Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor UNENCHANTED
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TomixComix 5月12日上午6:06 
I'm sorry for giving false information in my last comment and should've checked if that actually works before i posted it, but now i have checked in game and that did not work, once again, i'm sorry for false information.
TomixComix 5月12日上午6:00 
@DesoLark, just search google for "Skyrim unechanted ancient shrouded armor" and it should be the first option that pops up (The Elderscrolls wiki one) and the console codes should be there :)
mmonzures88 2014年7月24日上午10:45 
Is this friendly to both male and female? Looking for good armor for my female assassin im going to be starting, also does it mesh with body mods and such?
DesoLark 2014年5月15日下午10:55 
can you give the console code for the armor? i can't get in the dawnstar sancuary...
Helljumper ADB 2014年3月20日下午2:18 
could you make a capeless version? or make the cape seperate, as a seperate slot? please consider this request, that is, if you are still updating your mods. thanks.
Fyre Wyrm 2013年11月2日下午5:12 
im having a problem with this mod, i never had before. it is putting the armor in but not with your new texture, the enchanted version works fine, but i prefer being able to enchant it myself. i also tried to install it via the nexus version but it said the file is nolonger availible.
churchofsmalldog  [作者] 2013年8月22日下午7:17 
Steam was asking me to accept some new agreement. Sorry didnt know til just now. Should be available again.
Umbra Trueflame 2013年8月21日下午5:13 
Hey dude, nobody can view your original mod. It says it's marked as hidden or we don't have permission to view it. What's up with that? :/
Bearacudda98 2013年8月19日下午9:02 
the original has disappeared from the workshop, could you put it back please?
Soul-Reaper-Dim 2013年7月23日上午1:13 
any way i could get this mod without the cape
nightingale the shadowed one 2013年6月11日下午4:51 
can you make it craftable
Dilpickle 2013年1月14日上午9:40 
thank you
churchofsmalldog  [作者] 2013年1月13日下午1:36 
standalone. the replacer is a different mod, link in description.
Dilpickle 2013年1月13日上午3:39 
Is This a standalone armor set or does it replace the ancient one? Please answer.
OnionOfShame 2012年12月25日下午7:07 
How do you get to the Listener's Room after moving into the Dawnstar Sanctuary and buying all upgrades? There is a hallway near the Torture Room, and the map shows that I should be able to walk through, but there seems to be a stone wall in my way.
OnionOfShame 2012年12月25日上午9:34 
Hello. Could you please make a version of this with the cape only on the left shoulder, similar to the one on Ezio in AC2? Thanks!
Erukor 2012年12月18日下午5:31 
A couple of things can affect the item codes of modded items, just use the help 0 console command. The unenchanted version is under "Old Shrouded {x}" with x being the specific piece (cowl, armor, etc.)
TSalisbury 2012年10月16日下午2:48 
what is the item code
Y. V. 2012年9月22日下午3:37 
can u add so that u can unenchant the original set? also, i forgot where to find them, but i already completed the quest. the original set is at the Hag's End right? plz correct me if wrong
Shimizu Kaito 2012年9月18日下午4:50 
coco he took this from HIMSELF
Coco 2012年9月15日上午10:51 
you took this form some one else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:(
Pannkakor 2012年9月12日上午6:44 
I got a question, can you please tell me the ID for the armor couse i destroyed the dark brotherhood :/ and i really like the look of it :)
Luch 2012年9月9日下午1:58 
Anyone else miss the morag tong?
mooseman20006 2012年9月9日下午1:17 
AdmiralAnal 2012年9月9日下午12:28 
so a greaaaaaaaaat mod
Captain Tickles 2012年9月8日上午9:51 
Primble 2012年9月8日上午4:18 
hhyuk 2012年9月7日上午8:22 
could you make some more pics?
deeterz 2012年9月6日下午7:28 
but martin all someone needs to do is get the solitude house key from qasmoke room bam got the armor... this one u gotta work for i think
King of Crotches 2012年9月5日上午6:44 
Samkee 2012年9月3日下午12:12 
btw can u make one for the falkreath one
Samkee 2012年9月3日下午12:11 
hey do u need the orginal mod
ghost 2012年9月3日上午7:01 
love it
Vokul 2012年9月3日上午3:55 
Now if only you would make a better Dark Brotherhood Robe......
Razaele 2012年9月2日下午8:26 
ooo prutty
Kappa's E [PH] 2012年9月2日上午7:25 
"Both this and the regular mod can be run at the same time as they do not touch the same resources". Does that ring a bell?
Matt 2012年9月2日上午6:40 
do you need to install the origional mod for this one to work?
pinkehn 2012年9月2日上午2:20 
Can you put it somewhere else not somwhere easy to get maybe something like the buyable house in solitude.
Gudun 2012年9月1日下午8:08 
Roanark 2012年9月1日下午7:55 
Downloaded, favorited, rated up.
It looks amazing, and to be honest if you keep it up with these unique armors I will probably donate.
I absolutely LOVE unique armors.
Maybe you could do something about the masque of clavicus vile? It looks horrible.