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x0to1 26 март в 21:34 
Vote for NEO Impossible Bosses, an RTS-MOBA Raidboss rush game on Greenlight! If you've enjoyed taking down MMO-styled bosses, but feared the MMO leveling grind, this might be your kind of game!
PowerRanger 24 март в 17:52 
Sequel to Paradox Paradigm looking for green-light can be located here:
FireBurnGames 24 март в 11:25 
Hello everyone, check out our game Rules of Destruction. It has many different characters to play with, unique story which changes depending on how you play, huge open world, gathering and crafting, wide diversity of fantasy and mythological monsters. Thank you
CharlieBehan 23 март в 17:40 
Amberskull is a survival horror anthology with several terrifying experiences where you must overcome 4 unique enemies in widely different environments.
Gamistry 23 март в 1:19 
Hey Everyone, Visit our GreenLight and check out 2D Metroidvania game Munch Time 2. handcrafted 2D lush environments scattered in over 100 maps
Elit3d 19 март в 18:24 
Drojan is a 3D stealth/puzzle hacking game, featuring a drone as the player, where you navigate through the office building to find and steal back the firmware that makes servers unhackable. Along the way there are guards, employees and security cameras that will stop you from doing your job so easily.
thecosmosgame 17 март в 16:52 
Hello everyone! Our story-driven, space exploration, survival, FPS game "Within the Cosmos" has recently hit Steam Greenlight!

I would really appreciate it if you would be able to take some time to visit the Greenlight page linked below and PLEASE cast a vote!

I hope you like what you see! Thank you so much!
Initiative Games 16 март в 8:01 
If you like Half-Life 2 mods, vote for this one horror story:
Spreadable Fruit 14 март в 3:45 
Hi there! We of spreadable fruit have recently released our first Greenlight campaign and it would mean the world to us if any of you could check it out!

^^^The demo is already available and free to download via the link at our Greenlight page ^^^

The game is called "S.U.B. - Secret Underwater Base" and is a two-player couch-co-op game where you and your friend try to steer a submarine through a perilous environment by taking control of five different stations! Try and collect all the keycards and infiltrate "The Evil Doctor's Secret Underwater Base" before it's too late!
dimleteam 11 март в 10:07 
Hi! Please vote for our sci-fi adventure game A SECOND BEFORE US

Thank you!
Synthetic.Systems 10 март в 18:47 
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
ᶰ ᵃ ᶰ ᵒ ˢ ᵖ ᵃ ᶜ ᵉ
k.songtan 10 март в 2:19 
Would you kindly consider to put this on your list?
MechCorp - a turn-based tactic game with a X-Com and F.T.L.-esque strategic overlay.
KONSTRUCTORS 9 март в 17:21 
Mysterious story. Beautiful graphics. Difficult puzzles.
jozgames 8 март в 7:15 
Help this game to Steam, vote yes on this link >>

Awaking is a survival horror style game. In which Willian Carter, a detective who is called by the Brazilian government to investigate a mysterious case of disappearances occurred in a small mountain town in Ceará known as Nova Veneza (An existing locality of Brazil and adapted for the game). Like Silent Hill, this "sériegame" that is a new category of games for the market, which brings a style of the American series in game format, which brings the idea of two parallel worlds, where Carter will find a Cursed Book, Which would be a Doorway to a dark world. After being sucked by him, our protagonist Willian Carter embarks on an incredible adventure of suspense and much terror in a world where even the souls feel pain. Now, Carter will have to find out who...
Demozilla 8 март в 2:31 
Hey folks of the Indiegala,

if you're looking for unusual/unique games, maybe check out Nowhere Prophet. It's a genremix of roguelike and deck-building. Imagine if FTL and Magic had a baby. But it grew up in the post-apocalyptic future. Sounds awesome? Check it out!

We've been hard at work at this thing for over two years now. We're very proud of the unique art style and our post-apocalyptic setting that is not exclusively populated by leather-clad bikers.
madcat games 6 март в 6:49 
Take a look at
Turn based tactical JRPG.
♚нυвѕση♚ 4 март в 10:26 
Bellosoft 4 март в 6:22 
Take a look at Awesome Machines , a puzzle game inspired on "The Incredible Machines".
cncsoft 2 март в 18:09 

Would you consider adding our 2D Action RPG game to your collection?

Feel free to check out !
Please wait 1 март в 1:32 
Hi, we arrived to the Greenlight Station with our game Passengers . If it's ok with you we would like to invite you for a ride.
It would help us if you add Passengers to your collection.
justin.zwack 28 февруари в 5:26 
Koa Bunga
A blood surfing puzzle platformer, developed by a group of 60 students , is currently on greenlight .
If you want to support a group of hardworking students, who try to get into the gaming industry, feel free to check out our greenlight page and you might consider adding it to your list of great games.

Delum Studios 25 февруари в 12:40 
Heroes of Delum is a coop strategy game. Would you consider adding it to your collection ?
Brian 22 февруари в 18:27 
Would be very grateful if you would consider adding Mayhem In Single Valley (a metafiction action rpg) to your collection.


Thanks - b
unique_games 21 февруари в 0:12 
Please check out our game as well. It is Handball Manager time:
ELECTROCOSMOS 20 февруари в 11:02 
Please take a look at my dungeon brawler Runic Rampage featuring a raging dwarf! :)
Kacper Stasiełuk 20 февруари в 4:57 
Hi! Can you take a look at my pixel-horror game? This project needs some feedback on Greenlight. :)
KONSTRUCTORS 19 февруари в 17:20 
K.O.S.T.Y.A 18 февруари в 9:58 
Connor O.R.T. Linning 17 февруари в 16:11 
Hey everybody, we've released a new trailer for our game Towards The Pantheon and launched our Steam Greenlight Campaign!
We'd really appreciate your Yes Vote on Greenlight !
Izark 17 февруари в 13:32 
Mind Machine Interface
Visual Programming puzzle game, squeeze your brain:
Initiative Games 17 февруари в 11:54 
Vote for Hedgewar on Steam if you like Worms series
EpicNerdRage 16 февруари в 16:30 
Xenomorph, a sci-fi story driven 2D top down action/survival/exploration game is awaiting your vote on Greenlight, will you manage to explore the depths of the Carpathian, and survive?
Arslogica 16 февруари в 5:39 
Who is wiser - a human or a vampire. Vote now and you will know.
Tryzna 15 февруари в 21:28 
Post-apo tactical rpg full of vehicle combat needs your YES votes:
codeBullet 14 февруари в 9:49 
Landless, an open ocean survival crafting fps action game.

Please consider our game. Thank you :)
Capitan Cebolla Desuka 11 февруари в 21:45 
Gus the Shark 10 февруари в 13:32 
Hey, if you want a fresh game with an original concept, check out this 3D fps puzzle game
Corrosion 5 февруари в 16:31 
Disgraced and Waste Walkers need to be added since I have been in numerous indiegala bundles
Рандом-Мастер 4 февруари в 5:11 
infosuccess3d 2 февруари в 3:21 
Seed of the Arcane : Episode 1
Greenlight open now

Created by: Infosuccess3d
neena.derick 31 януари в 11:15 
Elephant Splash Game is in Steam Greenlight live now!

Please check this link. If you like don’t forget to VOTE YES
Mosil Games 29 януари в 20:06 
Road & Revolution .... Your vote is waiting.... Thanks...
The Vanir Project 28 януари в 8:22 
Hi! Take a look to our "metroidvania" called Nightmare Boy. It's a 2D adventure game. Thank you in advance!
zzACCIDENTzz 23 януари в 9:43 
Greetings, Please vote for The Misfits on Steam Greenlight. Thanks for your support!