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Tutki tätä peliä. Jos tämä on jotain, jonka haluaisit olevan saatavilla Steamissä, voit auttaa arvostelemalla sitä alla olevien nappien avulla. Paina tästä saadaksesi lisätietoa tästä prosessista.

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Jack_the_Ripper 2. heinä 6.06 
very nice
orange 23. kesä 22.20 
Samarsky 21. kesä 4.31 
gg wp
Cyberbrickmaster86 15. kesä 15.43 
I played this on Ouya and the controls are a bit loose, so you might want to work on that before releasing this on Steam!
Youth! Full Power!! 8. kesä 7.29 
I'm expecting this game. Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
timez 7. kesä 15.43 
ionutudor2012 25. touko 3.34 
Rock'n'roll 2. touko 22.37 
iTzMARKY 2. maalis 9.00 
Looks good
HinderoxX 7. tammi 16.36 
nice game
Zedian 7. tammi 10.31 
Looks like a really fun game. Music and sound is good too.
ST. dmdlz 4. tammi 17.13 
어려울꺼같은 난이도가 굉장이 하고싶게하네요 :)
Treme 26. joulu, 2013 8.45 
looks like a tough platformer.. so should be fun
Void_Wanderer 10. joulu, 2013 22.56 
eah old school good
evNx 30. marras, 2013 10.23 
good old shit=]
nickros10 31. loka, 2013 9.12 
old school

duckluan 3. syys, 2013 9.49 
Amooo Jogo Entra Na steam Logo Por favor Amei o Jogo Vo comprar Até as dlcs bota steam por favor por favor amei o jogoooo quero muinto jogar
gypsyshred 1. elo, 2013 0.06 
I'd recommend shooting a different video. The game footage in the current one looks simple and boring. And I like retro-esque games.
kYz 30. heinä, 2013 5.31 
old school
Surfer 25. heinä, 2013 8.52 
FalCON 19. heinä, 2013 21.05 
[LTSP]Machy[CZ] 19. heinä, 2013 2.31 
Jump or die.
JesusSonOfTheGreatSwagonaut 13. heinä, 2013 1.40 
Finished it on XBLA, more content maybe ?
INDIE:J Games 2. kesä, 2013 3.28 
Looks pretty cool and challenging. You should consider zooming out the perspecitve a bit though - it seems to be frustration not being able to see in what trap you´ll be jumping next. Also the tiles don´t look that good,.. some plants and perhaps foreground elements would make the whole thing look much more vibrant.
Kengineer of Forossa #vegas 16. touko, 2013 22.38 
It reminds me of Spleunky.
na dne 9. huhti, 2013 7.24 
Want it in free to play mode
Seagne 4. huhti, 2013 2.05 
Looks difficult yet fun, I'd play it.
Blacktay 5. maalis, 2013 16.44 
Sincerely, this looks frustrating as fuck.
Dafaria 27. helmi, 2013 23.26 
Looks pretty dang epic!
Program Files 9. helmi, 2013 15.42 
Seems as elaborated as a good flash game and that is not a compliment.
kriswd40  [tekijä] 1. helmi, 2013 17.12 
The big upside of the PC release over the previous release at this time is that the PC release will have a level editor included, allowing for way, way more levels than the original had. At some point I'd like to include a level pack of the best user levels too.
Catscratch 22. tammi, 2013 21.32 
While the game itself looks nice, it's case for being Greenlit is heavily hindered.
I'd say if you added Mac/Linux support and some Steam-version bonus content (such as a plethora of new levels, maybe a character editor and some Achievements) you'd have a good case.
Stika 16. tammi, 2013 6.38 
Am I the only one who thinks the user "The campaigner" is a troll? Seriously, he's in every game, always downvoting it
Cikkcány 12. tammi, 2013 18.28 
I had this on my Xbox way back, but i don't have an Xbox Anymore, Please, Release this, i'll buy 10 Copies!
Dengir214 7. tammi, 2013 10.52 
No. Snes games shouldn't be on steam. Try getting it on the Gameboy or Newgrounds or something, but NOT steam.
Fenrir007 4. tammi, 2013 19.06 
Extremely grating jump sound, irritating music, terribly looking gameplay, uninspired art...
Jerry 31. joulu, 2012 4.08 
The NES is dead and I don't feel like practicioning necromancy today.
Cyndy Cooper 6. joulu, 2012 3.06 
There's a line between "retro" graphics and "cheesy" graphics. For instance, these are 16-bit type graphics. If this game had been released for the Super Nintendo, would its graphics have been considered good ... ? In this case ... no.

The gameplay looks like Mario but it controls like Mighty Bomb Jack, which is ... not especially fair.
MCWillyG 4. joulu, 2012 6.33 
Looks Great!
Link 16. marras, 2012 5.37 
Seems like a great game, but a bit to simple for pc, maybe add better lava animation and backgrounds and call it an hd remake. Feel free to keep this retro style but it just looks too simple to pay money for on pc. Also a level creation tool with workshop integration would make it an A+ (tldr: i don't feel this has enough variety or your own personal feel to it to set it apart)
Jourdy288 15. marras, 2012 8.53 
Having played the XBLIG version, I must say this game is both difficult and awesome. And hilarious.
Ciunay_R 8. marras, 2012 9.28 
the problem is not the retro graphic, the problem is there are too many single players and and sp platformers, and this... this looks like indiana jones anyway. downvoted.
LowBitLovecraft 4. marras, 2012 10.31 
Really enjoying the humor.
Also, I'm pretty sure that you can ignore any asshole who goes by the name Jewthanasia and nobody on the forum will hold it against you. For obvious reasons.
(GoR) Andrew.zhd 4. marras, 2012 8.33 
nice pixelart
kriswd40  [tekijä] 1. marras, 2012 10.02 
@Jewthanasia The levels in Volchaos are relatively small and the lava is often rather fast. The lava is far more than a timer and the gameplay is far more frantic than anything you'd find in Super Mario Brothers. You can check out the demo for free on Xbox Live Indie Games if you want to judge for yourself.
Jewthanasia 28. loka, 2012 20.41 
So you made a whole game out of those fire rising levels in Mario? Looks okay but I am tired of ugly pixel art and 2D platformers. I say this on every other Greenlight page it seems, but what makes this game any better than the last 50 retro style platformers I voted on? I have Super Meat Boy on my PC and 360, and League of Evil on my iPhone. Is there something you have that makes your game better? And visualizing a timer as a rising volcano doesn't count.
kriswd40  [tekijä] 24. loka, 2012 7.05 
@Lucas We have been working on a level editor for the PC version. I haven't worked out how sharing will work but at the very least, I'll have some user created levels available on our website.
Δ Mycorrhiza 22. loka, 2012 3.32 
Looks fun :)
Lucas [NF] 17. loka, 2012 9.40 
This seems great, but if there could be some way for people to create the'r own levels and share them with other gamers, that would be a huge plus, in my own opnion.
Vork 11. loka, 2012 23.08 
Get a clue. We are sick of these 8 bit "retro" platformers.