Эта игра уже доступна в Steam!

Спасибо, что помогли этой игре оказаться в магазине Steam. Более подробную информацию, включая ссылку на страницу в магазине, вы можете найти ниже.

Система Steam Greenlight прекращает свою работу. О новом способе публикации игр можно узнать из нашего блога.
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ERROR 404 24 июл. 2015 в 5:54 
Boshy Time):beatmeat:
Cryptohot ● IG ♛ 28 июн. 2015 в 23:51 
i realy like the Name but the game are shit :D:
MasterionX 18 дек. 2014 в 9:02 
Weird, thought 'Love' was an online survival game.
Think Tank 19 авг. 2014 в 13:59 
Man, I remember when this game was called Love+ and you were selling it on a merch store. So glad to see you guys finally made it!
wutoupal 27 июл. 2014 в 6:19 
Harry Potter 6 фев. 2014 в 22:24 
Exciting news! Looking forward to it. Good luck with the sales!
Fred Wood  [автор] 5 фев. 2014 в 20:52 
I'm too tired to write up a thing, but I've been working on Love for the last two days, and it's ready to go up on Steam. Hopefully Friday!
dukeraider2 4 фев. 2014 в 14:04 
yay! you made it :)
Ichu 29 янв. 2014 в 12:56 
eupawel 29 янв. 2014 в 10:31 
congrats =D
Tazi 27 янв. 2014 в 9:32 
Congratz, man! :)
Ronero 23 янв. 2014 в 8:39 
Poklamez 22 янв. 2014 в 11:42 
Shagwell 22 янв. 2014 в 6:15 
Grats from me too! d(^_^)b
Ravaj 21 янв. 2014 в 20:46 
BernardoOne 21 янв. 2014 в 17:57 
Congrats! :D
󠀡󠀡► ❚❚ ☘ 21 янв. 2014 в 13:46 
UndeadLex 21 янв. 2014 в 13:32 
Samantha Kail 17 янв. 2014 в 15:03 
finalllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy i've voted for this game
Callinicus 15 янв. 2014 в 15:19 
Looks like a fun game and the soundtrack sounds great.

Anyone else here after reading HALOLZ article?
Access Denied 15 янв. 2014 в 11:26 
Love the look of good ol' platforming!
FFEDCO 12 янв. 2014 в 19:37 
Nah, I'm not feeling it.
ViperZ 12 янв. 2014 в 8:55 
Chubby Pineapple 11 янв. 2014 в 0:32 
this looks like a rage game....




kurwa 9 янв. 2014 в 7:47 
What software did you use to make this?
SinclairStrange 4 янв. 2014 в 5:25 
Looks lovely! I don't understand why this hasn't been Greenlit yet!
vaustein 31 дек. 2013 в 20:33 
How do you access the level editor in the full version? I purchased and downloaded Love from Indie Game Royale and unpacked the "LoveWin.zip". There are two folders, Love and LoveCustom. I cannot find any executable for the level editor in either folder. :ZombieHeart:
Relysis 31 дек. 2013 в 12:03 
Edit to the below: I see it's on bandcamp, but you know how we steam users are with everything being in one place :)
Relysis 31 дек. 2013 в 12:02 
Will the soundtrack be included/available as extra content? I'm digging the trailer sound bit. I need that kind of soothing atmospheric music to balance high blood pressure platforming death.
bixizero 31 дек. 2013 в 11:06 
Love with gamepad support isn't on Steam yet? There's something very wrong here.
Fred Wood  [автор] 31 дек. 2013 в 7:13 
Casua1ty: Absolutely
Sniches 30 дек. 2013 в 14:47 
Well I say! This is quite the game ere now init!?
temp 30 дек. 2013 в 13:18 
looks amazing, was watching a friend play earlier and can't wait to get myself a copy
door 30 дек. 2013 в 11:11 
I would love to see this game get a chance on Steam. It might be slightly simplistic but it seems that it only works in its favour as it provides for a pure platforming experiance.
Lorywindrunner 29 дек. 2013 в 23:01 
steam key when this is greenlit for us indie royal buyers?
bigfleb 29 дек. 2013 в 6:54 
It reminds me of Manic Miner!
Dazm 27 дек. 2013 в 2:09 
Look fantastic, I just buy a version and I can't wait to try !
󠀡󠀡► ❚❚ ☘ 10 дек. 2013 в 12:20 
How in the world does Edmund McMillen say how awesome this game is and yet have it not be Greenlit by now?!! Terry too? What is this?!! I LOVE THIS GAME :happymeat:
(And that pun wasn't even intended!)
Fred Wood  [автор] 9 дек. 2013 в 6:01 
eupawel: It'll have more levels eventually, but there's also the ability for players to create and share their own levels.
eupawel 9 дек. 2013 в 4:09 
This game should have more levels - maybe rogue style levels?
StacMaster-S 6 дек. 2013 в 19:40 
I keep throwing money at the Steam, but nothing's happening!
pepsi 6 дек. 2013 в 6:05 
いいえ 5 дек. 2013 в 6:52 
nice game, like "i wanna be the boshy" on the first view
but its not bad for this game to be in steam...:vaultkey:
Ol' Frankie Blue Eyes 3 дек. 2013 в 18:49 
Love this. Can't wait to see it on Steam.
Borkupine 3 дек. 2013 в 18:00 
cool game
UndeadLex 27 ноя. 2013 в 11:55 
AND you can create levels? Heck yes!
talkinrock 9 ноя. 2013 в 10:14 
Also, you convinced me to buy this, so I just went on Desura and purchase 3 copies (one for myself, and 2 others for friends).
talkinrock 9 ноя. 2013 в 10:12 
It's refreshing to see a platformer like this that stands out among the other generic platformers that make up about 1/3 of EVERY Greenlight submission...

That isn't to say that most of the other platformers are "bad" per se, it's just that THIS ONE in particular is very distinct and unique, which gives it an edge over the others.

In short, way to make a fantastic game, @Trunks!
Marioshi [Grampa Soldier] 3 ноя. 2013 в 23:54 
I could not believe the people that were saying this was a ripoff of VVVVVV. Ok, the spikes. And? SMB also had that, even if it were not "spikes" properly said...
I played the demo and love it. Good luck to greenlit it, you deserve it.
DragonK 25 окт. 2013 в 1:26 
Soundtrack is great but I think the experience is not really that unique or exciting. There are platformers that are far more deserving.