Ce jeu a été Greenlighté par la communauté !

La communauté a montré son intérêt pour ce jeu. Valve a contacté ce développeur afin de préparer la sortie de ce jeu sur Steam.

Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 Tides of Fate
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1,137 commentaires
Tova_vas_Qwib_Qwib 14 juin 2015 à 9h22 
Still waiting for my key! :o
M7 (On the top) 14 avr 2015 à 19h35 
I'm still waiting :/
IKay™ 30 mar 2015 à 19h13 
-=Letarak=- 10 mar 2015 à 11h14 
vadin 12 jan 2015 à 4h48 
congrats c:
Ninho 12 jan 2015 à 0h33 
Kisareth Studios PR 11 jan 2015 à 9h24 
Dave God, we were unable to find you in our list. If you can provide the # of your comment from this thread http://steamcommunity.com/groups/kisarethstudios/discussions/0/35219681495657427/, we will send you a friend request and get you your key. Said thread is where you were supposed to comment "I voted." If you posted "I voted" anywhere else, it is not counted and you do not qualify for the free key.
Slayer 10 jan 2015 à 20h43 
So far, they didn't give my key, I record it.

Srry for my english. :P
Rootie 10 jan 2015 à 6h30 
wow, congratulations!
TrumpLover69 9 jan 2015 à 10h56 
Looks really great
shade00 18 déc 2014 à 9h58 
congrats on the greenlight :3
this mouth kills fascists  [créateur] 4 déc 2014 à 18h00 
We're in the process of finalizing the Steam release. The wait is nearly over, folks.
FernanDK 4 déc 2014 à 16h14 
Why is this still not on Steam? I don't get it.
SebacorioXD 10 nov 2014 à 17h15 
Great! Voted!!!
GalanDun 27 oct 2014 à 17h32 
Grats on the greenlighting!
At Umsk 23 oct 2014 à 16h47 
Congratulations for the greenlight!!! Nice
Piston Smashed™ 20 oct 2014 à 1h33 
looks awesome :)
fantis6 17 oct 2014 à 14h34 
♥ lindarasta ♥ 11 oct 2014 à 16h51 
nice game
danalyze 9 oct 2014 à 21h49 
Awesome game!Voted and bought it through Groupees's ShinyLoot Bundle 7.Best wishes!
[Mr]Jean 6 oct 2014 à 23h12 
Voted, i think this is amazing ;).
kyrouac06 3 oct 2014 à 20h23 
The creators said that you can play as a lesbian, and that's good enough for me.
Undefined_user_ 30 sept 2014 à 21h46 
voted for it, its a good idea
gokuexe 28 sept 2014 à 15h41 
Voted, very nice =)
~Lightning~ 27 sept 2014 à 15h49 
THE_MAN 27 sept 2014 à 3h45 
syky_finisher 26 sept 2014 à 12h38 
dmn0002 26 sept 2014 à 10h46 
🆆🅰🅽🅳🅴🆁🅴🆁 24 sept 2014 à 23h26 
Voted +1 yes
dani_bm16 21 sept 2014 à 22h54 
Bear 20 sept 2014 à 16h42 
hjc 18 sept 2014 à 4h47 
milm 18 sept 2014 à 0h44 
Snooker 17 sept 2014 à 7h33 
Máximo 17 sept 2014 à 7h30 
GodDevil23 17 sept 2014 à 7h27 
It'z HeVeL 17 sept 2014 à 5h15 
Alkorte 16 sept 2014 à 16h28 
R Blacksmith 16 sept 2014 à 14h43 
Malaguita 16 sept 2014 à 14h05 
R3mix 16 sept 2014 à 13h57 
Juan Miguel 16 sept 2014 à 13h55 
Hyuk-Hugo 16 sept 2014 à 13h53 
Mushe 16 sept 2014 à 13h35 
Voted yes!
Hacker-19 16 sept 2014 à 12h52 
Andresiko05 16 sept 2014 à 12h39 
Reev 16 sept 2014 à 12h13 
mmmmm 14 sept 2014 à 21h15 
love only me perm marry life 11 sept 2014 à 5h28 
voted yes