The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Kaldar Keep
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burkster1976 24 de abr às 20:58 
hey can you add a system for were you can hire guards by the way execelent lore friendly mod
Crim5on Duck  [autor(a)] 24 de abr às 19:42 
Thank you for the comments everyone :D I do still read them! The updates to all of my mods has stopped, and has for some time if some haven't noticed. They are all going to stay on the workshop 'as is', so no more updates will come. It has been a long time since I have used the creation kit, and frankly, I would have to learn alot of it all over again as my current hobbies are far removed from modding or anything to do on computers (I now rock climb, hike and make my money from adventuring in the outdoors). I am glad people are still enjoying the mods, just take note if you do have an issue, there will not be any support for it anymore.
Crim5on Duck  [autor(a)] 24 de abr às 19:42 
Haha thanks Kevin!
Kevin 24 de abr às 19:34 
I give you a nod of approval my friend
Crim5on Duck  [autor(a)] 24 de abr às 19:23 

This mod will happily stay FREE for everyone to use! No donations, no payments, just a button to subscribe and enjoy the mod without having to pay a cent! I will still accept high fives or a nod of approval if you are so inclined. Happy modding everyone, and don't pay for something that should be free!
BirkTheLirk 12 de jan às 10:37 
love this castle. Good for roleplaying, with some hunger and sleeping mod. Then this place is so good. And with the mercenary mod i have guards guarding the castle. After a day at adventure, a bellyfull of food is good
skaldtorvaldr 3/dez/2014 às 12:51 
I tried the mod that lets you designate a new player home that your children and spouse can live at with you, but there are not enough beds here to house the kids, steward and houscarl. But it does look like the spell would work.
ying_ko13 5/jul/2014 às 20:03 
koyangi 22/fev/2014 às 4:04 
As the treehouse this does not appear ingame :(
loading.... 16/fev/2014 às 11:02 
I like it just wish it was in a different location cause i love the legends of the eagles nest and im not giving it up.
floeckenheim 24/dez/2013 às 14:34 
I haven´t seen a Keep-Mod, which doesn´t have too much or too little things, until now. Very balanced, detailed. I love it!!!
byron 15/dez/2013 às 19:01 
byron 11/dez/2013 às 22:00 
I can't seem to be able to pick up the key or read the letter on the desk....any answers?
G20 13/nov/2013 às 15:15 
I've added this to a collection, I thought you mioght like to know (as it's a compliment) as i know you don't get notifications on this. Thanks for the great mod ;)
toorrum 11/nov/2013 às 8:29 
for wreckNRepeat: actually, i travel with 20 follawers :) need a house or castle able to ofer comodities for all my squadron :) :) and Kaldar kepp permit it :)
WreckNRepeat 20/set/2013 às 10:45 
Why would someone who wants to live reclusively have a dinner table set for 12 people?

Jk, this mod is awesome.
Vladislaus 8/jul/2013 às 14:38 
Is it compatible with Eagles Nest?
Vladimir Vladimirichov Putin 13/mai/2013 às 20:44 
I dont know anything about backing up! Im a total noob like I said before...
toorrum 29/abr/2013 às 9:23 
good job, for this house mod, with two amazed panoramic view on whiterun on a side, and riverwood other side. i find the bloodstained letter in cellar, to explain the reason for the castle is empty life when the player find it. excellent :)
followers could'nt climb all the marchs, but they able to down them :) :) but they can enter in house, during chargement door zone.
Shadow136 22/abr/2013 às 22:45 
Such an amazing house, great attention to detail! Absolutely amazing! Great Work!
pain 9/abr/2013 às 17:35 
works well, looks good, great views. i use it often. would like to see the hallways lined with banners, flags, crests... walking inddors from one side of the keep to the other is dreary. the bath is a nice touch, also like the big metal gates at the entrance (is it possible to lock them?). ty for all your hard work.
Hulim 8/mar/2013 às 19:31 
I just spent my day in this keep playing with decorations and stuff and i am amazed! It is so cool place to be in and the view... It is worth fixing npc issues and main hall tables issue: plates with food are shaking off the table when you sit at it.
Hulim 7/mar/2013 às 16:49 
Nice desing + great location = awsome mod :) Report: Npcs have problem following to outside areas of the keep, i hope you fix this soon. Suggestions: Extend interior and add some wine cellar or something. You could also add some LODs so its greatness can be seen even from whiterun.
benbrown68 3/mar/2013 às 22:21 
awesome fortress location mean view and a great mod
Andreas Lubitz 10-1-4 1/mar/2013 às 3:29 
The height inside doesn't match with the building outside. Same with all your fortress mods. Interiors need to match exterior
Ovenborn 14/fev/2013 às 15:01 
Finally a castle without npcs, Thanks!
[SZM] EssencePeasssencee 14/fev/2013 às 11:48 
thank you so much for NO MANNAQUINS. its like cair paravel of narnia!
Crim5on Duck  [autor(a)] 7/fev/2013 às 2:42 
Thanks for the comments everyone! I have been very busy with life and other interests so I have had little time for any more work in the CK or my house mods.. but I do manage to read some of the comments from time to time and I appreciate them :) Hope you all continue to have many great adventures in Skyrim!
mordant 24/jan/2013 às 22:32 
excellent work. smelter outside the front door instead of that huge uninteractive barrel ting would be nice though :) rated.
mordant 24/jan/2013 às 22:29 
the stairs go up to a trapdoor @Caesxander
Caesxander 10/jan/2013 às 8:52 
in the tower where the forge is the stairs eventually go up to the ceiling and dont go anywhere.
duhflushtech 15/dez/2012 às 22:30 
Great house and great work! I like the simplicity! A couple of quick suggestions on things to add, if you have the time and desire to do so:
- A place for my horse when I take him up there. It's too cold leave him out.
- When you add NPCs, make sure they are clothed properly for living on a mountaintop. Especially if you add any guards, they should be pretty well buttoned up.
- A small weapon rack to hold a couple weapons next to the bed would be nice.
Thanks again for making it. I really like it so far.
Hersir 10/dez/2012 às 20:28 
Any news on the update? Thanks!
The Dark Ranger 2/dez/2012 às 21:33 
I hope you do add a bunch of NPCs
[Pi] Reaver and the Doctor 25/nov/2012 às 6:52 
Awesome I needed a unpopunated Keep to Add my own npcs in thanks
christiandl1996 30/out/2012 às 8:53 
looks good
Renegade 20:16 19/out/2012 às 17:47 
YES finally an amazing home without pointless mannequins
Jiggyfly 19/out/2012 às 12:38 
This is my favorite player home that I have seen so far, very good work. PS: can you add a weapon rack next to the chest on the second floor? Thank you!
Bruniik Kiir the North-born 16/out/2012 às 19:52 
crim5son, what are you planning for the update?
Crim5on Duck  [autor(a)] 10/out/2012 às 3:19 
Hey guys sorry for the update delay. I have been very very busy and with christmas rush at work gearing up it may be a while before I can get around to this mod again.
spartan885 9/out/2012 às 9:03 
is this mod still active?
InAComaDial999 9/out/2012 às 0:25 
This is really a fantastic home. I love the size, I love the layout, and it's one of the few homes that is actually set in a snowy area. My only issues: it needs a couple of NPCs -- nothing major, just a cook, a steward, and a guard or two. And the LOD doesn't seem to work; if I fast travel to Riverwood for example, I can't see the castle even though it should be visible. I'll keep watching this though, looking forward to your next update.
Partizan 6/out/2012 às 3:26 
"NPC's will be coming soon" comoon make an update.
Hersir 4/out/2012 às 18:04 
Any news on the update?
Partizan 18/set/2012 às 14:05 
okok no prob, then we wait :D
Crim5on Duck  [autor(a)] 18/set/2012 às 13:12 
@cyberglum - Cheers for the heads up, Ill check it out later and have a look!
Crim5on Duck  [autor(a)] 18/set/2012 às 13:12 
Hey guys sorry but won't have the update till early October :( Got too much on at the moment, my weeks and weekends are booked full like crazy!
Partizan 18/set/2012 às 12:07 
Yes but nothing happens :P :((((
Stesti.g 18/set/2012 às 10:54 
@^1Par^1^9ti^9^1zan^1 ....Me too...i'm cheacking this every dat :)
Partizan 18/set/2012 às 9:26