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2,174 commentaires
marketplace.tf/shop/kaftar_ 23 janv. 2016 à 0h22 
ANGRY GRINEER SEEKER 27 déc. 2015 à 10h51 
i cant believe i even bought this game
ThaPug 27 juil. 2015 à 14h11 
Minecraft will not be on Steam. Why? Well, simple, there's sales on Steam right? Notch dind't want people get the game with less cost than people who buy the game on the web page, and also, it's the same game. So what do you think, hats or something?
The guy in your closet 8 mai 2015 à 16h20 
People who want Minecraft in steam you can add it with a non-steam game, doesn't make servers for you though, wish it did...
Darknuke  [créateur] 8 mai 2015 à 10h49 
Don't forget to check out our Death Tractor Greenlight page! There's a free playable alpha too! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=399993239
The guy in your closet 7 mai 2015 à 15h14 
So I will assume he will say none of the bad things about it which you learn when you get it, and not give their own gameplay, figures, another Ace of Spades a game that looked good until I played it myself...
PanchitoAndradix 9 mars 2015 à 11h19 
what a crappy game
Code3rooster 11 janv. 2015 à 16h42 
ASФIXIA 6 déc. 2014 à 22h59 
ASФIXIA 6 déc. 2014 à 22h56 
Dionyl ____¸.•'¯) 12 nov. 2014 à 2h56 
Men i wish minecraft was in Stean
- Pain 27 sept. 2014 à 12h21 
THIS NOT F2P????? FUCKK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comrade Revan 2 sept. 2014 à 18h18 
Remove this?
sgtpockets 4 juil. 2014 à 21h52 
block fortress is more intrsting it been greenlit and on ios it felt like it started on pc but it started on ipad surprisingly
hero 19 avr. 2014 à 17h54 
there are like 0 players on the server's I just bought guncraft for 15$
Alex_:D 23 mars 2014 à 4h19 
Peasant box live logo, game must be bad.
Cassowary27 31 janv. 2014 à 15h21 
YAWN minecraft with mods is like the same thing eccept wayyyyyy cooler
zavi 9 janv. 2014 à 16h15 
This game has been nothing but a huge disappointment for me.
Agent Phoenix 5 janv. 2014 à 2h04 
it looks like the cod developers put a gun to notches face and demanded that he make call of minecraft
Oneπ 19 déc. 2013 à 22h54 
PoKiMoшA 10 déc. 2013 à 5h01 
игра супер
Doctor X 5 déc. 2013 à 6h55 
Nice games but i never found good servers and blocks are too big
[SOVIN-VII] ★ww2sniper555★ 13 nov. 2013 à 11h05 
minecraft should be on steam.
Coda 11 nov. 2013 à 15h49 
ChaoSquid 5 nov. 2013 à 16h22 
Oh, btw, I've made a few items for this game myself. If you feel like it, go check them out! Though I reccomend taking a look at Hyphenated and BoxesofOrdin aswell :3
ChaoSquid 5 nov. 2013 à 16h21 
The first time I played this game, I was amazed. This game probably couldn't get ANY better. The ease to make your own weapons, to make your own maps, servers, seriously. Btw, you need Hyphenated or BoxesofOrdin on your team, they could REALLY bump up how good the modeling is. Well, I hope you update this game, as this game is AMAZING, and interests me with every update. Also, I agree with Archangel079, EXP/Ranks could be cool... Well, keep working on this game, as I love it, and I will never be able to say that enough!
Cheeki Breeki ☭ 1 nov. 2013 à 6h57 
Because EVERYTHING has to be a shooter... godamn it, its amazing how it only took not a full dacade for this industry to make me asociate first person shooters with boredom and disgust.
fokin_zhabka 1 nov. 2013 à 4h30 
UltraSubZer0 21 oct. 2013 à 16h29 
This game reminds me of Ace of Spades!
IIlIllIIIIlI 15 oct. 2013 à 15h05 
Don't worry, I have minecraft mods. Minecraft mods that are FREE.
Redey1290 12 oct. 2013 à 18h10 
A minecraft shooter?
Rage ҉ 4 oct. 2013 à 8h32 
гавно правдо
Archon Moonlancer 30 sept. 2013 à 18h38 
Minecraft and Battlefield mixed together.
Jared Pascalious/Tasmaniac 28 sept. 2013 à 4h16 
i want this but unfotuntly.... I used my money on other stuff
AdaequatuS #TheTrueGOD 24 sept. 2013 à 23h47 
smth like ace of spades
KingBrad 24 sept. 2013 à 17h09 
|Du|PsT|Ep|MiiX 21 sept. 2013 à 1h15 
I think this is Ace of Spades but a little more than call of duty
Grå Gås 19 sept. 2013 à 17h22 
fav fav fav fav fav fav fav
Grå Gås 19 sept. 2013 à 17h22 
dis game loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooks cooooooooooooool
Wartinald 19 sept. 2013 à 14h53 
NX | Pvpro.com 12 sept. 2013 à 9h31 
Wendrago 8 sept. 2013 à 7h16 
havent even played and i think its good :/
1nefeet 8 sept. 2013 à 4h27 
I cant find the beta download on their website...
The Hoots Hoots 6 sept. 2013 à 22h18 
total ace of spades copy. honesly, did even %40 of the people who voted this game in play it and enjoy it?
~ ok, man 23 août 2013 à 23h48 
mincrafty, but cool
★ MATT ★ 23 août 2013 à 14h23 
Bought the game, and I did not waste 15 bucks, I spent them on an awesome purchase. Can't wait to play it :)
★ MATT ★ 22 août 2013 à 16h45 
If I actually said this was Ace of Spades, this is better. More action like. Think I will... buy it :)
Voodoo Ranger 19 août 2013 à 20h22 
this is an ace of spades clone....execpt good
Dzordanas 13 août 2013 à 13h20 
Styrk ☆ 13 août 2013 à 13h12 
We made it, bois.