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Tales of Maj'Eyal
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775 commenti
Del137 15 giu 2014, ore 2:50 
Next part HAD to be with coop!
wolfling 12 dic 2013, ore 18:40 
congratulations on steam release! great game.
Valdus 11 dic 2013, ore 18:42 
What will change when it goes Steam? What's the price? What's the difference? Will you be able to port characters, games, etc?
DarkGod  [autore] 11 dic 2013, ore 15:54 
yup :)
Ivar 11 dic 2013, ore 3:42 
Hello DarkGod. I have a question for you: if I buy ToME on Desura, will I receive a Steam key so I can activate it on Steam when it is released?
I hope you have the time to reply :)
n1x 9 dic 2013, ore 21:25 
This is very long overdue. Congrats. I hope you see this DarkGod, please include/allow for OldSchool RPG tiles to be used!
BossGalaga 8 dic 2013, ore 21:19 
This game should have been on years ago. <_<
DarkGod  [autore] 6 dic 2013, ore 11:17 
Oh yes working hard on it :)
Balthichou 6 dic 2013, ore 2:31 
I hope you'll bring it to Steam ; I have been playing this game for mounths now, and I can't get tired of it. Kuddos !
DarkGod  [autore] 2 dic 2013, ore 16:04 
I'll try very hard to make savefiles keep compatibility :)
glass zebra 2 dic 2013, ore 14:21 
What do you plan for the patching on steam? Since steam likes to keep games up to date, it will mostly automatically ruin our savegames since they are not compatible with the newer version, right?
If we donate, we can just download the newer/older version and log in to get all features. How will this work if its on steam?
Raigeki 24 nov 2013, ore 15:50 
Congratz! I cant wait it release on steam;)
DarkTroZo 24 nov 2013, ore 12:19 
You may not be as Dark as me, but I will buy this as soon as it gets released on Steam.
Arch 21 nov 2013, ore 19:36 
Congrats on GL, DarkGod. This is a great game. :)
DarkGod  [autore] 21 nov 2013, ore 1:32 
Trying to yes :)

Total recall: links will be created by simply going to a special url on :)
SmartRain 20 nov 2013, ore 17:10 
game will be released in the steam until the new year?
Premium 19 nov 2013, ore 16:35 
Can I buy this yet? Also, how will accounts link and anything for older doners?
DarkGod  [autore] 15 nov 2013, ore 15:27 
Well I'm a little biased, but yeah ! :)
rob 15 nov 2013, ore 13:47 
looks like an Old school game, thumbs up; graphics arent everthing ya know as long as theres a great storyline and gameplay is fun.
Air 13 nov 2013, ore 12:11 
Thank you for providing a Steam key for the buyers of the GamersGate Indieforte bundle .
InstantMayhem 12 nov 2013, ore 11:43 
Best roguelike i have played, tons of depth and options for each class and with 1.05 just released no better time to check it out!

Grats on getting Greenlit! :D
Nessie 12 nov 2013, ore 1:31 
I just checked out the Greenlight status! Congratulations, DarkGod!
Raul 11 nov 2013, ore 22:43 
1.0.5 is out! Check the official website :)
Farkon 7 nov 2013, ore 13:38 
Finally! This game has been greenlit! I'll be doing a review with my "Worth It?" Series I plan to do in the future to deturmine if a game is worth your time/money.

But seriously, I never had a doubt in my mind that this game would be greenlit. I just knew it would take forever -_-`...
bastien.marchina 5 nov 2013, ore 15:50 
Bravo ! Je n'y croyais plus, content que le jeu puisse être diffusé à un plus large public :)
DarkGod  [autore] 4 nov 2013, ore 1:43 
*working working* :)
API integration is going very well; and i'll be adding all the (1200 or so) achievements for the upcoming version each with its own tile :)
Awww yes, I finally have an option to buy this game :) Gonna get it as soon as possible.
Fulgore 1 nov 2013, ore 18:18 
Yay greenlight :D Day 1 buy :) (again)
Gravastar 1 nov 2013, ore 4:25 
TOME4 is definitely one of the best things that happened to roguelike genre lately. It deserves all the attention it can get! Awesome to see this Greenlit, way to go, DarkGod!
Ricyn 31 ott 2013, ore 15:21 
Congrats on getting Greenlit :)
nick_banks 31 ott 2013, ore 10:09 
This is fantastic news! Can't wait to see this game get the popularity it deserves!
[Team named player] Team Player 31 ott 2013, ore 2:48 
DarkGod  [autore] 31 ott 2013, ore 1:54 
*whips himself to implement the API even faster* :)
TheWashableBomb 30 ott 2013, ore 19:32 
Congrats to DarkGod! This has been a long time coming! :demoneye:
Silentius 30 ott 2013, ore 18:04 
rittersdorf 30 ott 2013, ore 16:03 
CONGRATS! <3<3<3
Milo Minderbinder 30 ott 2013, ore 11:57 
Congrats, this is awesome!
Slyr 30 ott 2013, ore 7:03 
Woho! :D great news. Glad i donated some bucks. Deserved it :B1:
ejahh 30 ott 2013, ore 4:38 
Finally! Congratulations! :)
Fashe 29 ott 2013, ore 21:44 
Good Job, DarkGod.

Into the big leagues now, huh?
cc 29 ott 2013, ore 20:49 
Congrats dude.
Gabriel Dong 29 ott 2013, ore 19:33 
Kastrol 29 ott 2013, ore 18:52 
Congratulations DarkGod!!
myhf 29 ott 2013, ore 18:30 
Excellent, more bears for the bearscape
Goat Head 29 ott 2013, ore 17:46 
Congratulations!!!!!! WORSHIPING THE DARKGOD
Suzunal 29 ott 2013, ore 15:28 
Finally Greenlit! Congratulation, DarkGod!
Tief∴Blau 29 ott 2013, ore 13:45 
congrats DarkGod :squirtyay:
SFF 29 ott 2013, ore 12:50 
Our patience has finally paid off! Congratulations, DarkGod! :happymeat:
Karsus 29 ott 2013, ore 12:06 
DarkGod  [autore] 29 ott 2013, ore 11:34 
OMFG ! Yay! I'll get working on brinking it on then :)

Thanks to all those supported me and make this possible!