Este jogo recebeu o sinal verde da Comunidade!

A comunidade demonstrou interesse neste jogo. A Valve entrou em contato com este desenvolvedor para começarmos a preparar o lançamento no Steam.

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PIO79EK 30 de jan às 8:41 
The worst thing that's happened to TCE is Coroner
Pops 28 de jan às 12:40 
Is it money you need or is the passion just gone for you?
PIO79EK 30/dez/2015 às 12:56 
I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening.
HellsWind 30/dez/2015 às 6:01 
bring it out, we'll play. the Damage model in this game is sort of like unmatched , looking forward when/*if* it comes out, that'd be great
Slzy Šťastia 24/dez/2015 às 8:26 
i installed it on windows like this: wolfensitine -> wolfensten patch -> tce -> tce patch.. then it worked
Slzy Šťastia 24/dez/2015 às 8:25 
one of the best MP shooting game ive ever played
opfor 19/dez/2015 às 13:46 
The game is playable if you install it from the website, but I tried and failed terribly (need to install Wolfstein ET first, but when I did trough playdeb it woudn't recognize the MOD). Any dumb proof guides for that (I'm in ubuntu)?
opfor 6/dez/2015 às 14:08 
Please bring this to steam. I tried to install in ubuntu and failed terribly.
famas100 2/dez/2015 às 9:56 
True Combat is an action packed realism mod where big jumps, fancy strafing and fantasy weapons are no where to be seen.

dual wielding isnt realistic and really ineffective *facepalm*
Mefjus 25/nov/2015 às 20:11 
Don't give up on this. Please.
NoFace 24/nov/2015 às 17:45 
bring this to steammmmmmmm =( miss that times
PIO79EK 22/nov/2015 às 10:28 
If this game was on steam I would definitely play again. I miss shooting hohol :(
D4rKmAn13 21/nov/2015 às 10:12 
same here hope I can play it again on Steam one day.
Chuck 19/nov/2015 às 16:13 
hope they will revive this game, such a shame and sadness that this game died real quick while it was pretty fun all the time.
jalejandromr93 16/nov/2015 às 18:19 
bueno y que pasa ps con este juego q aun no a salido en steam cual es la demora ps
Sake 16/nov/2015 às 4:12 
pls come back!
VortexV 18/out/2015 às 3:15 
Pops 9/out/2015 às 10:30 
AgentOfAsgardia 8/out/2015 às 13:09 
Oh man, this was my favorite shooter back in the day.
Panzer Commander 30/set/2015 às 23:17 
As soon as i seen the dual hand guns this game lost all credibility to be realistic...
nappalan 7/set/2015 às 10:10 
Perfect- waiting so long - hopefully it will not need so long time
Che 31/ago/2015 às 15:55 
Oh shit, this is what I've been waiting for.
Corrozion.FR 26/ago/2015 às 13:50 
This game is great, I used to play it in 2010-2011 when the community was still alive and it was great. Thanks for this great game Team Terminator. You should make a new version on CryEngine. I would buy it even 60€ if you do this.
NS 9/ago/2015 às 5:30 
Waiting for this good game!
Manwich 27/jul/2015 às 20:35 
neto 10/jul/2015 às 14:07 
Give me this!
BrandeX 5/jul/2015 às 0:18 
Yea, keep waiting. This game was greenlit a year and a half ago. Apparently the guys behind it abandoned the Steam release.
digit4lfa1l 27/jun/2015 às 4:16 
Waiting for this game!
SpeckledTrout 24/jun/2015 às 8:30 
the counter-strike killer. a true tactical cqb game. amazing
KENEMA 22/jun/2015 às 11:04 
U N I C O R N ♥ 3/jun/2015 às 9:19 
i'm waiting...
Lazerc0bra 29/mai/2015 às 22:31 
...STILL WAITING... *Cue foot tapping*
VizzelDenim * FENGSHUI 22/mai/2015 às 16:02 
First fps ever, fell in love at first sight. Wish they could bring this back to alive.
[SeF] forever bitchees !
DirectX [HUN] 2/mai/2015 às 7:12 
NICE! this is good game!
Shiro_ 23/abr/2015 às 8:30 
Ive played this game before (in 2012-2013) and it was one of the most realistic/fun shooter ive ever played. If they can revamp a little bit the graphics for today's standard, i support 100% this game and is willing to put my money in it :)

PIO79EK 26/mar/2015 às 19:37 
Still waiting for TCE on steam.
Bae 22/mar/2015 às 5:27 
I cut my teeth in actually being competitive in games with Wolfenstein in the [FAG] clan and TC:E in various clans. Gosh, it was awesome actually being at the top of a game for a long time.
Tun3 12/mar/2015 às 15:05 
TC:E 0.48 <3
My first FPS, the best one :D
Big $moke 23/fev/2015 às 18:02 
This is Siren, former OhNoes, UFW clan member. I used to be super active (and 2nd most posts on the website). Just wanted to give all of those still playing a big shoutout. Also, shoutout to Diane.
Ir0n1E 9/fev/2015 às 13:08 
NoFace 2/fev/2015 às 20:25 
best FPS EVER!
VortexV 25/jan/2015 às 23:30 
some servers are still online with people on it most of the time in the evening and at week end.... so come ....
Retu 25/jan/2015 às 6:24 
Diane is there anykind of info or news about releasing True combat elite in steam? Would be great if this will be released in Steam someday...
myRe WooDen Co 25/jan/2015 às 2:04 
yeah my game for ever <3 so many years. Just the best FPS never created 0.49b. love

[SeF]Gaaradu91 add if you want play some game on TCE
RequieM 24/jan/2015 às 22:54 
Diane i miss you! :D
nice to see familiar teamates too :)
7 years later... :'(
Diana ♥  [autor(a)] 24/jan/2015 às 17:49 
Hey Requiem! It's nice to see a familiar face from the past! :)
Sake 13/jan/2015 às 12:36 
Please! Come back True Combat Elite!
RequieM 27/dez/2014 às 3:29 
Baronnes are u sexy Diane??
RequieM 27/dez/2014 às 3:13 
I remember when it was TC 045 (tcq3045) for quake III
Thas was in 2001 or 2002... long time!
Was an TC league [NL] with Bluetooth, LadyKller, Gundam, Rojo, Fragator, L3on, Freshmeat, Ladybug etc...
Gianni da Goon 23/dez/2014 às 12:18 
Oh, I remember this game. Epic that it got greenlit! Pure nostalgia.