Este jogo recebeu o sinal verde da Comunidade!

A comunidade demonstrou interesse neste jogo. A Valve entrou em contato com este desenvolvedor para começarmos a preparar o lançamento no Steam.

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VizzelDenim_^ há 14 horas 
First fps ever, fell in love at first sight. Wish they could bring this back to alive.
[SeF] forever bitchees !
Mr.DirectX (HUN) 2 de mai às 7:12 
NICE! this is good game!
Shiro_ 23 de abr às 8:30 
Ive played this game before (in 2012-2013) and it was one of the most realistic/fun shooter ive ever played. If they can revamp a little bit the graphics for today's standard, i support 100% this game and is willing to put my money in it :)

pio79ek 26 de mar às 19:37 
Still waiting for TCE on steam.
[LUE] Snide 22 de mar às 5:27 
I cut my teeth in actually being competitive in games with Wolfenstein in the [FAG] clan and TC:E in various clans. Gosh, it was awesome actually being at the top of a game for a long time.
Tun3 12 de mar às 15:05 
TC:E 0.48 <3
My first FPS, the best one :D
[EE] Heavy 23 de fev às 18:02 
This is Siren, former OhNoes, UFW clan member. I used to be super active (and 2nd most posts on the website). Just wanted to give all of those still playing a big shoutout. Also, shoutout to Diane.
Ir0n1E 9 de fev às 13:08 
mSCR 2 de fev às 20:25 
best FPS EVER!
ShadowVain 25 de jan às 23:30 
some servers are still online with people on it most of the time in the evening and at week end.... so come ....
Retu 25 de jan às 6:24 
Diane is there anykind of info or news about releasing True combat elite in steam? Would be great if this will be released in Steam someday...
myRe #Red 25 de jan às 2:04 
yeah my game for ever <3 so many years. Just the best FPS never created 0.49b. love

[SeF]Gaaradu91 add if you want play some game on TCE
RequieM 24 de jan às 22:54 
Diane i miss you! :D
nice to see familiar teamates too :)
7 years later... :'(
Diana ♥  [autor(a)] 24 de jan às 17:49 
Hey Requiem! It's nice to see a familiar face from the past! :)
Sake 13 de jan às 12:36 
Please! Come back True Combat Elite!
RequieM 27/dez/2014 às 3:29 
Baronnes are u sexy Diane??
RequieM 27/dez/2014 às 3:13 
I remember when it was TC 045 (tcq3045) for quake III
Thas was in 2001 or 2002... long time!
Was an TC league [NL] with Bluetooth, LadyKller, Gundam, Rojo, Fragator, L3on, Freshmeat, Ladybug etc...
.ĐĿ. Gianni da Goon 23/dez/2014 às 12:18 
Oh, I remember this game. Epic that it got greenlit! Pure nostalgia.

[FatBoyz]Masakari 16/dez/2014 às 13:07 
Lots of nice memory on public servers and during wars. It was the best FPS game I've ever played. Super hard,and lot of skill needed (with a good team and teamwork ofc).

Regards guys

ps: A proper new version of the game would be welcomed I'm sure
Warface 29/nov/2014 às 18:55 
Oh happy days in this extremely enjoyable game. Knife fights on the bridge, nades over the containers to kill campers, ridiculous rushes on village, actual slow tactical teamplay when you avoided bodycount. Really hope this gets moving on Steam.
한우안심 28/nov/2014 às 8:29 
I wanna play TCE on steam!
-ENRS- Guyofdoom42 27/nov/2014 às 9:21 

-ENRS- Guyofdoom42 27/nov/2014 às 9:21 

KANA 25/nov/2014 às 22:18 
I hope to play this game
UnCLe mEAt 14/nov/2014 às 6:49 
i want to play this game now!
kickallcats4 13/nov/2014 às 9:34 
when is this coming out?!
Seva_Kurochka 5/nov/2014 às 11:22 
Hochu uje poigrat v steam v nee
Sock 27/out/2014 às 19:02 
I grew up playing this game, cant wait for it to hit Steam!
habalkris 11/out/2014 às 5:56 
When this is going to be available?
Morbo 10/out/2014 às 2:33 
Sept. 29 2006 is when TC:E .49 was released, they're just using the same trailer for the greenlight version
SchwaD 8/out/2014 às 4:45 
when is it possible to play the game via steam?
-ENRS- Guyofdoom42 7/out/2014 às 9:11 
End of video.
Morbo 1/out/2014 às 23:21 
Well, it's here when it's here I suppose. Where'd that date come from anyway?
-ENRS- Guyofdoom42 29/set/2014 às 16:52 
Wait... It's the 29th, but... IT'S NOT OUT YET! WTF!
Morbo 27/set/2014 às 9:13 
I'm pretty excited. Can't wait to play this game once again. Any idea if some of the custom maps will be included, or are still available anywhere?
-ENRS- Guyofdoom42 27/set/2014 às 8:14 
2 more days! Who else is excited?
Morbo 26/set/2014 às 18:26 
If you want to be meticulous and stealthy, you can do that. If you want to go balls-to-the-wall run n' gun, you can do that. If you want to be an arsehole, sit back and snipe, you can do that. If you want to ambush unsuspecting enemies, you can do that. You can combine elements of all of these and come out on top, or you can attempt to do any or all and get killed every time.

At its time it was one of the few games that featured things like iron sights, prone position, free-aim, actually magnified scopes to name a few. The weapons look, feel and sound as good as they should and you can put an enemy down in a few shots if not just one. Reminds me a lot of Rainbow Six and Hostile Intent (HL1 mod). If this were to be on sale, I'd buy it in an instant but fortunately it seems it'll be free, as it always has been. Soon as it becomes available I'm going play it for a week straight with no sleep in between, idgaf I love this game.
Morbo 26/set/2014 às 18:26 
Used to play this all the time back when it was still populated. The one thing I love the most about this game is that stealth is a viable option, and it's mainly the map design that lent to this, in addition to the presence of suppressed weapons and the great variance of lighting. The maps are a fair bit more complicated than, for example, Counter-Strike, with multiple routes leading into and around, or giving a view towards the same areas, but somehow without taking away from the gameplay by allowing you to get killed from every angle like in CoD. Many vanilla maps (and a lot of custom ones) feature underground passageways, high ground with cover and a myriad of other routes to flank the enemy team. I don't know how or why, but you can be successful in many different playstyles.
Hardpunk999 24/set/2014 às 21:40 
que gran juego, me trae nosltalgia ya que jugeu en mucho server brazuca, aleman y japones era lo mas modern warfare que corria mi netbook sin lugar a duda lo kiero ver en steam.
➣ reivax 24/set/2014 às 11:03 
Union Games 23/set/2014 às 7:41 
muy contento , que pronto sea lanzado a la comunidad Steam, juego realista y sin privilegios.
Grind fr 18/set/2014 às 4:31 
I remember the 0.48 version: the best tactical fps with Counter strike 1.5/1.6 for me. Custom maps (very well designed). Didnt like much 0.49 though.
So much nostalgia.
GasungV 18/set/2014 às 3:57 
it was also best game in my life
-ENRS- Guyofdoom42 6/set/2014 às 15:37 
Ah, the 29th. SO HYPED!
-ENRS- Guyofdoom42 6/set/2014 às 10:16 
Release date plz!
[U]g.-OblIv.:™ 26/ago/2014 às 21:37 
Really hope this happens.
GibMe 25/ago/2014 às 14:52 
OMG... so sweet memories along W:ET and TC:E... and it has come!!
haha, sehr gut!!
Funkstoerung 20/ago/2014 às 14:24 
Enjoyed the game years ago. Hope it is still fun to play :-)
Seva_Kurochka 17/ago/2014 às 5:34 
The best game;))
Q-SeNs 15/ago/2014 às 3:45 
awww real gaming! Can't wait to see this on Steam and some players to enjoy a good old and intense FPS such as TCE!