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Richard & Alice
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178 commenti
PedroAMFerreira 7 ago 2014, ore 17:16 
Linalee 22 feb 2014, ore 20:52 
So many feels for this game you guys deserve it!
Qaizher 8 feb 2014, ore 2:01 
Congrats guys!
art.vandelay 7 feb 2014, ore 10:19 
A smart, unique and well-written game!
meru 5 feb 2014, ore 23:11 
Yay, finally greenlit! :D
Vlad 5 feb 2014, ore 16:21 
Finally! Congrats! o/
milknorf1469 5 feb 2014, ore 14:37 
Congrats on being greenlit, what the hell took so long :)
Daro1991 15 gen 2014, ore 14:08 
I cried during the daddy scene... Already that game even I heven't finished it yet. Good work guys.
yuela 13 gen 2014, ore 6:51 
The writing in this game is FANTASTIC! I will definitely buy it again once it's released on Steam.
ZotYa 11 gen 2014, ore 7:11 
Looks good
Wuwu1978 10 gen 2014, ore 20:51 
When this game will be released on Steam?
soaring_wings 9 gen 2014, ore 8:27 
Looks really good. I hope you get greenlit soon!
Combo7 8 gen 2014, ore 18:39 
It seems crazy that this is still waiting to be greenlit. It's been reviewed on most of the notable sites and has been in the Indie Royale bundle at least twice. With all the love that similar adventure games get on Steam, isn't it time for Richard & Alice to get its shot?
HappyZavulon 8 gen 2014, ore 13:24 
Don't care if it's on steam or not, definitely buying it.
rafaelrtf 5 gen 2014, ore 3:18 
sounds cool
Celti 2 gen 2014, ore 23:46 
I can't believe this game isn't on Steam yet, the story is really moving. I've watched some videos on youtube about the game and I really want it. I didn't know about Sepulchre, I'm downloading it now. Hope you guys keep working on this kind of projects, I really love this type of games :3
Joecarlin17^ 20 dic 2013, ore 15:39 
DreKross 15 dic 2013, ore 1:23 
Gabriel 21 nov 2013, ore 17:47 
@Gamma Lol, I can read it perfectly fine. And are you seriously judging the game just because of that? Really?
Dvoye 18 nov 2013, ore 11:31 
white text on a white snow background on preview screenshots
yeah sure gem
Ilyich 14 nov 2013, ore 11:55 
It's a real shame that while dozens of unfinished, questionable games have been getting on Steam lately, this wonderfully written and highly atmospheric little gem of a game is still waiting in the Greenlight limbo. Seriously, this game really deserves to be on Steam. Get your act together, Greenlight! :)
Houtaru 6 nov 2013, ore 13:22 
Great game, i'd love it to be on steam through greenlight!
DrMcCoy 7 ott 2013, ore 0:51 
Well, apparently R&A uses AGS (which I didn't know before), so it does work on GNU/Linux thanks to the community-built AGS (Chris Jones released the source of AGS under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0 some time ago):

Unfortunately, Mac OS X is still not working on anything newer than 10.6, because of Allegro 4, apparently.

LewisDenby, you should look into bundling this for an official Linux release.
Marik Ya'Bishtar 5 ott 2013, ore 23:10 
I liked Sepulchre and I'd love to see more from this team!
uka7777 5 ott 2013, ore 19:40 
Bought it from notonsteam as well - very nice game! Great setting and story, anyway. I did not like several things though, like too many bad words coming out of Alice's mouth, or the mess with Our Lady - making that desecrating bomb was in no way necessary.
In many ways the game is similar to 'To the Moon' that was a sure hit here on Steam. 'Richard and Alice' shoud be there too!
Sheogorazach 5 ott 2013, ore 11:18 
Yes please! I just bought it from notonsteam sale too but I think I can buy it again here if you let them!
Bagginses 5 ott 2013, ore 7:12 
I just finished the game, and I must say, it is one of the most moving games I have ever played. Can't wait for the sequel! (Read: Please make a sequel.)
Bloody 3 ott 2013, ore 16:21 
I bought this game on the notonsteam-sale yesterday and I am pretty impressed. :) I really like storytelling games, and as much as I loved To The Moon, I fell in love with this piece. Still Im not halfway through I think.

YES for greenlight! :)
DrMcCoy 3 ott 2013, ore 12:40 
wine is a crutch I mostly only consider for old games and/or when I RE them. So no, no interest, then.
LewisDenby  [autore] 3 ott 2013, ore 3:18 
Hey DragonOfTime! There are a couple of quotes in the description, but I think you might be right about separating them out. :-)
DragonOfTime 3 ott 2013, ore 1:11 
I know it may come off as bragging, but how about adding some quotes from some of your good reviews? You want to show off your good press as much as possible!
LewisDenby  [autore] 2 ott 2013, ore 23:35 
Thanks to all the recent commenters and voters - your support is hugely appreciated!

DrMcCoy - Sadly, it's a limitation of the engine we picked - easy to build games, not so much to port them. However, you can get R&A running on Linux via Wine if that's of any interest to you?
metalders 2 ott 2013, ore 21:46 
Got my vote.
DrMcCoy 2 ott 2013, ore 12:13 
Needs Linux support.
felixwunderlichgames 2 ott 2013, ore 9:24 
Game looks awesome. Good luck getting on steam. You have my vote anyway!
Thantastic 2 ott 2013, ore 8:24 
Awesome, can't wait to play this.
Frogdice 2 ott 2013, ore 8:07 
Indie devs gotta stick together! Go Greenlight! :)

brought here by the Not on Steam sale!
Cleanse 1 ott 2013, ore 7:47 
The story as described seems very interesting and I would love to see it become GreenLit.
SidFisk 30 set 2013, ore 20:58 
Loved Sepulcher, looking forward to Richard & Alice!!
Shizuyori 30 set 2013, ore 12:11 
Awesomes! hope this gets through greenlight soon..
Savage Henry 30 set 2013, ore 4:47 
Good luck guys
Smannesman 13 set 2013, ore 5:05 
Heard good things about this on GOG, deserves a shot on Steam IMO.
NyxMedic 7 set 2013, ore 12:28 
Dee Spencer 31 ago 2013, ore 23:43 
Have it on Desura, story, dialogues, atmospheres and characters are really great. I wish it'll be greenlit.
Captain Reasonable 30 ago 2013, ore 14:51 
Got it from , played it, really enjoyed it and now can despair that it sits here in the fucked up greenlight systen when it should be enjoyed by so many others.
Kris 22 ago 2013, ore 8:38 
intresting. it's good, to translate to russian :)
Draziel 15 ago 2013, ore 5:14 
Keep up the great work!
DOG-PAULO! 15 ago 2013, ore 1:37 
Fantastic !! ^_^
halo_fourteen 9 ago 2013, ore 6:31 
Totally cannot wait!!!
Muffintopp89 3 ago 2013, ore 16:19 
Love this game. Very emotional. It deserves to be on steam.