Arma 3
(Coop 1-5) Virus X - Scientists
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All_Domain Jun 30 @ 8:02am 
Очень хороший мод, делай такие ещё))
Forest_Gump Jun 25 @ 1:19pm 
its ok i found it its really good i enjoyed it ill hopefully play with friends tommorow
JTS  [author] Jun 25 @ 12:45pm 
@Forest_Gump, it's on chernarus. What you mean with 'scenario'? These singleplayer missions..?
Forest_Gump Jun 25 @ 12:02pm 
i cant seem to find the map in my scenario tab
Corporal_Lib Jun 24 @ 2:05am 
Yeah, I see your point (got through after the airport), and with Enhanced Movement, I can climb over vehicles and smalls sheds and get a cleaner shot on those marathonists... Good job, JTS, hope to see a sequel on Malden 2035 ;)

JTS  [author] Jun 24 @ 1:48am 
No. Ravage mod is not for my type of missions. This mission is inspired by the movie 'World War Z'. The 'infected' are very fast in this mission -)
Corporal_Lib Jun 24 @ 1:35am 
Have you considered using Ravage mod? It has survival elements and radiation... and "nerfed" zombies... ryan´s speedsters are so hard on singleplayer (they run like hell lol)

Just an idea for a singleplayer version.... but this is a nice mission craftship nonetheless =)

Corporal_Lib Jun 24 @ 1:33am 
Yeah... I had some "extra mods" soon as I disabled them, all slots worked alright, sorry for the false alarm =)
JTS  [author] Jun 24 @ 1:31am 
@Corporal_Lib, be sure that you have no another mods enabled
JTS  [author] Jun 24 @ 1:29am 
and what you mean by 'mission fail'? You mean the debriefing? Or some scripted event? (like text on black background with 'Mission disabled'?)
JTS  [author] Jun 24 @ 1:26am 
Maybe you miss some mods? And if you played the mission and want to restart it - you have to re-choose it from the mission list and press the button like 'from begin' or 'restart'
Corporal_Lib Jun 24 @ 12:34am 
Update: If I choose the last player slot (marksmen), The missions starts and I can play...the 3 first player slots results on fail =P
Corporal_Lib Jun 24 @ 12:32am 
JTS: I can´t play this mission cus I get "Mission Fail" without starting the mission =(

I have all dependancies but I get a D30 turret error beforehand...any ideas?