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183 comentário(s)
Wolferatus 17/abr/2015 às 9:28 
will it come soon or is this project dead? :(
Howl at the Moon 24/jan/2015 às 8:10 
Voted, already bought this game in bundle, and it looks amazing!
Diegovz01 21/jan/2015 às 16:26 
Good game :-)
SHADOWx609 21/jan/2015 às 14:23 
Looks good. Can't wait!
ofc_res 21/jan/2015 às 10:45 
Nice looking mechanics, plus it seems to have a nice flow.
DVOLK 1/nov/2014 às 8:11 
Reminds me of my childhood games, I would love to play !
Soulfly 26/out/2014 às 3:22 
devildragon01 20/out/2014 às 21:00 
nice game
kurono - idle 19/out/2014 às 7:54 
zeusz4u 15/out/2014 às 5:07 
Great game. Very old school, very retro :) Voted. 8-bit masterpiece.
MareGoldnHr 14/out/2014 às 8:27 
зимний плеб 14/out/2014 às 7:18 
Looks interesting. Voted.
Scarabarada 13/out/2014 às 23:01 
Moodbug 11/out/2014 às 22:02 
good luck
THE_MAN 11/out/2014 às 21:40 
Reminds me of indiana jones on sega genesis, Voted
-•Ghost-LIN•- 11/out/2014 às 13:29 
-•Ghost-LIN•- 11/out/2014 às 13:27 
FlamingTorch 11/out/2014 às 8:28 
+1, looks like a great game!
FuTuRaMa 11/out/2014 às 7:46 
+1, cheers!
TheZodiac 11/out/2014 às 5:58 
voted, cheers!
WanderRook 🅷🆀 11/out/2014 às 1:17 
+1 voted yes *whisp*
hoox_om 10/out/2014 às 19:14 
voted and bought groupees build a greenlight 11.
OMEGAMI 10/out/2014 às 18:32 
I was made for loving VOTED !
MiMi 10/out/2014 às 13:06 
I love that retro look! Bought the bundle & voted
However yes it's a plateformer, not an adventure at all.
korzef 10/out/2014 às 10:47 
Luk 10/out/2014 às 10:46 
voted, cheers!
genkicoll 10/out/2014 às 10:30 
Upvoted :) Should be tagged as a platformer, though ;)
meito_masamune 10/out/2014 às 9:22 
voted! cheers!
adam1224 10/out/2014 às 8:58 
Voted :)
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 10/out/2014 às 8:50 
Voted, Groupees Bundle, Good Mario Game
Merleon 10/out/2014 às 8:23 
Voted. Groupees Bundle
Pharticus Maximus 10/out/2014 às 8:11 
bought on groupees and voted!
daa_gp4 10/out/2014 às 8:08 
bob 10/out/2014 às 8:05 
love;McPixel 10/out/2014 às 8:03 
Voted Yes!!
Lord Phalluson of Bonerville 1/set/2014 às 21:46 
Lucas Gitahy 30/ago/2014 às 14:01 
JJ Binks 9/ago/2014 às 15:34 
Interesting enough
kobuchan 8/ago/2014 às 4:54 
seems nice and nice bgm
VenomSnak3 4/ago/2014 às 2:56 
Interesante! :D
♣ p¤ p8♣ 24/jul/2014 às 0:56 
semms intersting
Faboo 20/jul/2014 às 4:55 
seems nice
Jack_the_Ripper 2/jul/2014 às 6:06 
very nice
-------------------------------- 23/jun/2014 às 22:20 
Samarsky 21/jun/2014 às 4:31 
gg wp
Cyberbrickmaster86 15/jun/2014 às 15:43 
I played this on Ouya and the controls are a bit loose, so you might want to work on that before releasing this on Steam!
청춘풀파워 8/jun/2014 às 7:29 
I'm expecting this game. Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
timez JAPAN back 01/09 :) 7/jun/2014 às 15:43 
ionutudor2012 25/mai/2014 às 3:34 
fanat 2/mai/2014 às 22:37