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Trash TV
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StarryMight 2015. febr. 23., 13:58 
@ Lawrie: Yeah...and congratulations!
Lawrie  [készítő] 2015. febr. 23., 11:57 
Yea it's been a really long road. Feels so weird that it's finally out! Finally released my first game!
StarryMight 2015. febr. 23., 10:55 
I see this is now on the Store...better late than never, right? ;-D
Xethall 2014. aug. 31., 13:46 
Played the demo at PAX. Awesome game!
JimZiii 2014. júl. 12., 12:39 
any news on the release date?
ND 2014. máj. 3., 9:57 
Demigiant 2014. márc. 30., 11:53 
Wah, this game has charisma! It seduced me already :)
StarryMight 2013. nov. 1., 10:48 
@ more cowbell!: No kidding!

Oh well, better late than never. Congrats on the long overdue Greenlight, Lawrie!
iveinsomnia 2013. nov. 1., 2:37 
Kudos Oppenheimer 2013. okt. 30., 14:35 
why does this even have to go through greenlight in the first place? I remember play the demo quite awhile ago, where this games was on steam along with few other indies because they were the winner of a competition. anyway, congrats!
tombo 2013. okt. 30., 11:24 
really like the aesthetic but gameplay looks kinda standard and traditional.
Steve_Shinra 2013. okt. 30., 2:35 
PataPon 2013. okt. 29., 18:29 
Gabriel 2013. okt. 20., 15:22 
Not my kind of game, but I love the style and how fluid it is. Voted it up for others to enjoy.
alemismun 2013. okt. 16., 12:37 
good time killer :)
Freak_ey 2013. okt. 12., 5:05 
This is great! I saw you today in the indie thing in norwich! It's brilliant, I love the graphics, the gameplay and the enemies!
Rlacko58 2013. szept. 27., 8:48 
Nice Gameplay
Captain Wow 2013. szept. 20., 16:45 
Would love to see this on Steam!
corpscrew. 2013. aug. 31., 13:49 
Been waiting on this game forever!
KrissyRawrz ღ Lee 2013. aug. 14., 23:25 
Lovely game that would be a nice edition to Steam :) I voted, good luck!
UnholyToast 2013. aug. 11., 9:57 
Looks like a realy fun game:P
Σωτηρης 2013. aug. 11., 7:51 
Looks awesome :)
Ater is my Waifu for Laifu 2013. aug. 5., 8:19 
Here from Indie Static, looks cool I hope this get Greenlit.
Crazypyrospyro 2013. aug. 4., 8:23 
Indiestatik and Jesse sent me, seem very fun
happylittlelark 2013. aug. 4., 2:52 
Indiestatik and Jesse sent me, this looks great :) it looks enough like portal to look great, but not enough to look like a complete rip off
Blödbert 2013. aug. 4., 1:50 
Indiestatik sent me, too, and I love your game!
Bobby 2013. aug. 3., 23:35 
demo was neat and pretty fun I WANT MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!
76561198041536438 2013. aug. 3., 17:52 
For Linux!!!
Braiba 2013. aug. 3., 17:49 
Adored this game at Rezzed. Gameplay is excellent and the aesthetic is so full of charm I couldn't help but fall in love with it.
Raydeus 2013. aug. 3., 17:06 
Finding out about games like this make me glad I'm subbed to IndieStatik.

It looks very interesting.
MrSammichManPWNS 2013. aug. 3., 16:05 
I love puzzle platformers upvote!
Derko1 2013. aug. 3., 13:48 
Jesse/Indiestatik got me here... can't wait to play this!!!
Unitedbyfakes 2013. aug. 3., 12:51 
indiestatik sent me
Harvey dent 2013. júl. 25., 17:17 
Cuberman 2013. júl. 19., 23:24 
Not bad =)
HorrorForTerror 2013. júl. 19., 6:02 
Aa 2013. júl. 11., 15:22 
Looking forward to a demo
Mayor of Gaming 2013. júl. 10., 12:12 
No problem. Gameplay is interesting, and the visuals are freaking sweet.
Lawrie  [készítő] 2013. júl. 10., 5:18 
When the game's ready to go, I'll definitely be expanding the demo. Thanks for the video too!
Mayor of Gaming 2013. júl. 6., 18:36 
Hey, I just did a "Lets Play" of the Demo you released. Game is pretty cool judging from the Demo. I'm keeping an eye on this one. Co-op looks freaking sweet. Any plans to release another Demo to show off some more of the progress?

If you want to see the video, it's right here:
DaCoolGuy 2013. jún. 27., 6:21 
This is nice and has a cool retro vibe that I support in platformers and want to see more of.
SundaYski 2013. jún. 23., 8:53 
nice co-op
pickle garfield 2013. jún. 22., 7:46 
Hey Lawrie, me and my friend dressed up in spikes crashed your game by accident earlier today at Rezzed, then had a blast playing the co-op demo. I snuck back an hour or so later to play the single player demo and enjoyed that a lot too. You've got my vote!
he attac but he also attac 2013. jún. 21., 22:06 
a fun game, i want to see it in Steam!
Mr_Flamey 2013. jún. 19., 5:03 
Looks great - the TV effects are really well done. The 2 player mode looks like a lot of fun too.
Ohsnapkline 2013. jún. 16., 2:24 
sounds like an awsome sound track you should sell the album when you get this game on steam
SquireMcGroggins 2013. jún. 14., 18:56 
REally excited for anew puzzle game!!!
Jawpz 2013. máj. 25., 6:23 
Any game with rocket jumping gets a yes from me.
stranGe 2013. máj. 22., 21:04 
This definately looks like fun.
Lawrie  [készítő] 2013. máj. 15., 11:06 
I think in the demo version remapping during play doesn't commit the changes but changing them from the main menu does. When the game is nearer release I'll put out a much larger demo with co-op and a fix for that error.