Dette spillet har fått grønt lys av Steam-samfunnet!

Samfunnet har vist sin interesse for dette spillet. Valve har kontaktet utvikleren for å kunne jobbe mot å en lansering på Steam.

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brownbird 13. apr @ 1:37pm 
Purchasing....Now! Awesome game!
[FIB] Right Behind You™ 13. apr @ 6:11am 
add this steam plz best game ever
the_undead_jellyfish 12. apr @ 2:04pm 
best game ever
I propose Han Brolo to be a character
Nicolson21 8. apr @ 4:58pm 
And my key?
The Taste of a Liar 7. apr @ 4:25pm 
eager to acquire!
{SLE} axel3_7 7. apr @ 11:43am 
BROFORCE IS AVILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! ALELUIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SHUPINKLES 7. apr @ 10:56am 
Voted Yeah
Dенчиk 6. apr @ 5:17am 
Nightshadesz 4. apr @ 10:36pm 
i have played the brototype and it was awesome. EPIC GAME
Koug3rPT 4. apr @ 1:31pm 
Seems prety cool..
A Piece of Bacon 3. apr @ 11:49pm 
Epic Game, when is it coming out
50 Shades Of Gandalf The Gay 3. apr @ 12:06am 
When is it coming out?
cant wait :)
ZePir4te_ 2. apr @ 1:39pm 
+1 awesome game with friend
EnlistedDig 2. apr @ 1:12pm 
The gurl engineer 1. apr @ 1:50pm 
TheSilentLegend78 1. apr @ 5:57am 
sarà bellissimo...
Radioactive_Brocoli 1. apr @ 12:44am 
spaMER 31. mar @ 9:21am 
add music to levels
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Lawliet 30. mar @ 2:40pm 
i have been playing the brototype and this game is awesome i will definily get it.
ADD THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eldest997 30. mar @ 2:26pm 
Epic game!
jayc4life 30. mar @ 4:54am 
Dudes waiting for this game should buy it from the Humble Store and get in early, they'll be issuing Steam keys once it's available on Steam anyway. No point waiting unnecessarily when you can just play it now!
Lady Seraphina Millicent IV 29. mar @ 2:52pm 
In March, they said... End of March, calender said.
TimonHZ 29. mar @ 12:53pm 
Add this!!!
snowman113 29. mar @ 10:54am 
is it for pc
alechae 29. mar @ 4:47am 
FlynnRyder 28. mar @ 5:16pm 
Looks super sexy. Makes me slightly aroused.
#Grubby YAAASSSS 28. mar @ 5:02pm 
Fire 28. mar @ 12:40pm 
i love this game
Buster 28. mar @ 4:28am 
Dudes, what abou the game? How long I should be waiting fow this?
jimtwigg 27. mar @ 4:42pm 
Very cool game!
Sir Ganks-a-lot 26. mar @ 9:58am 
MagikarpXL 26. mar @ 9:27am 
TERRARIA IS EPIC 25. mar @ 1:40am 
best game ever!
batskin 22. mar @ 9:45am 
rambo is bolloch , ha ha ha !!!
Bartomas_PL 21. mar @ 1:02pm 
It's BROgame :) J like it
DRS 19. mar @ 4:07am 
Need it !
Mr Fresh 18. mar @ 5:57pm 
Very fun game. Played with 2 of my brothers and we had a blast
Richie Tenenbaum 18. mar @ 11:12am 
Hugo Stiglitz 18. mar @ 10:58am 
Signorey Weaver from ALIENS, her primary is a grenade launcher and special is the lifter robot.

The Bride from KILL BILL, primary is samurai sword and special is up to free lives.

Jason Statham from crank, weapons up to free lives.

Gecko Bros. from Dusk till Dawn.
glitchy 16. mar @ 5:55am 
we need hisenbrog
Blakeasauras 15. mar @ 6:29pm 
i need it when does it come out
Fallgon 15. mar @ 1:26am 
the best
The_Beast 14. mar @ 5:44pm 
ITS THE BEST GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HalaMaka 14. mar @ 11:48am 
cool, or can i say brool ? maybe not...
pro-чел 14. mar @ 7:56am 
al3xsimp 13. mar @ 11:26am 
it looks kinda like super meat boy
al3xsimp 13. mar @ 11:25am 
i watched the yogscast play it and i think it looks great!
Fellow Ferret Comrade 12. mar @ 10:21pm 
I force everyone to play game. You're not man unless you play. Finish the Beta, you then grow beard which makes bear Jealous.

Seriously all joking aside it's a really fun game. I go through the Beta campaign at least twice a day.