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Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens
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Aegis Of Athena 17 de out às 17:48 
looks interesting, voted yes
adzub100 23 de jul às 1:47 
voted yes, good game
lutzwagner 13 de jul às 11:20 
god game
Ijacek0007 23 de jun às 0:45 
god game
ionutudor2012 16 de abr às 4:07 
jphleu 10 de abr às 15:52 
Seems like something I can spend my limited free time on.
statusquo al quo 17 de mar às 18:54 
God Game
Snakey 2 de fev às 7:26 
too arcadey for a greek gods game for me
R1deN 28/dez/2013 às 10:46 
more levels, very good!
b3yr0nD 24/dez/2013 às 23:54 
Seems nice.
Теневик 16/dez/2013 às 9:08 
веселая такаЯ)
amigooo 12/nov/2013 às 5:03 
seems to be cool
syky_finisher 6/nov/2013 às 15:43 
I'm addicted to match-3 games
korzef 27/set/2013 às 18:14 
Visual Likes
Daisinea 5/set/2013 às 8:14 
MadamTurtle 9/ago/2013 às 23:58 
Athena clearly wants to bang.
Necromant 26/jul/2013 às 3:25 
good arcada
✭SAW (aka DORRIAN)✭ 24/jul/2013 às 13:02 
Positivegerilla 29/mai/2013 às 6:41 
not happening bro
The Wasteland Wanderer 19/mar/2013 às 9:59 
Another bejeweled clone in a nice coat. still voted yes.
Thor 19/fev/2013 às 15:03 
While I do agree that match games are a little overdone, I'd pick this up on a holiday sale easily. It looks fun and a little mindless. I sometimes enjoy sitting back and rebuilding Athens instead of slaying dragons Dovahkiin style.
blckruc47 17/fev/2013 às 12:09 
I have to go with a no vote.
Stupidman 27/jan/2013 às 12:54 
Ah, that Hitler-Logo again.
And lame and overdone genre.
So: No, sorry :/
Gravemaster 21/jan/2013 às 20:21 
god I hate it when they try to bring casual games to steam
ElementX 19/jan/2013 às 23:24 
Match games are lame and way overdone
✭SAW (aka DORRIAN)✭ 7/jan/2013 às 14:15 
Fenrir007 5/jan/2013 às 8:55 
Also no thanks
Fenrir007 5/jan/2013 às 8:54 
Both Alawar and Layernet are on greenlight just for the almost free advertisement. In fact its a pretty genious marketing tactic, since we all end up looking at their games and all they spend is a measly $100.
Thadian 1/jan/2013 às 9:29 
I think you have enough feedback to check out facebook or twitter. good luck and thank you for using steam greenlight! no, really. thank you.
Jerry 29/dez/2012 às 8:06 

LOVE that answer :D "For money, you can forget it. Not even a penny."
Cyndy Cooper 3/dez/2012 às 2:14 
Match three games work on the mobile (though I will never figure out why there have to be hundreds and hundreds of nigh-identical ones) but users are looking for a deeper experience on the PC.
Reanimator 2/dez/2012 às 8:24 
it's one of 1000000000000 similar puzzle games...
MrMugglez 25/nov/2012 às 4:15 
not quite sure about this game, looks more like a buncha arcade games in one or something, looks kinda interesting, but idk if I would play it... even if I got it for free...
PerpetualSin 16/nov/2012 às 8:56 
No more match 3!
Caligula 14/nov/2012 às 13:37 
I've voted no to almost every game, but this game, it gets... a vote no.
Kana 3/nov/2012 às 4:30 
Maybe you'll make some dosh on the gullible iOS store. We here know this is nothing but a flash game at best.
sara_bear 2/nov/2012 às 21:28 
If it was free, maybe. For money, you can forget it. Not even a penny.
{Ᵽ₭} HastyPixels 1/nov/2012 às 19:08 
Alwar appears to try harder than say... Layernet, but how much of a measure is that? I'd rather drink Kool-Aid than sewer water? Yeah, no. Downvote.
The Big Brown Bear 29/out/2012 às 18:57 
They put more effort into the company logo.
Zoid 14/out/2012 às 18:08 
shitty tablet game
Vindictae 14/out/2012 às 12:50 
I don't have anything against casual games either, but I have come across about a dozen Alawar games on Greenlight by now, and they're all EXACTLY the same. Hidden objects, generic puzzle elements, wrapped up in a certain themed visual style. Nothing innovative or original, no thought put into it and no depth or interesting gameplay. So yeah, downvote. There are way better games that deserve to be greenlit over this...
Gizi o v o 29/set/2012 às 0:36 
hahaha some idiots think steam is the play ground for stupit AAA Game Publisher XD
MampersandM 23/set/2012 às 9:47 
Not for me but an up vote for my wife.
Fox[Rus] 23/set/2012 às 9:23 
Rainbow_Soul 23/set/2012 às 7:28 
Wiii Heroes of Hellaas YEEEEEPP :P
Sefi 22/set/2012 às 15:42 
Stop triying to put street garbage in my lovely steam library!!!!
Robster 22/set/2012 às 12:04 
looks aweful I don't want this cluddering up steam dowvote
<3 21/set/2012 às 20:38 
Lol. Puzzle games on Steam? I thought it was an Age of Wonders remake. Sigh :(
T-dog 20/set/2012 às 21:18 
I wouldn't buy it, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna bash the game. I give props to the Dev's on it, but it's just not my style.
Lightninman 19/set/2012 às 15:59 
Alaware you never fail to disapoint me. THIS IS STEAM. NOT BIGFISH GAMES. The majority of your market isn't here. Steam sells high quality, brand name, games to hardcore gamers. Maybe there are a few casual gamers but come on, I like to have adrenaline pumping while playing an exciting game not have my brain rot while watching colorful pictures on the screen.