOT THIS AGAIN, I got this on my 3DS and it sucks.
BoneyGuard 2013. szept. 21. @ du. 7:40 
Yay Shantae is back!
Fortuna 2013. szept. 21. @ du. 7:04 
Next idea Items for Team Fortress 2?
mouthofxenu 2013. szept. 21. @ du. 2:12 
A new costume is likely going to be included in the Steam version for you to choose. It gives double magical energy at the cost of half health. Apparently protective clothes get in the way of magic!

Good to see WayForward continuing to work on this game.

ricardocasama 2013. szept. 18. @ du. 10:39 
Please, add spanish language.
Byu Wraind Mai Zwei 2013. szept. 17. @ du. 2:00 
Gonna buy this :D
gb7zone7 2013. szept. 17. @ du. 1:58 
Guys! Mighty No 9 devolpers Inti Creates are involved with Shantae! Go to WayForward's kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1236620800/shantae-half-genie-hero/posts
Nibelhim 2013. szept. 17. @ de. 9:09 
This game looks great.
Nectaria 2013. szept. 17. @ de. 7:30 
I approve! It reminds me a lot about ye olde SNES games. Very cool!
Slaag 2013. szept. 16. @ du. 10:35 
Funny Jump n`Run.
CountCocoaThang 2013. szept. 10. @ du. 9:47 
Release this with Shantae backgrounds and steam trading cards!
BigCjnS 2013. szept. 10. @ de. 10:12 
Is there any news of WayForward?
The Sneaky Tiki 2013. szept. 9. @ du. 7:40 
Forstaag The Sweltering 2013. szept. 8. @ du. 8:42 
Suuuuuper excited!