Spooky Joe
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ѦϗαѺиḯ 20/jul/2013 às 16:13 
๖ۣۜFestiver 2/jul/2013 às 1:40 
Congrats on getting it in the game btw i got one :3
BaNaNa 26/jan/2013 às 18:01 
Good job, mate, you got it into the game!
Ganjalf 4/dez/2012 às 19:30 
Got one and love it.
Cranky kong / MERRY 9/nov/2012 às 6:30 
Poopy Joe Kong Taken too soon!
UltraGamer902 3/nov/2012 às 11:42 
The bad: It's been restricted, like many other community made items.
The good: I got a haunted one.
twillitfossil 30/out/2012 às 19:50 
Yeah i noticed that in the images its bigger but in game smaller still nice hat and i do wish valve resizes it to original and possible (yeah rigth) make is non halloween specific
Metal Engie 30/out/2012 às 5:56 
I got one and renamed it Spooky Joe, I like this name better than the one in game. :) btw congrats!
Holiday Snacks 30/out/2012 às 0:09 
Probably would have been very distracting otherwise.
Festive Psyke  [autor(a)] 29/out/2012 às 22:49 
Valve chose to resize it for some odd reason!
twillitfossil 29/out/2012 às 20:42 
As much as i like it i just wished it was just bigger from what we got in game but still very nice and gratz on being on the game
Yung Breen [TIGS] 28/out/2012 às 16:27 
"Bob" the Space Cadet 28/out/2012 às 15:32 
Congrats on getting this one it, but too bad about the name change.
Computer guy 28/out/2012 às 14:53 
Awesome, it got in! If only valve kept its original name. Ugh, it was WAY better.
Canadian Dragon 28/out/2012 às 13:32 
Valve just has to change the name of everything -_-
Better With Butter 28/out/2012 às 12:46 
Congrats on getting in! If only they kept the original name...ah well. That's what Name Tags are for. ;-)
Matt Damon In A Grape Suit 28/out/2012 às 12:18 
congrats dude
Ganjalf 27/out/2012 às 12:50 
best halloween item this year, imho
Mr Bread 27/out/2012 às 10:49 
what program do they do it?
NEONPRIME.AXL 27/out/2012 às 0:55 
He was in NotLU2 page Ghost Wrangle, and now he in the actual game!
bjdadcs 26/out/2012 às 21:58 
Whoa I never thought that they would add this O_O Great job man :D
Loading... 26/out/2012 às 21:06 
Wilford D. Warfstache 25/out/2012 às 13:56 
I can't seem to download it from the update page either. It goes to the page with the tombstone, but no text comes up, and the download doesn't start.
Wächter 25/out/2012 às 11:40 
i can't donload it from the page of the update
Cousin Vinni 23/out/2012 às 17:35 
[CPC] karamba 20/out/2012 às 13:36 
Sooo cute... and sad... but cute... and sad...
[RMM] Captain Turtles 13/out/2012 às 11:55 
Poor poopy joe, i still have to say that
Chazzymp The Special Snow Flake 7/out/2012 às 12:19 
this is awesome.
"Bob" the Space Cadet 4/out/2012 às 18:53 
Very clever :)
RavinTheVampire 2/out/2012 às 20:13 
That is AWESOMEZ! This HAS to be in the game!!!
Blind Kung-Fu Master Slag 1/out/2012 às 20:28 
If only one item gets into the next update, I hope it's this.
nyan cat was here 29/set/2012 às 10:47 
Baron_Von_Matta 29/set/2012 às 4:36 
This is amazing, I hope SO much this is part of the next Halloween collection
Mister Insufferable 28/set/2012 às 6:47 
Better not be Halloween Exclusive
{EPIC} Elitos-Big Boris 28/set/2012 às 0:22 
I 'm pleased to know that Vladimir Bananas burns in HELL! all thanks to our friend we thought was gone forever!
vÐ. edge 25/set/2012 às 22:32 
Er Gitano Manguez 24/set/2012 às 16:54 
freakin awesome
kera 24/set/2012 às 8:44 
mus haw it
Dead Astronaut 23/set/2012 às 12:35 
pigman16 23/set/2012 às 11:36 
"Taken to soon" love that line!
Mum get the camera 23/set/2012 às 10:30 
Spooky and lovely at the same time. Nice :D
Grayson2112 23/set/2012 às 9:29 
me like.
leodudepal3 22/set/2012 às 20:55 
Steevuss 22/set/2012 às 15:16 
Minocat 22/set/2012 às 1:37 
This is creepy. In a great way.
MrHazardous 22/set/2012 às 0:10 
When I saw this I thought "Oh, my, god. thats amazing." Excellent idea!
Memesako 21/set/2012 às 22:17 
I'd love this to be in the game even if it's just on a map somewhere and not an item!
Bugsy 21/set/2012 às 19:23 
so... awsome...
Astarax 21/set/2012 às 8:27 
I like how it actually mix in with the lore
 evenwerk (NL) 21/set/2012 às 7:05 
spooky joe, taken tooo soon :P