Ce jeu a été Greenlighté par la communauté !

La communauté a montré son intérêt pour ce jeu. Valve a contacté ce développeur afin de préparer la sortie de ce jeu sur Steam.

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habalkris 11 oct à 5h56 
When this is going to be available?
Morbo 10 oct à 2h33 
Sept. 29 2006 is when TC:E .49 was released, they're just using the same trailer for the greenlight version
beemix 8 oct à 4h45 
when is it possible to play the game via steam?
[BFGNT] Guyofdoom42 7 oct à 9h11 
End of video.
Morbo 1 oct à 23h21 
Well, it's here when it's here I suppose. Where'd that date come from anyway?
[BFGNT] Guyofdoom42 29 sept à 16h52 
Wait... It's the 29th, but... IT'S NOT OUT YET! WTF!
Morbo 27 sept à 9h13 
I'm pretty excited. Can't wait to play this game once again. Any idea if some of the custom maps will be included, or are still available anywhere?
[BFGNT] Guyofdoom42 27 sept à 8h14 
2 more days! Who else is excited?
Morbo 26 sept à 18h26 
If you want to be meticulous and stealthy, you can do that. If you want to go balls-to-the-wall run n' gun, you can do that. If you want to be an arsehole, sit back and snipe, you can do that. If you want to ambush unsuspecting enemies, you can do that. You can combine elements of all of these and come out on top, or you can attempt to do any or all and get killed every time.

At its time it was one of the few games that featured things like iron sights, prone position, free-aim, actually magnified scopes to name a few. The weapons look, feel and sound as good as they should and you can put an enemy down in a few shots if not just one. Reminds me a lot of Rainbow Six and Hostile Intent (HL1 mod). If this were to be on sale, I'd buy it in an instant but fortunately it seems it'll be free, as it always has been. Soon as it becomes available I'm going play it for a week straight with no sleep in between, idgaf I love this game.
Morbo 26 sept à 18h26 
Used to play this all the time back when it was still populated. The one thing I love the most about this game is that stealth is a viable option, and it's mainly the map design that lent to this, in addition to the presence of suppressed weapons and the great variance of lighting. The maps are a fair bit more complicated than, for example, Counter-Strike, with multiple routes leading into and around, or giving a view towards the same areas, but somehow without taking away from the gameplay by allowing you to get killed from every angle like in CoD. Many vanilla maps (and a lot of custom ones) feature underground passageways, high ground with cover and a myriad of other routes to flank the enemy team. I don't know how or why, but you can be successful in many different playstyles.
Hardpunk999 24 sept à 21h40 
que gran juego, me trae nosltalgia ya que jugeu en mucho server brazuca, aleman y japones era lo mas modern warfare que corria mi netbook sin lugar a duda lo kiero ver en steam.
Noob 24 sept à 11h03 
Union Games 23 sept à 7h41 
muy contento , que pronto sea lanzado a la comunidad Steam, juego realista y sin privilegios.
Grind fr 18 sept à 4h31 
I remember the 0.48 version: the best tactical fps with Counter strike 1.5/1.6 for me. Custom maps (very well designed). Didnt like much 0.49 though.
So much nostalgia.
GasungV 18 sept à 3h57 
it was also best game in my life
[BFGNT] Guyofdoom42 6 sept à 15h37 
Ah, the 29th. SO HYPED!
[BFGNT] Guyofdoom42 6 sept à 10h16 
Release date plz!
[U]g.-OblIv.:™ 26 août à 21h37 
Really hope this happens.
GibMe 25 août à 14h52 
OMG... so sweet memories along W:ET and TC:E... and it has come!!
haha, sehr gut!!
Funkstoerung 20 août à 14h24 
Enjoyed the game years ago. Hope it is still fun to play :-)
Seva_Kurochka 17 août à 5h34 
The best game;))
Q-SeNs 15 août à 3h45 
awww real gaming! Can't wait to see this on Steam and some players to enjoy a good old and intense FPS such as TCE!
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar 11 août à 3h09 
Holy sheet, i sincerely hope this will be published. I used to play this game for a good 2k hours back in the years. Too bad many of the clan activity had gone down the shitter in the original, so i hope that this will pull trough! I love this game.

Silver I BOT 5 août à 2h47 
add ET plz ;(
♠Chr0n0Tr!gg3r♠ 1 août à 21h53 
Could this possibly include workshop support for downloading maps or a ingame map downloader? Will this require WolfET? If so could there be a sort launcher that when run could let us choose the game to play?
Xervan 1 août à 19h56 
Union Games 23 juil à 12h33 
increíble recién veo la noticia, es bueno que TRUE COMBAT ELITE 0.49b salga pronto en esta plataforma de STEAM como un F2P!, saludos
후치쿠치맨 12 juil à 7h28 
Tango down!
jalejandromr93 26 juin à 21h11 
excelente juego, no se cual es la demora para que salga
Medi 15 juin à 7h29 
Since it has been greenlit, maybe it's time to make some improvements?
1. Make it able to shoot while switching from hipfire to ironsights
2. Be able to interrupt your reload and switch to sidearm quickly
3. Hold breath while using scope with sniper rifle
4. Make it standalone without need of W:ET installation
5. Improve graphics (anti-aliasing etc.)
The Baroness ♥  [créateur] 13 mai à 22h00 
Magnum Force, no where does it say the game will cost money....
[III] Magnum Force 13 mai à 14h00 
Sorry, but it was lame and dull back a couple of years. How many,...6,7 or 10, I don't really remember. But, it always felt like another counter strike clone. Not for me. And why charge money now if it was free in the past? Sounds like a rip off to me. Sorry, but I sure gonna pass on this one.
♠Chr0n0Tr!gg3r♠ 19 avr à 14h49 
No Wolfenstein Enemy Territory?
Skimo 18 avr à 14h28 
I play this since the very first beginning!its a honor to see this game as a greenlight! I want to pay my respect to Team Terminator and groove studios! Especially Coroner and Diane! U did it guys!
Autisticorn 13 avr à 16h07 
Linux users really need games like this
GoldenEye89 7 avr à 19h46 
The good old TCE :)
[CTR]Ap-3 6 avr à 12h31 
woot !
Evo_93 4 avr à 14h29 
nice ^^
NumeriChunk 4 avr à 11h27 
BenJi 4 avr à 2h47 
i still dream about the old TC dayz
바누맨 3 avr à 20h34 
Wackius Clownius 3 avr à 15h57 
Oh TC. I used to love you so. I used to play it back in the .45 days and survived the grenade launcher destruction!
HNYB.The Nook(terran) 3 avr à 13h31 
Earl 3 avr à 13h25 
Congrats on getting greenlit!
ColoNELU 1 avr à 10h09 
linux users need games like this.
ARTEK911 31 mar à 17h57 
looks awesome,,, and its free to play
!сАнЁк! 30 mar à 7h47 
Там в начале показывают ещё две игры (2001 и2003) я так понл это их предыдущие
игры , и они тем самым сравнивают новую с ними, да разница есть)) это радует!
P.S. Скрины на первый взгляд очень понравились,
надеюсь скоро и игра до них дотянится!!!!
!сАнЁк! 30 mar à 7h47 
А ещё как я мог забыть о самой стрельбе (это же шутер , я правильно понимаю!?).
Да я уверен она в игре есть)) но вот почему то её забыли выложить ! ! !
мне искренни хочется верить что она лучше чем взрывы))
Что касается графики то мне это неважно, конечно картинка оставляет желать лучшего,
но для мультиплеерного (инди) шутера вполне гожая))

!сАнЁк! 30 mar à 7h46 
В видео нам показали что мы будем :
1) стрелять из снайперской винтовки
2) каряво перелазить через заборы
3) взрывать бочки с горючими веществами на каких то стройплощадках
4) .....да в принципи и всё, что соизволил выложить разработчик

!сАнЁк! 30 mar à 7h46 
Начну с того, что посмотрев скрины мне показалось что где-то я такое виде (я про cs sourсe) , но нет посмотрев видео я разочаровался . Поверьте мне я был бы рад,
если бы этобыла породия на кс1.6. но НЕТ !!! Начнём с того что нам показали в геймплейном видео : НИЧЕГО , если это всё что будет в игре,
то не то что до продаж, но и до стима никогда недоберётся!!!