Dette spillet har fått grønt lys av Steam-samfunnet!

Samfunnet har vist sin interesse for dette spillet. Valve har kontaktet utvikleren for å kunne jobbe mot å en lansering på Steam.

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tolmachev 18. sep @ 12:48am 
to: WWDriver
Game still in development. It's coming soon.
DrFluffy 17. sep @ 7:35pm 
I'd forgotten all about it.
WWDiver 17. sep @ 1:22pm 
Where is the game? It's over 2 years now..... Is it coming soon or not at all?
Rainbow Teeth 12. sep @ 5:52pm 
I've wanted this game for years now.
tom_gate 11. sep @ 10:28pm 
this game looks amazing.
tobi4ka 11. sep @ 10:32am 
add it game
tolmachev 10. sep @ 2:01am 
to: coloon1coloon1

We will try to release in first monthes 2015
coloon1coloon1 9. sep @ 8:14pm 
When is Cradle being released? I really, really wanna play it.
ᴵᶰᵗᵉʳᶰᵉᵗ 3. sep @ 7:11pm 
Really reminds me of the old games akin to Myst.... I am truly looking forward to its release.
Mega Charmander Y 1. sep @ 10:26pm 
I really hope this isn't dead.
No One 1. sep @ 11:21am 
the games never getting finished ...
Bibliotek 28. aug @ 9:37pm 
I love the music! The atmosphere is fantastic!
SendU2Jesus 20. aug @ 9:54pm 
Looks fantastic, intriguing!
soaringraku 17. aug @ 5:17pm 
to tolmachev: As a certified bird nut, your answer just infuriates me more!! }:o)
Nikita_Spyke 17. aug @ 6:14am 
Жду релиза :)
[АнтиПутин]idVORON 4. aug @ 12:58pm 
Слава Україні! Героям Слава!
ЯтвойТронШатал 29. jul @ 8:09am 
Мда. Подзатянули разработку...Но жду с нетерпением!
tolmachev 26. jul @ 2:56pm 
to soaringraku:
Eagle - important part of this story.
soaringraku 26. jul @ 2:41pm 
What's with the eagle in this game? I can't fathom what at this moment.
tolmachev 21. jul @ 12:18pm 
to Maximfedos:
Gameplay duration - about 4 hours of quick playing, ignoring minor details of story.
Maximfedos 21. jul @ 11:43am 
Странно. Разработчики говорили, что игра будет проходится за 2 часа. Чего ж они так долго её делают?
jebcrafters 7. jul @ 9:00pm 
Слава Україні! Героям Слава!
^3Tigertank 30. jun @ 8:27pm 
This reminds me of Riven. Which is why im SOOO EXCITED to play this!
F@ustello (48 rus) 28. jun @ 9:27am 
музыка очень приятная
Shibo 18. jun @ 1:53pm 
Now they are saying, that release is pushed to autumn =\
Lion Heart 7. jun @ 4:11pm 
so what i see from below comments is that this is another cube world.
Garamoth 27. mai @ 11:40am 
Hmm, I'd like to see some news as well.
Fenghal 18. mai @ 9:11am 
Any news about a release date ? So looking forward to be able to play it =)
dggtt 6. mai @ 11:33am 
Героям Слава!
[АнтиПутин]idVORON 4. mai @ 8:34am 
Слава Україні!
DrFluffy 3. mai @ 3:10pm 
Is this EVER going to come out...
Carnage 25. apr @ 11:13pm 
It would be nice to see some news, any news, either good or bad.
KillerOfTheNice 21. apr @ 2:28pm 
If site is in another language, paste link in Google or Chrome and press Translate.
sparkedlight 10. apr @ 4:53pm 
Any news? Maybe a ps4 version? hehe...
Tawp 10. apr @ 11:16am 
Looks nice!
Orochi_Kyo 6. apr @ 3:03am 
Shame that "news" are just in russian!!
Shibo 29. mar @ 9:41am 
Last news are here
BullDozer 29. mar @ 5:12am 
it clearly says last update 17 apr 2013. where can u see any more updates
Shibo 22. mar @ 2:15pm 
As far as i heard few months ago, they planned to release the game before summer.
Animositisomina 11. mar @ 2:28pm 
@BullDozer: The last update was 4 months ago. I'd hardly call that a year.
silberstern 10. mar @ 12:25pm 
What is the status of this game?
BullDozer 9. mar @ 6:45am 
No updates for a year i think this has been scraped..
Skwiz88 7. mar @ 12:31pm 
looks super sick
otto 22. feb @ 2:49pm 
looking forward to this game for sure
Marauder2986 13. feb @ 1:24pm 
Игр в жанре квест сейчас практически не делают,поэтому очень жду эту игру!
Red Raincoat Killer 8. feb @ 11:44am 
Когда Игра Выйдет???
nathan.haag01 3. feb @ 10:25am 
That said, the rest looks incredible. Good luck!
nathan.haag01 3. feb @ 10:25am 
I was amazed by the video...until that block shooting segment. It looks good, but after 2 portals, Quantum Shift, and Antichamber, I don't think I can take anymore blocks.
StasWar 3. feb @ 7:41am 
Looks beautiful. High hopes for this game.
tolmachev 27. jan @ 5:04pm 
We went out on contact with Mojo Games - developer of game called Cradle ( ) - project with same name. Together we looking a compromise solution to the problem of coincidence of names. In my opinion, two Cradles it's even better than one.