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MrMikeX Dec 7 @ 7:12am 
is there will be like 5 or 10 types of armor
and 20 types of guns
like RPG and Minigun
MrMikeX Dec 7 @ 7:11am 
is there will be friendly NPCs?
MrMikeX Dec 7 @ 7:09am 
game will be realsed in 2018?
MrMikeX Dec 7 @ 7:07am 
the game will have title zombotron 3?
MrMikeX Dec 7 @ 7:07am 
DooM in 2D?
German Bier Nov 29 @ 3:23pm 
man so nostalgic i play this since 2013 when i got my first pc and now look how it is today ;-; my favorite flash games are becaming very good just like madness project nexus ;-;
ant.karlov  [author] Nov 16 @ 11:51pm 
@Vellrath, Games like Zombotron are difficult to controls on mobile platforms. In addition, the audience is small in such games on mobiles, so there are too many risks to create a technically complex game on mobile platforms, so that it later gets lost among more simple one-day games :( If in the future I have enough resources, I'll try to make an interesting port of the game on mobile platforms. Thank you for feedback!
Vellrath Nov 16 @ 3:04pm 
I remember playing the original Zombotron years ago. Glad you guys are heading to Steam. I know it takes resources for a small studio, but I always wondered why Zombotron never made it to mobile either. The Art style, gameplay and fun physics always stuck out to me in this game. Anyway good luck, I'll be following your progress.
ant.karlov  [author] Nov 15 @ 12:32am 
@Accentrical, final price is unknown yet :(
Accentrical Nov 14 @ 5:34am 
I remember playing this game on Miniclip YEARS ago, I was looking for it on steam. How much would the price cost?
eVo x salty Nov 13 @ 10:57am 
very nice
ant.karlov  [author] Nov 11 @ 4:32am 
@Consul-Loki, да, сейчас нет времени на блог и на социальные сети тоже времени не остается. Подписывайтесь на группу в ВК за обновлениями:
Consul-Loki Nov 7 @ 8:47am 
Что-то вы свой блог забросили, пришлось сюда забегать - узнавать)
А какая будет примерно цена в ру-регионе?
hit el asesino Nov 6 @ 8:05pm 
el juego se ve genial
Iluminati Nov 5 @ 11:27am 
Razvan (The Pro Guy) Nov 5 @ 4:05am 
this game can be free???
ant.karlov  [author] Nov 2 @ 3:26am 
@hit el asesino, new game will be as paid game. But it will be really big and interesting game! :)
hit el asesino Nov 1 @ 5:40pm 
me pregunto si sera de pago o free to play
attackontitan1213 Oct 27 @ 12:15am 
cool thx for the reply ps love th previous games
ant.karlov  [author] Oct 27 @ 12:03am 
@attackontitan1213 Yes, we are preparing for the release of the game in 2018.
attackontitan1213 Oct 23 @ 8:05pm 
are yo still releasing the game on steam???
Glaxy Oct 20 @ 10:05am 
oooooooooooooooooooooooo cani pls beta test this
hancock Oct 11 @ 1:49pm 
ant.karlov  [author] Oct 11 @ 12:16pm 
@Zyka, release of the game planned for early 2018.
hancock Oct 11 @ 7:24am 
(cuando digo "en teoría" no significa que deba ... porque no puedo saberlo, de hecho quise decir que podría)
hancock Oct 11 @ 7:14am 
en teoría debe estar listo para ser comprado de inmediato, pedir más información al desarrollador.
hancock Oct 11 @ 7:13am 
2018 march
Zyka Oct 11 @ 7:05am 
Quando ira lançar, Quando iremos poder baixar ou Comprar?

Robot_Destroyer Oct 10 @ 2:35pm 
7 years and ??? months.
hancock Oct 10 @ 10:52am 
l 6 years andh 3 months
hancock Oct 10 @ 10:49am 
we make a race ... who has played more at zombotron wins
ant.karlov  [author] Oct 1 @ 12:07am 
@chad thundercock, price is unknown yet :(
goobaba Sep 29 @ 2:40pm 
how much will the game cost???????
ant.karlov  [author] Sep 26 @ 11:29pm 
@NOOOOOBNOOOOOB/ULFAR, YEP! We plan to make full support of the controllers! :)
hey will there be controller support
Frake Sep 21 @ 11:28pm 
@antkarlov oh that's fine the game will still be amazing!!!!!
ant.karlov  [author] Sep 21 @ 1:49am 
@frakevestroyer Unfortunately, we are focused only on single-player mode. But after the release of the game, perhaps we will deal with a cooperative company or multiplayer battles. But currently I can't promise anything, this is just my dreams! :) Thank you!
Frake Sep 20 @ 11:49am 
Man I remember playing all the zombotron games when I was 10 mam I can't wait for the new one! I hope there will be co-op campaign and maybe casual pvp!
ant.karlov  [author] Sep 17 @ 11:59pm 
@Rick Sanchez, release planned for the March 2018.
Rick Sanchez Sep 16 @ 2:15pm 
Release date?
I'm listening. Sep 14 @ 2:21am 
Ооо, помню прошёл все браузерные зомботроны, когда ПК был слабый, для флеш игры было очень неплохо и атмосферно, прям Metro 2033 в 2D. Может куплю, как дань разработчику )
ant.karlov  [author] Sep 7 @ 11:22pm 
@23Reapers, new game it's a remake with continue of the story, so you will know what happens with the girl from previous parts in this game! :)
23Reapers Sep 6 @ 4:39am 
O I almost forgot what happen to the girl in the "Zombotron II Time Machine?" will she be in this game?
23Reapers Sep 6 @ 4:34am 
HAAA I can't wait for it to be out, It's about time you guys made something new and I very please for the game , may you get that Green Light.
CSNexus Aug 31 @ 1:36pm 
This game looks so cool compared to the original series on armor games. I'm really looking forward to playing this once it comes out. Please, take all the time you need to make this game the best it can be XD.
ant.karlov  [author] Aug 27 @ 12:02am 
@MikaBoss, thank you! But before to get success need to finish and release the game! :D
ant.karlov  [author] Aug 27 @ 12:00am 
@I'm sexy and i know it, да, работаю в основном в одиночку, а над музыкой и звуками работает Ахура — тот же человечек, что написал музыку и подготовил звуки для первых частей игры. Спасибо!
MikaBoss Aug 26 @ 4:16am 
I dont care if this game cost 50€ i am buying it no matter what. best game, congrats on the game i am so happy for your success
I'm sexy and i know it Aug 25 @ 5:26am 
А кто работает над игрой ? Только ты ? Помощь по созданию музыки не нужна?
ant.karlov  [author] Aug 16 @ 12:38am 
@Renzo, yes, new game it's like a remake/reboot with continuation. More detailed answer I wrote in the Feedback topic.