Amazing Riverwood Starter Home
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Mrs. Doubtfire 2014년 10월 25일 오전 11시 33분 
Is said area navmeshed?
jaderive 2014년 8월 2일 오후 8시 22분 
I would like to see some inside images, of how it looks, n such, and what the? lol @ overpowered, ./shugs o.O
Auraelus 2014년 2월 16일 오전 7시 21분 
You should really update the Workshop version for the people who don't use Nexus, I use the workshop alone because it's much easier to manage than using the Nexus, and using both makes it even more confusing.
AVBG 2013년 5월 26일 오전 5시 56분 
@Matthew: also, add bookshelf (for letters and receipes). And question: does herbs in your garden respawn at all?
AVBG 2013년 5월 26일 오전 5시 53분 
@all: Read carefully initial note - here is not the latest version. In this version missing underground garden.

@Matthew: I confirm bug, reported by Psykrom - light is disappear in some points when looking at table. Similar behavior with floor at underground: moving here changes lightning of big square areas. (Probably, effect of Relighting Skyrim mod?)

@Matthew: please, add more containers in home. I think, 2-3 barrel should be enough.
IIIM477H3WIII 2013년 3월 14일 오후 7시 14분 
Xenalation 2013년 1월 10일 오전 9시 35분 
Vincent 2012년 8월 8일 오후 3시 43분 
You have to click { +Subscribe } then next time you launch the games launcher it will auto download. If you use the nexus, I suggest using the nexus mod manager program which will allow you to use the { Download with Manager } buttons.

If anyone ever needs any help with installing mods/plugins or anything of the sort just PM me.
Vincent 2012년 8월 8일 오후 3시 37분 
I keep having issues with the file because it is set to hidden on the nexus, If you could set it to visible it would make it alot easier to download. :)
(I got it to download but you have to keep refreshing the page to trick the site into letting you download the file.)
Kyranex 2012년 8월 1일 오전 5시 49분 
oh lol i have 2 of your mods only this one is downloaded from the nexus :D
I have a questsion for you maybe if you could make something for me and other who share the same ideas. If you don't mind ofcourse ;)
XLORD OF SOULSX 2012년 6월 30일 오전 9시 59분 
how do you download it
Jævla Fitte 2012년 5월 10일 오후 6시 11분 
@Goulgan Seriously man just if you think that this is overpowerd dont download it -_-
Psykrom 2012년 4월 14일 오전 10시 07분 
sorry, to be exact - the light coming from the candle will disappear...
Psykrom 2012년 4월 14일 오전 10시 04분 
Awesome work, only found a little flaw - there is a graphic bug with one of the candles, if you enter the house the candle on the table (left side) will disappear if you move the camera from left to right while standing in the middle or the right side of the room. Think it is easy for you to fix. thanks for the house :)
ConsonSaW 2012년 3월 31일 오전 7시 53분 
Awesome! :D
Duke Nukem 2012년 3월 31일 오전 7시 01분 
No offence but, I think this mod is a little ''overpowered.'' In the beginning of the game I don't like the idea of having this much stuff at my disposal. Things like this fit better in at the later parts of the game. Well, at least I think so. But, it's a good mod and im not saying I don't like it. Keep up the awesome work and you will get to the top! (If you aren't there already lol)
iKan Konqr 2012년 3월 22일 오후 11시 19분 
Hmm, I think this site has been abandoned in favor of the Nexus site
Cody Sheffield 2012년 3월 5일 오후 10시 05분 
@Kan - I agree completely.
Cody Sheffield 2012년 2월 29일 오후 11시 15분 
This home is incredible for starting characters. My wife just started Skyrim and I get the feeling she'll love this! One minor nit-pick though, and I cant really believe I'm saying it to begin with. *Sad eyes* Can you PLEASE add alchemy and enchanting satchels, or knapsacks, or boxes, or anything really for storage next to/on the tables? Thank you for this awesome mod.
Sparhawk 2012년 2월 28일 오후 8시 15분 
Please update here as well. As this is my one place I will get it all. Not going to nexusmods and back and forth etc.
samchico 2012년 2월 28일 오후 6시 05분 
Love this home :) Matt can you please please add all the shrines to make it perfect please please.
AdrenalineX 2012년 2월 24일 오후 3시 35분 
This is like a perfect location all you need home
iKan Konqr 2012년 2월 24일 오전 8시 56분 
The hawk fix probably affects it because theres a hawk nest directly above the houes
iKan Konqr 2012년 2월 24일 오전 8시 55분 
Hey wow, I found out what causes the follower problem on my game with your house. I re-installed 'Invincible Hawk Fix' As soon as I installed it my follower refused to enter, As soon as I deleted it, Your cottage worked properly again. Can you fix this? The hawk is sort of important for getting more feathers
Inbasis 2012년 2월 23일 오후 6시 49분 
I had a longer text but Steam did not allow for such (that I shortened to the one under).
I really liked your cottage and wants it, though, I really want to feel that it belongs in Riverwood as well, and that it is not there because of the player character (illusions, but still).
My main problems are mostly the rearranging outside, while also the stairs, the chest and the forge. As the rearranging obstruct how I thought of building a garrison on the elevated area closer to the river and the bridge, and that the pile was pretty nice where it was, while the others is just for realism and could also be ignored.
Sorry for spamming, just wanted to make myself clear on what I find important for myself instead of just focusing on general flaws that I found, when the result is so good to begin with it is just detail focusing that remains.
Looking forward to see more mods from you.
Inbasis 2012년 2월 23일 오후 6시 37분 
Hey. Awesome starter home but some realism flaws.
They are as follows:
Rocks; tree trunk; lumber pile have been moved, why not delete the first two and leave the lumber pile as it were (where it fitted perfectly)?
Then there is the front stairs which needs terrain flattening.
On the backside of the cottage a tree sticks through.
I love the simplicity as it is a starter home. Therefore, the big chest with 1000 gold vs. the 4 gold in the drawer clashes with the general cottage style.
The limb to the basement is turned the wrong way downstairs...seems like the basement is under the mountain instead of under the house.
Lastly, I do find it a bit silly to have a smelter and forge under a wooden cottage drawing the attention away from the main feel of Riverwood where you borrow the one in town.
I hope I have been to more help than nuisance and that you might oblige me with my requests!
Mattcm919  [작성자] 2012년 2월 22일 오후 4시 30분 
@kan ok thanks good to hear hope you enjoy it! keep your eyes out for my new mod coming hopefully within a day or two!
iKan Konqr 2012년 2월 22일 오전 6시 56분 
Thanks problem is solved but I had to clean up my skyrim files, delete old copies from Steam and Nexus, Overwriting does not work, Has to be a clean install and unsubscibing it from Steam. Newbie to mods so I didn't know this, Worka 100% now
Mattcm919  [작성자] 2012년 2월 21일 오후 2시 33분 
@kan I did release a fix, but it appears it isnt working, im not entirely sure whats wrong. Be sure to get the latest version from the nexus as this one on steam is the initial release. After i finish the house mod im working on currently, ill definelty come back and add an optional file for more containers, mannequins and what not and also try to address the NAVMESH issue. Thanks!
iKan Konqr 2012년 2월 21일 오전 12시 36분 
Still waiting for a fix. Has this one been abandoned in favour of your new one? Quick fix was promised on the 10th. It's now the 21st.
iKan Konqr 2012년 2월 18일 오후 8시 05분 
How about a few more mannequins? and a few bookcases?
iKan Konqr 2012년 2월 17일 오후 4시 14분 
Perfect, except Uthgert won't follow me in. I can't wait for your new one
BOCTOK 2012년 2월 10일 오후 11시 14분 
Author, can u put some chests to basement? Thx.
Mattcm919  [작성자] 2012년 2월 10일 오후 5시 42분 
@TIGER19ter Yeh ill be making a quick fix sometime today for that, thanks for letting me know!!
TIGER19ter 2012년 2월 10일 오전 11시 28분 
My follower can`t get with me inside the home and the basement!
It`s a nice home,can you nake an update?
☣Karimonster☣ 2012년 2월 10일 오전 5시 42분 
nice job