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mandelpd 10 ч. назад 
Remind of Empty - adventure game. Kind of a remix based on the original game in 2006 "You Are Empty"
Modified gameplay and advanced visualization will allow for a new look and feel the atmosphere of an alternative history of the Soviet town of the last century.
RndLabs 4 окт в 22:58 
Death Stair is the first of it's kind. A competitive stair climbing game for two to four players.

Players assume the role of either the Gunner or a Runner. As the Gunner, your only objective is to stop the Runner from reaching the top of the stairs before the time runs out. As the Runner your only objective is to reach the top of the stairs in one piece.

The gunner must play a very defensive game using a variety of ammunition to slow the Runner down, while the Runner is very maneuverable and must cleverly ascend the stair case while dodging every thing thrown at him by the Gunner.

Death Stair is a fast paced multiplayer experience designed to bring people together just to tear them apart.
Fluggegecheimen 29 сен в 17:45 
Freaking cool online action game on greenlight!
Help us guys!!
Navy4Revenge 29 сен в 15:12 
We've recently announced FOLLIA - DEAR FATHER.
-Extrime graphic
-comfortable gameplay
-VR support
-Multilanguage (English, Italian,Spanish for now..)
Vote if you like it!
Real Game Machine™ 29 сен в 12:20 
We've recently announced FOLLIA - DEAR FATHER, a first person horror game ... please check out and vote on our Steam Greenlight campaign! VOTE IT , THANK YOU :)
Firebutton 29 сен в 7:47 
Deadly Venoms - 'an Arcade Kung-Fu/Hiphop Brawler!'
Mystic Penguin 28 сен в 3:16 
We've recently announced Membrain, a first person puzzle platformer with a real time level editing mechanic... please check out and vote on our Steam Greenlight campaign!
Heathen Engineering 24 сен в 1:15 
Have a look at Heathen Engineering's Terran

And be sure to check our the roadmap (linked on the Greenlight page announcements) we have key updates to the Greenlight and playable demo planed for each month!
Twin Echoes 22 сен в 1:25 
Hey, check out our MOBA meets Pinball game, Boltus:
battlemode_alt 18 сен в 20:03 
Dear indie gamer lovers,

Help get this RPG to #1 on Greenlight!

Tears of Avia - a turn-based tactical JRPG with an anime theme.
BeautiFunGames 18 сен в 0:22 
Hey! support Megamagic :) Lear awesome spells and summon all the monsters you've beaten on your journey! All in a cool 80s fashion!
GamesHut 14 сен в 8:53 
Hello Greenlight enthusiasts :)

If you have a minute or two, please consider checking my game Herolike, a mixture of hack n slash and roguelike. Not as fast paced as traditional hack n slashes but with all the randomness fit for a roguelike:

Have a wonderful day!
maxmuses 13 сен в 3:47 
God Caster - hit TCG in lately 2015 is on steam greenlight, check it now!
Hyperactive Games 11 сен в 16:19 

I'd like to ask if you could possibly have a look at Battle Riders:

Many thanks!
natedog1380 9 сен в 7:33 
We'd like to invite you to take a look at Klepto, a VR supported burglary simulator,

abdu 9 сен в 5:53 
Hey! If you'd be interested in a multiplayer TD&A, please check out TurretCraft. This is our first game and we welcome all kinds of feedback.

TurretCraft Greenlight

EnsenaSoft 7 сен в 15:34 
Miko Mole, made in Unity3d and my first PC/console game, is on Steam Greenlight and needs your votes. Miko Mole is an arcade puzzler that blends the very best of gameplay mechanics from classic titles such as Boulder Dash™, Worms™, Stealth 2™ and Unmechanical™, while adding a host of its own features and fun improvements.
armityle the chaos phantom 7 сен в 14:56 
armityle the chaos phantom 7 сен в 14:56 
SamtheMan 7 сен в 1:29 
Hey ! please consider adding our Arena Fighter ,(Playable Demo), and
Interactive Stone 1 сен в 14:09 
Hello guys! What do you think about our game ?
☭kennyS☭ 31 авг в 8:39 
ilusis 31 авг в 7:21 
Hello guys! Would you please check our game?
It is called Krinkle Krusher, it is an Action Tower Defense that was already released for Sony platforms and now we are trying to get it on Steam!

Also our another game, Paper Cat was just got Greelight a week ago! =)
da_media 30 авг в 11:37 
Want to get Greenlight check us out as we are a publishing,marketing and game development firm. We specialize in Mature and Adult content for games. Check out our profile and get in touch! All the best!
☭☆Давид.23RUS☆☭ 28 авг в 0:32 
jokerru 26 авг в 6:09 
Yes! We have muscles and we have bullets! (c) Bazooka Kurt
Blood! Bullets! Muscles! In jungles, dungeons, bunkers, deserts! Tra-ta-ta! Pew pew pew!11!! boooom!

Muscles And Bullets is a 2D "run and gun" action game with total destruction of game levels and tons of game objects!
Please check our game
What do you think about it? Please leave your comments!

Thank you very much!
CarloAntonio 24 авг в 8:25 
Hi !

Please check (and vote if you like it) this game : Last Days of Spring

Thank you very much for your time !
Naloki 20 авг в 13:26 

Please check our game - Epic Showdown:

Mysterious Alien obsessed with TV Reality shows decide to organize his own reality show - Epic Showdown. He gather the best fighters from all dimensions, universes, and realities to survive in a battle to the death!

Please consider to add it to your list! Thank you!
Weashell 19 авг в 13:58 
cibram 19 авг в 7:48 
Hello Indiegala and it's lovers!

If you like RPGs and roguelikes please check this;

Don't forget to comment and share your feelings! We need more support to make the game more FUN!
Tieral 12 авг в 10:01 
Please take a look at our game: Legacy of Svarog.

Legacy of Svarog is a 3D Action RPG and Adventure Game hybrid based on Slavic Mythology. Fight enemies, investigate crimes, build your keep from the ground up and make choices with real story changing consequences.

Please consider voting for us if you like what you see!

Follow us:
Indie DB
Official Website []
player2gamestudios 5 авг в 7:30 

We are a new 2-man indie company, and we've just announced and posted on Steam Greenlight our first game, Alchemic Jousts, wich you can see on the Steam page:

Please, take a look, and consider voting yes on it.
SamiTheGreat 3 авг в 2:21 
Hi! We added our game to IndieDB.

The game is meant to be beautiful and relaxing physic puzzle with a little storyline. We have been doing it 4 months for now.

If you are interested in check it out!
ŰPsy; 1 авг в 23:27 
Kajak Games 26 июл в 5:57 
Hi guys. Check out chaotic and fast paced arena brawler, The Rise of Chubtan for your collection.
RealOwl124 22 июл в 7:45 
Hey guys we need help for our Soccer game can you please vote yes we will be so happy if you all vote yes: Its a Soccer game open world with guns as well.
Specialbit 22 июл в 6:04 
Guys we are an indie team that need some help to get our game on Steam.
I know that not everyone enjoy the casual adventure games, but this one is not for beginners. And hopefully would do well on Steam. So we would appreciate any help!

Please consider to add it to your list!
And we would love to have our game in you bundle when the game is available. Thank you!
TheLukrie | Working... 19 июл в 5:03 
Hello, sorry to bother you, but would be awesome if you could consider my game for your list :D
sniperyaska 17 июл в 13:01 
help us guys we need your help to get greenlight, our videogame is Coop first person shooter whit MECH. :)
here is the link:
MikeVitt 17 июл в 11:01 
Hello! I would like to share my RPG Birth of Shadows for your consideration. Thanks!

Play as a Shadow Knight with unique rage mechanics. Campaign and Co-op multiplayer. Create new content with powerful map editor.
Bossti 17 июл в 5:19 
Hey fine people from Indie Gala and visitors,
we have recently added our 4 player coop action game Goggles to Greenlight and would like to show it to you:

If you think it seems cool, please add it to your list. Thanky you!
FatBaby 13 июл в 19:31 
This Fat Baby keeps his diaper clean

If you enjoy hyper-kinetic platformers and arcade shooters, please check out our game: Fat Baby Galaxy .

Fat Baby is inspired by classic platformers and arcade shooters like Donkey Kong Country and Tempest . It offers challenging levels, tons of unique mechanics, and arcade action.

Thanks everyone
「EveR」 ☜☠☞ 11 июл в 15:04 
Robertsson 8 июл в 12:29 
I would really like to se your rating on Goblins & Grottos :)
Fluffiiwhip 7 июл в 17:58 
Pretty cool!
OnlyLFeris 7 июл в 8:38 
i found this game on kickstarter it looks interesting if you read it and no it wasnt made with rpg maker.
Danl2o2o 5 июл в 12:36 
I was wondering if my game Asher might be considered for your collection? :) thanks for your time
duk HeadShot Machine 2 июл в 14:35 
Chiken is love Chiken is life
BTNcafe 1 июл в 8:41 
so good! uh... would you like to vote our game <Mold on Pizza Deluxe> greenlight page and add us to the list?
HighTaleStudios 24 июн в 0:06 
If you want to play as a squirrel in the French revolution, check out Acorn Assault Rodent Revolution! Please vote on our Greenlight page and add us to the list if you can.