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The Trouble With Robots
117 comentários
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AlienOne 10 Dez às 12:32 
Voted as well
KyleTheCreator 27 Nov às 11:43 
yasu-yasu83 31 Out às 3:05 
Looks good game. I want to play
Frank Beta 5 Set às 9:19 
I like the simplicity with strategy, its like a new air.
Jonathan Ouwens 19 Ago às 9:15 
I like these kind of games :)
Que personaje lindo 12 Ago às 20:41 
Nᴇ̲bs ~(• ε •)~ *★ 25 Jul às 20:55 
This looks like a fun game, that can be easyly played by anyone.
+1 YES from me ;)
Ein_mann77 12 Jul às 8:13 
No recent updates. This worries me. I can't vote "yes" yet
Fidi 30 Jun às 11:25 
Schaut nach einem spiel aus das man gerne mal kurz zwischen durch wärend der arbeit zocken kann^^
rife 15 Jun às 11:29 
love this game.
xajepyri 6 Jun às 18:16 
good game,voted
蕃茄 15 Mai às 19:58 
Gamer X 9 Mai às 1:39 
I'm worried the devs gave up on this, haven't seen anything new here in a while or any updates on igs
Picnicker 7 Mai às 21:12 
ionutudor2012 16 Abr às 5:46 
knarkita +`/youcan[not]redo 31 Mar às 17:03 
[SWaEV]^KisEEv?! 25 Mar às 22:24 
с виду прикольная игра +
Dogu 18 Mar às 10:28 
Feels like plants and zombies
Toowanbee 13 Mar às 21:32 
Sorry that this hasn't been Greenlit yet. I've told all my friends to vote. On a side note, pleeeeez make more games. Please?
Nudgemania 9 Mar às 17:28 
good job
ruddyadam 15 Fev às 22:57 
This game is awesome, played a ton of it, and I can't wait for it to be on steam as well.
shilentr 12 Fev às 0:29 
[CaT] CanOZD[TR] 22 Jan às 0:28 
Vengeance 22 Dez, 2013 às 6:32 
Looks great!
「Stumbleine」 27 Nov, 2013 às 1:58 
офигенная игруля)
LOVE IS DEAD (chocolate) 23 Nov, 2013 às 16:32 
☢MD.HAMMERWEEN ☢ 23 Nov, 2013 às 5:26 
OMG I can't believe steam has a game like Ironclad Tactics and this is not approved yet... can you say how long it's going to be until it's approved? Or at least which position is this now?
rlaw100 18 Nov, 2013 às 3:21 
I'm ashamed at how many days I've lost to this game... you made it too addicting.
Marzez 10 Nov, 2013 às 20:04 
Lonewolf 3 Nov, 2013 às 19:05 
I played through the demo great game
Peter Washington 27 Set, 2013 às 11:34 
kanthall 15 Set, 2013 às 12:59 
I've made a video about this game:
ZoidbergForPresident 5 Set, 2013 às 1:47 
Aaaaaaand... the bandwagon is jumped...
danielmatas 23 Ago, 2013 às 15:40 
It seems really fun, you should release that game in iOS / Android too! :)
Scullywen 15 Ago, 2013 às 2:39 
Amazingly fun.
Colonial 11 Ago, 2013 às 0:53 
your game looks awesome i really want to buy it
Morphini 5 Ago, 2013 às 5:56 
с виду прикольная игра +
nilschillerk 3 Ago, 2013 às 16:01 
craftworkgames 22 Jul, 2013 às 16:07 
You had me at explosions.
GGzus 22 Jul, 2013 às 11:20 
This game is incredibly fun, and deserves your Vote.
daddy32 12 Jun, 2013 às 2:46 
I've purchased this game for cheap (sorry!) from indie game stand and have surprisingly lots of fun with it.
Thanks for making it, hope you do well and bring us more games :)
ThreeSon 9 Jun, 2013 às 19:42 
Excellent game. One of the few IGS games to turn out better than I expected. Polished interface and fun.
Erik 31 Mai, 2013 às 7:08 
looks good
BenDer 18 Mai, 2013 às 10:19 
сука да это же гениально!!!!
Oceanic 815 17 Mai, 2013 às 8:42 
looks awesome!
Mister Gravity 15 Mai, 2013 às 19:10 
This game is GREAT. Take a bit of customizable card game and add a dash of tower defense, and voila: The Trouble With Robots. I beat it drm free, but I'd rebuy it Steam! It's that good!
Novaflare 1 Mai, 2013 às 17:55 
This is a great game, you guys really deserve to be on Steam!
Mirae 19 Abr, 2013 às 0:31 
One of the best card games I have played on PC. Reminds me a little bit of Arcomage, but gives new options and makes this card game genre more fun and adventurous.
Mudman 7 Abr, 2013 às 14:22 
I tried the demo based on the buzz from the IndieGameStand sale, and now I'm sad I missed picking it up. This is a fun twist on the CCG and tower defense genres! Try the demo for yourself.
Firehavoc 6 Abr, 2013 às 6:13 
This game is fantastic. I am having a lot of fun with it.