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Kajak Games 2015년 7월 26일 오전 5시 57분 
Hi guys. Check out chaotic and fast paced arena brawler, The Rise of Chubtan for your collection.
RealOwl124 2015년 7월 22일 오전 7시 45분 
Hey guys we need help for our Soccer game can you please vote yes we will be so happy if you all vote yes: Its a Soccer game open world with guns as well.
Specialbit 2015년 7월 22일 오전 6시 04분 
Guys we are an indie team that need some help to get our game on Steam.
I know that not everyone enjoy the casual adventure games, but this one is not for beginners. And hopefully would do well on Steam. So we would appreciate any help!

Please consider to add it to your list!
And we would love to have our game in you bundle when the game is available. Thank you!
TheLukrie 2015년 7월 19일 오전 5시 03분 
Hello, sorry to bother you, but would be awesome if you could consider my game for your list :D
sniperyaska 2015년 7월 17일 오후 1시 01분 
help us guys we need your help to get greenlight, our videogame is Coop first person shooter whit MECH. :)
here is the link:
MikeVitt 2015년 7월 17일 오전 11시 01분 
Hello! I would like to share my RPG Birth of Shadows for your consideration. Thanks!

Play as a Shadow Knight with unique rage mechanics. Campaign and Co-op multiplayer. Create new content with powerful map editor.
Bossti 2015년 7월 17일 오전 5시 19분 
Hey fine people from Indie Gala and visitors,
we have recently added our 4 player coop action game Goggles to Greenlight and would like to show it to you:

If you think it seems cool, please add it to your list. Thanky you!
FatBaby 2015년 7월 13일 오후 7시 31분 
This Fat Baby keeps his diaper clean

If you enjoy hyper-kinetic platformers and arcade shooters, please check out our game: Fat Baby Galaxy .

Fat Baby is inspired by classic platformers and arcade shooters like Donkey Kong Country and Tempest . It offers challenging levels, tons of unique mechanics, and arcade action.

Thanks everyone
「EveR」 2015년 7월 11일 오후 3시 04분 
Robertsson 2015년 7월 8일 오후 12시 29분 
I would really like to se your rating on Goblins & Grottos :)
Fluffiiwhip 2015년 7월 7일 오후 5시 58분 
Pretty cool!
OnlyLFeris 2015년 7월 7일 오전 8시 38분 
i found this game on kickstarter it looks interesting if you read it and no it wasnt made with rpg maker.
Danl2o2o 2015년 7월 5일 오후 12시 36분 
I was wondering if my game Asher might be considered for your collection? :) thanks for your time
duk 2015년 7월 2일 오후 2시 35분 
Chiken is love Chiken is life
BTNcafe 2015년 7월 1일 오전 8시 41분 
so good! uh... would you like to vote our game <Mold on Pizza Deluxe> greenlight page and add us to the list?
HighTaleStudios 2015년 6월 24일 오전 12시 06분 
If you want to play as a squirrel in the French revolution, check out Acorn Assault Rodent Revolution! Please vote on our Greenlight page and add us to the list if you can.
Dincicode 2015년 6월 19일 오후 12시 15분 
Can you consider adding our game to the list?
Heathen Engineering 2015년 6월 14일 오전 5시 48분 
Our project is still to early in development to be ready for Greenlight but we do have a page up on Greenlight Concept and would really appreciate any feedback the community might have.

You can find concept page here

It has links to web sites with more info and a really early demo/dev build up on IndieDB.

cathy 2015년 6월 14일 오전 12시 37분 
Please take a look at our new game Megaloptura. It's a coin-op arcade style game where you get to kill the insects that are trying to eat you.

Thanks in advance.
Fracakawa 2015년 6월 11일 오전 9시 34분 
Thanks :D
Ken 2015년 6월 8일 오전 10시 13분 
Please check out my new game Ares Omega. It's a top-down shooter with rpg and rogue-like elements where you are fighting an army of robots on Mars. Check out the greenlight page.

Thanks for taking a look.
Team Clockworks 2015년 6월 7일 오전 9시 26분 
Hi! We have a game on greenlight based on Lovecraft's "At the mountains of madness" book. Please take a look:
Thanks in advance!
<font face="impact">Dota 3 2015년 6월 4일 오전 11시 09분 
TrueIllusionSoftware 2015년 6월 3일 오후 10시 45분 
Hi all, if you like Soccer and a open world mission driven multiplayer mix game where you can use your hard earned in game money to buy cars, apartments, houses and other stuff than please check out Soccer Legend Online Greenlight page thank you all.
BTNcafe 2015년 5월 29일 오전 1시 18분 
Hi all, Would you play our game Mold on Pizza's Lite version please?

If Google Chrome is installed in your computer, just play Mold on Pizza here.

If Google Chrome isn't installed in your computer, download exe version here.
DH 2015년 5월 28일 오전 1시 28분 
Hello! We have added our top-down roguelite game called Gerty to Greenlight, check it out:

You can try the web player version at Kongregate or at our site:

IndieDB page:

leon123442 2015년 5월 26일 오후 1시 55분 
Abyss Studios 2015년 5월 22일 오후 1시 57분 
Hey! Please take a look at our game TIKI GALORE and consider adding it to your collection! Thanks!
SATU.mister_Blackfox 2015년 5월 20일 오후 12시 23분 
StormCube Games 2015년 5월 20일 오전 7시 57분 
If you like the open world survival genre then check our new Greenlight game:

Vortex: The Gateway
proteuspixel 2015년 5월 18일 오후 7시 55분 
Ted by Dawn is a retro action platformer. Survivin' the apocalypse with a double barrel shotgun and a whiskey stained beard.
Quiz.Life 2015년 5월 17일 오전 11시 40분 
Quiz.Life is a quiz battle where players develop their army and use them to destroy their opponent’s base. In order to build up this army, players must answer in-game questions. The players can use points earned from answering quiz questions to evolve their units and upgrade their base. And because it’s created by medical students, Quiz.Life takes place on the most unusual battleground of all – inside the human body!
Greenlight Link:
ren_arrais 2015년 5월 17일 오전 11시 00분 
Hello! I am Renato Mota. I represent the RMALJogos. This is our first game in GREENLIGTH, is called "The Great Space mess." The whole game was basically done by hand only, except for the fact that I had to hire a musician.

This is our link in GREENLIGTH:

If you want to play the free demo version, see the link:

I hope you enjoy!
The Void Studio 2015년 5월 16일 오전 4시 08분 
Dear Environment Activist,

Don’t think only for what you can do for our planet, but think of what you can do for the

better good of all life in the galaxy.

You can be that man! You can be the ECO hunter that fights to restore the hope to live in

a better universe. A game that will show you what is all about to be green!

Learn what the ECO hunt game is all about and vote for the privilege to play it:

The Void Studios
gotavio 2015년 5월 14일 오후 7시 23분 
Please take a look: Mustache in Hell

A retro shooter with exploration

Starlit Studios 2015년 5월 13일 오전 6시 28분 
We just launched our Kickstarter & Greenlight for LOUIE COOKS

Louie Cooks is an unique approach combining cooking cats with chef-hats and cutting-edge technology like Oculus Rift (optional) for a fun and lighthearted game! Protect your cat from the onmarching cuties by exposing their various vulnerabilities with the help of Oculus Rift and even Microphone input! Go full-body-in: Shake your head, yell, shout, stare or sing in a high note! Try to break through multiple waves and score cat-triple points with huge combo-chains!
Please have a look at our trailer

Or hop over to Digi Aloes Let's Play of our game c:

We'd appreciate it very much if our game would be added to this :) Thank you for your time!
BlackSheepGamesGR 2015년 5월 6일 오전 11시 45분 
Hello, you can check our game, Galactic Missile Defense and add it to the list if you like it, thanks a lot!
AmusedSloth 2015년 5월 6일 오전 6시 35분 
Cow Kapow! is a turn based strategy with over 100 weapons and items to equip your team of warrior cows. Enjoy 1vs1 matches and brain twisting challenges.

Cow Kapow! Check us out at
PapaKarlo 2015년 5월 5일 오전 1시 03분 
Hello, check out our first game:

DungeonRift is arcady dungeoncrawl where monsters are progressing instead of a player, they're getting new active and passive abilities, grow their stats and in future will even pick evolution paths with unique visuals and perks.
We already got a playable alpha and big plans for upcoming updates. We're planning to make cute, fun and arcady game that is complex enough to keep players for multiple playthroughs.

Also we got a silly bonus gamemode about countryballs with same mechanics that got a very warm welcome from the community.
nizartwo 2015년 5월 2일 오전 1시 53분 
Hi !

Please check (and vote if you like it) this game : Laith Tactics, same spirit as fire emblem + different endings and choices (and not that far from the suikoden (2) spirit either ...)

We need your support as there are very little TRPG fans !

Thank you very much for your time !
♣♛eaNiiX♛♣ 2015년 5월 1일 오후 1시 57분 
hamstercube 2015년 4월 27일 오후 12시 12분 
Hello, please consider our new RPG about cats - The Chronicles of Nyanya!
Help us develop a fantasy world run by cats!
HanzaRu 2015년 4월 26일 오후 3시 08분 
Hi Indiegala, could you take a look on Turbolink?

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Cheers!
WishFang 2015년 4월 26일 오전 4시 07분 
Hi,could you please consider my indie game I & ME?
Thanks : )
Geek Beach 2015년 4월 26일 오전 2시 37분 
OreLight is now on greenlight, please check it out :)
Seattletek 2015년 4월 26일 오전 2시 00분 
super awesome kick arse survival game :
bigfatsimulations 2015년 4월 20일 오후 8시 52분 
Please consider my air traffic control game:
howlinghamstergames 2015년 4월 19일 오전 10시 11분 
Hi, please take a look at our game, Trench, and consider it for your collection.

​In Trench you are the pilot of a mini sub, a scavenger, and the last hope for the world. You must venture into the deepest trenches of our oceans and blast your way past some seriously nasty monsters to recover fragments of the meteor that is spawning these alien creatures.

The monsters come at you from all angles so you must spin your craft around 360° to engage in combat. You will need to scavenge supplies and weapons for your sub from the sunken wrecks that litter the ocean floor.
bigfatsimulations 2015년 4월 18일 오후 10시 41분 
Please consider our air traffic control game for your collection: