Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor UNENCHANTED
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DesoLark 15 май в 10:55след. 
can you give the console code for the armor? i can't get in the dawnstar sancuary...
Helljumper ADB 20 март в 2:18след. 
could you make a capeless version? or make the cape seperate, as a seperate slot? please consider this request, that is, if you are still updating your mods. thanks.
Darth Aeon 2 ноември 2013 в 5:12след. 
im having a problem with this mod, i never had before. it is putting the armor in but not with your new texture, the enchanted version works fine, but i prefer being able to enchant it myself. i also tried to install it via the nexus version but it said the file is nolonger availible.
churchofsmalldog  [автор] 22 август 2013 в 7:17след. 
Steam was asking me to accept some new agreement. Sorry didnt know til just now. Should be available again. 21 август 2013 в 5:13след. 
Hey dude, nobody can view your original mod. It says it's marked as hidden or we don't have permission to view it. What's up with that? :/
Bearacudda98 19 август 2013 в 9:02след. 
the original has disappeared from the workshop, could you put it back please?
Soul-Reaper-Dim 23 юли 2013 в 1:13сут. 
any way i could get this mod without the cape
nightingale 11 юни 2013 в 4:51след. 
can you make it craftable
Dilpickle3899 14 януари 2013 в 9:40сут. 
thank you
churchofsmalldog  [автор] 13 януари 2013 в 1:36след. 
standalone. the replacer is a different mod, link in description.
Dilpickle3899 13 януари 2013 в 3:39сут. 
Is This a standalone armor set or does it replace the ancient one? Please answer.
OnionOfShame 25 декември 2012 в 7:07след. 
How do you get to the Listener's Room after moving into the Dawnstar Sanctuary and buying all upgrades? There is a hallway near the Torture Room, and the map shows that I should be able to walk through, but there seems to be a stone wall in my way.
OnionOfShame 25 декември 2012 в 9:34сут. 
Hello. Could you please make a version of this with the cape only on the left shoulder, similar to the one on Ezio in AC2? Thanks!
Erukor 18 декември 2012 в 5:31след. 
A couple of things can affect the item codes of modded items, just use the help 0 console command. The unenchanted version is under "Old Shrouded {x}" with x being the specific piece (cowl, armor, etc.)
TSalisbury 16 октомври 2012 в 2:48след. 
what is the item code
.: : The Cherry Dots : :. 22 септември 2012 в 3:37след. 
can u add so that u can unenchant the original set? also, i forgot where to find them, but i already completed the quest. the original set is at the Hag's End right? plz correct me if wrong
Shimizu Kaito 18 септември 2012 в 4:50след. 
coco he took this from HIMSELF
Coco 15 септември 2012 в 10:51сут. 
you took this form some one else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:(
Pannkakor 12 септември 2012 в 6:44сут. 
I got a question, can you please tell me the ID for the armor couse i destroyed the dark brotherhood :/ and i really like the look of it :)
Luch 9 септември 2012 в 1:58след. 
Anyone else miss the morag tong?
mooseman20006 9 септември 2012 в 1:17след. 
AdmiralAnal 9 септември 2012 в 12:28след. 
so a greaaaaaaaaat mod
666 illuminati 8 септември 2012 в 9:51сут. 
Primble 8 септември 2012 в 4:18сут. 
hhyuk 7 септември 2012 в 8:22сут. 
could you make some more pics?
deeterz 6 септември 2012 в 7:28след. 
but martin all someone needs to do is get the solitude house key from qasmoke room bam got the armor... this one u gotta work for i think
King of Crotches 5 септември 2012 в 6:44сут. 
sam2216 3 септември 2012 в 12:12след. 
btw can u make one for the falkreath one
sam2216 3 септември 2012 в 12:11след. 
hey do u need the orginal mod
ghost 3 септември 2012 в 7:01сут. 
love it
Vokul 3 септември 2012 в 3:55сут. 
Now if only you would make a better Dark Brotherhood Robe......
Razaele Padfoot 2 септември 2012 в 8:26след. 
ooo prutty
BoE [PH] 2 септември 2012 в 7:25сут. 
"Both this and the regular mod can be run at the same time as they do not touch the same resources". Does that ring a bell?
Matt 2 септември 2012 в 6:40сут. 
do you need to install the origional mod for this one to work?
The Purple Saturn 2 септември 2012 в 2:20сут. 
Can you put it somewhere else not somwhere easy to get maybe something like the buyable house in solitude.
Gudun 1 септември 2012 в 8:08след. 
Roanark 1 септември 2012 в 7:55след. 
Downloaded, favorited, rated up.
It looks amazing, and to be honest if you keep it up with these unique armors I will probably donate.
I absolutely LOVE unique armors.
Maybe you could do something about the masque of clavicus vile? It looks horrible.