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Super Lemonade Factory
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小春卷 8 лип 2014 о 4:01 
it's very nice, i want play it
korefuji 27 чер 2014 о 19:13 
bought it indiegamestand too - the sequel is also out!
initials  [автор] 27 чер 2014 о 3:45 
Hi Jason, we got the news at the same as the indiegamestand sale. Since it was all very sudden we had no time to prepare keys, and the game still isn't on Steam, we've still got a bit of work to do. If you bought it on IGS and would like a Steam key, hit me up on email and I'll send you one as soon as we're on Steam.
Jason 27 чер 2014 о 2:09 
I bought through indiegamestand were there supposed to be steam keys?
initials  [автор] 18 чер 2014 о 16:44 
We did it!
Thank you so much to all my fans.
danalyze 15 чер 2014 о 22:51 
Awesome game!Bought it through indiegamestand.com .
VOLKI 10 чер 2014 о 15:10 
super awesome
DarwinAce 25 кві 2014 о 9:23 
Played the iOS version.... good game
flesk 20 кві 2014 о 10:58 
Any plans for a Linux version?
ionutudor2012 18 кві 2014 о 7:09 
Pixel Warrior 16 кві 2014 о 13:48 
Indiegamestand, yes from me
sm 27 бер 2014 о 10:49 
good :)
Der Hundski | 26 бер 2014 о 15:05 
villafanart 23 бер 2014 о 17:50 
Love the name and the art style, just hoping there's an interesting story behind this cool looking Co-Op
-pNr 12 бер 2014 о 9:45 
cool game :)
gaia.razus 12 бер 2014 о 8:35 
Cool game.
FreestyleGamingArtist 14 лют 2014 о 21:49 
Saw this game on notonsteam.com; definetly would buy it if it were on Steam! :)
Aetherborn Nightclub Enthusiast 8 лют 2014 о 6:12 
Funny. :)
Migu 31 січ 2014 о 2:32 
looks nice
Planeshaper 29 січ 2014 о 18:14 
@Purple Fiction ever seen any of the TF2 items released in the past 5 years? 90% of them are community made.
WinterFELLx 24 січ 2014 о 1:00 
add this volvo!!
Orbister 19 січ 2014 о 23:36 
looks good, yes
Purple Fiction 12 січ 2014 о 5:06 
"create brand new levels for Super Lemonade Factory. Test them online in a flash version of the game and submit them to the developer. The best will be released in future content updates"

This is cheap and underhanded. Having a level editor is cool, especially if it gets on Steam because of the Steam workshop feature. Having you filter through what you think deserves to get put in your game and then add them as 'content updates' that you can take credit for is absolute bullshit.
eagleFMJ 11 січ 2014 о 9:52 
we need more original platformers like these, cmon people Greenlite it!
michael_hackl 4 січ 2014 о 8:50 
greylord 19 гру 2013 о 9:09 
Still a nice game, wether or not the author made a mistake (I guess and hope) with the game's price tag, so I'll keep my upvote.
HADES2001 17 гру 2013 о 12:22 
no sorry man its a iOS game this isnt a mobile platform
Bad_nyashka 28 лис 2013 о 10:00 
nice one
Wraith 27 лис 2013 о 20:49 
Same as Motoki , I don't appreciate the bait-and-switch. Changed my vote to no.
kanthall 27 лис 2013 о 9:46 
I've made a YouTube video about this game:
Motoki 27 лис 2013 о 6:33 
Changed my vote to no due to the free/not free bait and switch.
KeviNOlighT 27 лис 2013 о 0:34 
Nice :)
Azrael 25 лис 2013 о 19:03 
Guys, this page was edited when the IndieGameStand sale started. It seems it isn't free anymore, or at least, everything that was listed as a free game was removed, including the link to download the full game, and the question was changed from "Would you play...?" to "Would you buy...?"

Make sure that your votes reflect what you really want: "YES, I WOULD BUY IT", instead of "YES, I WOULD PLAY IT FOR FREE". If you don't agree to that, then you know what to do.
Runtus 25 лис 2013 о 18:38 
From looking at the video it seems like there is no reason to have two characters in this. Andre can't talk to co-workers? Is he a mute? Seems like a lousy mechanic just to make the game longer.
TheStructorr 25 лис 2013 о 4:47 
Linux version please :)
Snow Phoenix 24 лис 2013 о 12:01 
had me at the word nes in the email! :D
downlord 24 лис 2013 о 11:29 
@BrandeX Ultra

But it's listed a F2P here on Greenlight. So it's pretty unclear if it's free or not, or if there are two versions and what the differences are.
Yskar 24 лис 2013 о 8:29 
Very nice game and FREE? LET IT IN!
M⌬rtius|PSN|SlamYourJam 24 лис 2013 о 8:18 
Art style is very appealing, interested in seeing how the game plays out.
BrandeX 24 лис 2013 о 7:29 
"I'm not getting why you need steam keys.. the game is free"
I'm going to hazard a guess, that because the game is NOT free.

5 bucks on devs homepage, or pwyw right now on indiegamestand
King Arthur 24 лис 2013 о 5:59 
Liked! Up voted!
Player Review 23 лис 2013 о 21:52 
Bought it on pay what you want @ indiegamestand next 96 hours... top 7 contributors get neato prizes from the dev! https://indiegamestand.com
LeafEp 23 лис 2013 о 21:29 
gizmomelb 23 лис 2013 о 21:16 
I'm not getting why you need steam keys.. the game is free
Thri11Ki11 5 жов 2013 о 14:47 
This is a gem of a mobile game and would imagine it playing even better on Mac/PC with console controls. Got my vote.
Brought here from the Notonsteam.com sale.
Hope we get Steam Keys soon after Greenlit. Loving this game
felixwunderlichgames 2 жов 2013 о 9:26 
Seems great! You have my vote.
Thantastic 2 жов 2013 о 8:27 
Looks fun! Up voted.
Frogdice 2 жов 2013 о 8:07 
Indie devs gotta stick together! Go Greenlight! :)

brought here by the Not on Steam sale!
rettshift 23 вер 2013 о 13:34 
Game looks pretty fun.
Levilex33 20 вер 2013 о 10:39