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K.O.S.T.Y.A For 21 timer siden 
Connor O.R.T. Linning 17. feb kl. 4:11pm 
Hey everybody, we've released a new trailer for our game Towards The Pantheon and launched our Steam Greenlight Campaign!
We'd really appreciate your Yes Vote on Greenlight !
Izark 17. feb kl. 1:32pm 
Mind Machine Interface
Visual Programming puzzle game, squeeze your brain:
Franco Games 17. feb kl. 11:54am 
Vote for Hedgewar on Steam if you like Worms series
EpicNerdRage 16. feb kl. 4:30pm 
Xenomorph, a sci-fi story driven 2D top down action/survival/exploration game is awaiting your vote on Greenlight, will you manage to explore the depths of the Carpathian, and survive?
Arslogica 16. feb kl. 5:39am 
Who is wiser - a human or a vampire. Vote now and you will know.
Tryzna 15. feb kl. 9:28pm 
Post-apo tactical rpg full of vehicle combat needs your YES votes:
codeBullet 14. feb kl. 9:49am 
Landless, an open ocean survival crafting fps action game.

Please consider our game. Thank you :)
Capitan Cebolla Desuka 11. feb kl. 9:45pm 
Gus the Shark 10. feb kl. 1:32pm 
Hey, if you want a fresh game with an original concept, check out this 3D fps puzzle game
Corrosion 5. feb kl. 4:31pm 
Disgraced and Waste Walkers need to be added since I have been in numerous indiegala bundles
infosuccess3d 2. feb kl. 3:21am 
Seed of the Arcane : Episode 1
Greenlight open now

Created by: Infosuccess3d
neena.derick 31. jan kl. 11:15am 
Elephant Splash Game is in Steam Greenlight live now!

Please check this link. If you like don’t forget to VOTE YES
Mosil Games 29. jan kl. 8:06pm 
Road & Revolution .... Your vote is waiting.... Thanks...
The Vanir Project 28. jan kl. 8:22am 
Hi! Take a look to our "metroidvania" called Nightmare Boy. It's a 2D adventure game. Thank you in advance!
zzACCIDENTzz 23. jan kl. 9:43am 
Greetings, Please vote for The Misfits on Steam Greenlight. Thanks for your support!
Arbonox 19. jan kl. 12:11am 
Enjoyed FEZ? Love Science? then vote for The Moonstone Equation
Azaxor 17. jan kl. 8:08am 
Hey everyone, checkout my game if you like MOBA mixed with RTS!
Unlibox 14. jan kl. 3:04am 

Please checkout our relaxing puzzle game with a hidden emotional story - Evergrow. We have a demo out as well please try it from the link below: 13. jan kl. 4:20am 
Lantis McKavanagh 9. jan kl. 11:39am 
Hello there people! I represent Poliexa Entertainment and we are greenlighting a challenging physics based game in space called Gravity Vector. We are 19th in the list of the most popular indie projects on IndieDB and are on our way to greenlighting. Help us by giving one more push to the vote tally! Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
Bankler 5. jan kl. 5:57am 
My (top 15) game is called Sky Knights and it features multiplayer, fighter jets and 80's rock music. I'd be an honor if your wanted to take a look!
studioDonQuixote 4. jan kl. 3:40am 
Hello everyone. I need support for the Rest House weird game. Good luck! to all!
Tnx! Tnx.
2dragonsgames 3. jan kl. 6:34am 
Hi, we need support with our game project, EVIL POSSESSION, THANKS!!, your wellcome
rageblooddev 1. jan kl. 6:10am 
Hello everyone,

Our greenlight campaign has just started and we are looking forward for your feedback and support. Happy new year!
um | wartist 30. dec 2016 kl. 8:39am 
Hey everyone, please check out our PC RTS game.
BolaGustavo 29. dec 2016 kl. 6:22pm 
Hi, take a look in my game....
Adventure Plataform 2D, hope you like.
MIRACLE IS IN MY FRIEND LIST 29. dec 2016 kl. 2:50pm 
An Atmospheric cute puzzle game check it out
woodheadgames 29. dec 2016 kl. 2:12am 
Hi please check out our game, we need your help
Winds Of Trade 28. dec 2016 kl. 10:16am 
Hello there. Do you think you could add "Winds Of Trade" to your collection? It's an indie strategy game about running an ocean trading company in the 18th and 19th centuries. Thanks in advance for your support to indie projects!
Laush 27. dec 2016 kl. 2:58am 
Hi, we need support with our game project, , THANKS!!
2dragonsgames 26. dec 2016 kl. 5:49am 
Hi, we need support with our game project, EVIL POSSESSION, THANKS!!, your wellcome
LongYouGame 21. dec 2016 kl. 5:28pm 
There is a minimal choose of strategy simulation game onto Greenlight. Yes we have English version, Modding and community tools supported, please vote us A free Beta will be released before Chinese New Year (27th Jan 2017) if we achieved our goal, thanks.
Csokinyuszi 20. dec 2016 kl. 3:57am 
Hello everyone!
If you have a moment, take a look at my game.

Thanks! :)
LightPlace 12. dec 2016 kl. 12:02pm 
Hi, everyone. If you have free time look at my game.
Spiky Sprint
raistlin 11. dec 2016 kl. 7:08pm 
“Future War: Reborn”is a post-apocalyptic Sci/Fi third person shooter game developed by Good Games.
raistlin 11. dec 2016 kl. 7:07pm 
"ODYSSEY" is a science-fiction VR action game created by OXON, a famous Taiwan-based game studio.
raistlin 11. dec 2016 kl. 7:07pm 
Hi, friends!

"3D, Multi-Player, Real-Time hunting BOSS, Real-Time fighting PVP" - Yes, you see are real!
"Legend Hunter: Monster Quest" is such a very unique 3D MMO ACT game!!!
If you like this game, please vote for us!
chikinrodion 11. dec 2016 kl. 12:48am 
Hi, people!
Please consider voting for our game "Undead Hunter":
Greenlight link:
Thank you in advance!
unique_games 10. dec 2016 kl. 7:04am 
Greetings from Austria,

We have put our latest game "Mars - The Red Planet" onto Greenlight. Would be great if we could have your support:

Thanks a lot.

Borokai 8. dec 2016 kl. 12:15pm 
Hi there! The Omega Pattern Free demos for Android and iOS are already released!

Go to for more details.

If you enjoyed the demo, please add Omega Pattern to this collection and help us to get green light.


Thank you very much!
(KKK)Sniper Pigeon 8. dec 2016 kl. 4:54am 
Top Joint 7. dec 2016 kl. 9:00pm 
Hi, friends!
I want to introduce to you my new game project Toad Against The Core which went to Steam Greenlight. This is 2d platformer in sci-fi setting, with beauty non-pixelart graphics. Please, take a look and vote for it, if you like it.

I'll be glad to hear feedback from you. Thank you!
verticegames 7. dec 2016 kl. 3:28pm 
Hey! Last Wings is a game of quick and dynamic air combat, developed in a mixed environment between 2D and 3D. Please, support us and vote up! Many thanks guys :)
aXe 7. dec 2016 kl. 12:15pm 
aXe 7. dec 2016 kl. 12:14pm 
GameDevJeremy 5. dec 2016 kl. 11:45am 
We're all in this together as indie-developers! Help us out :D
ASweetStudio 5. dec 2016 kl. 7:28am 
Hi! Check our our new indie co-op with a lot of action and fun boss battles! Scalpers:Turtle & the moonshine gang support and feedback is welcome :)