Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

Kingdoms CCG
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Ming 19 aug om 5:00vm 
Origin. 16 aug om 8:29vm 
13 16 aug om 8:27vm 
Shinju ♥ 15 aug om 7:15vm 
别怕,他过来送的 7 aug om 10:45nm 
±Ðkids• 6 aug om 5:37nm 
PrefecT Is Shit 4 aug om 5:36vm 
looks good
Mr.mimie 11 jul om 10:18nm 
2She 30 jun om 7:13nm 
thevoyager 25 jun om 2:20vm 
looks great :)
jAY^ 21 jun om 10:37nm 
Tube 21 jun om 6:02vm 
LOSS 20 jun om 1:46nm 
BOOMCHAKALAKA 6 jun om 7:35vm 
Anti-Pony* 4 jun om 4:33vm 
Dooms 22 mei om 5:29vm 
Презерватив 10 mei om 9:46vm 
Night Light 27 apr om 5:40vm 
Niki J 24 apr om 3:21vm 
كΦﮐΣÐλ 23 apr om 3:32vm 
pues vale
coldsteel 11 apr om 7:16nm 
They banned me for about 2 years now from chat! They don't reply to my emails regarding this and refuse to give me a reason!
Stitchfan 9 apr om 10:53nm 
This is the Big-Time for Kingdoms. I've been playing for over a year on Kongregate, and I hope to continue enjoying the game and wish Jeffo and his team all the best here on Steam.
DarkVenom 7 apr om 12:46nm 
Bio_Bombist 5 apr om 9:19vm 
B3RRY 3 apr om 3:49nm 
Earl 3 apr om 1:16nm 
Congrats on getting greenlit!
sleicen 22 mrt om 4:08nm 
will we be able to keep our kingdomsccg.com account progress for the steam version???
Terracraft1999 18 mrt om 5:45vm 
Мне нравятся карточные игры ставлю этой игре 7.9/10
LeGit.Jepon 12 mrt om 10:24vm 
Mazinga 11 mrt om 4:53nm 
Good job
Street Workout 10 mrt om 12:41vm 
raiders5000 4 mrt om 9:45vm 
I'm a fan of these types of games. Keep going guys!
BRAMBLECLAW_BRO#1 28 feb om 9:13vm 
looks pretty good
PhenomRom 22 feb om 11:11vm 
Looks interesting
PixelMan 9 feb om 8:43vm 
bula 28 jan om 4:37vm 
Весьма неплохая игра)
sam21401 22 jan om 5:43vm 
Zajebista :D
Yoda 21 jan om 9:05vm 
Its funny!
kakos1314 17 jan om 11:11nm 
looks cool :D
Runtus 16 jan om 1:49nm 
Нет Linux версии? Я буду голосовать назло нытиков как Shizz
No linux version? I will vote just to spite whiners like Shizz
[KILL3R]Platypussy 14 jan om 6:07nm 
Great and fun game on browser, but I'm interested to see if they will be adding any new features for the steam version.
JavE 13 jan om 10:55vm 
Выглядет очень интересно и привлекательно
TecKnom 11 jan om 4:03vm 
looks good,vote for all theos card loving game addicts :)
Nikean 11 jan om 3:45vm 
Wow, this looks AWESOME.
frostik* 10 jan om 9:53vm 
sphilson 10 jan om 7:54vm 
iv played it on armour games, its a really good game
fisilfox 9 jan om 2:10vm 
Все пожалуйста осуществите. Главное что бы игровой МИР и геймплей был интересный(пользователь greenlith)
Vic Kurama 6 jan om 11:55vm 
Looks awesome ^^
Gravity Gaming Co 4 jan om 10:39vm 
Looks like a cool project, I'm not a big fan of fantasy card games but ill rate this up for all the people that do.
EveN" 2 jan om 1:40nm 
Looks awesome...