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The Curse of Nordic Cove
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SaPater szept. 17. @ de. 3:50 
Cool game
Ricyn szept. 10. @ du. 10:07 
After I had a blast with "Boo Bunny Plague" I didn't think twice before I wanted to buy the first title that you guys made and I wish I didn't... (Desura said it was not available in my Region I should have just stopped there and not gone to Shinyloot...) Do you have any plans of improving "The Curse of Nordic Cove" if it gets Greenlit in any way ?

On the Level Games has a lot of potential and I bloody love the silly humor and the Sound/Music that you have brought with your second Title but this will damage your reputation that you might gain in the future I understand you are indie developers but this is not finished at all...the people WILL see this as Shovelware if it comes out in this state and I don't think you guys want that. neverthless you made a "fan" of me and I will keep my eyes open for the future titles you will make.
raulpuro aug. 30. @ du. 7:58 
I voted the game it is very interesting, good luck.
jamie.d  [készítő] júl. 24. @ du. 12:27 
Thank You Jinx!
Jinx júl. 23. @ du. 5:48 
playing golf and killing stuff HELL YES
jamie.d  [készítő] júl. 2. @ de. 7:54 
Many Thanks KoStSkiLLos, PP, TonyStone, and Nithael! Currently, this game is available if you check our website at, but we hope to have it on Steam at some point. It was our first release. Also, please look at our recently Greenlit game, 'Boo Bunny Plague', which will release soon! We appreciate you all coming by and supporting us!
Nithael jún. 22. @ de. 8:45 
good and fun
feliciathegoat jún. 20. @ du. 10:57 
i want PP jún. 19. @ de. 10:06 
KoStAkiLLoS jún. 11. @ du. 10:53 
This looks really fun :D
jamie.d  [készítő] febr. 26. @ de. 8:48 
Raigeki - Both of our games (The Curse of Nordic Cove and Boo Bunny Plague) are still climbing the charts in Greenlight. 'Curse' is available for PC/Mac/Linux on Desura, Amazon, or Shiny Loot now, and Boo Bunny Plague is in development. We just put up new trailers for BBP, so please check them out in Greenlight and let us know what you think. Thanks!
Raigeki febr. 21. @ du. 5:20 
Any news for greenlight process?
jamie.d  [készítő] febr. 4. @ du. 1:01 
Thank You coldking! The Curse of Nordic Cove is out on Desura, Amazon, and Shiny Loot. We learned a ton by doing this debut game. Bearman, Thank You as well. In all fairness, we got very high marks for creativity, and mediocre marks on mechanics. We are working hard to improve on that for Boo Bunny Plague. There are seven levels and every level is a different mechanic (almost like seven different mini-games) which is a large undertaking for a small studio. Last I looked, we had a 7.7 rating on Desura. We'll take that out of the gate. Cheers!
coldking febr. 4. @ de. 10:53 
Came here after viewing the boobunny plague from comic con and i must say this this looks amazing aswell
BearMan jan. 6. @ du. 8:11 
Looks fun, but might be kind of limited. I havent' played it, but they only show a few weapons and a few enemies during the video. The photos indicate it might be a bit deeper though, so I greelighted it.
jamie.d  [készítő] 2013. dec. 9. @ de. 8:51 
Thanks Vichel!
Vichel 2013. nov. 23. @ du. 6:26 
jamie.d  [készítő] 2013. okt. 23. @ du. 3:17 
Thank You Ksijur!
Ksijur 2013. okt. 11. @ du. 3:34 
looks nice
jamie.d  [készítő] 2013. okt. 7. @ de. 9:14 
Thank You Conor, torstenlooks, and Hyakujo! We learned a ton when making this game, and yes, the Indie Royale bundle is a great way to get the game right now. Also, many thanks for spreading the word.
Eyziah 2013. okt. 7. @ de. 7:24 
So much about the technical execution of this game could be better but the game has that magical something that means i just do not want to stop playing, so you have my vote.
torstenlooks 2013. okt. 3. @ de. 1:02 
Great trailer, very funny, and you can buy it in the new Indie Royale Bundle.
Conor 2013. okt. 2. @ du. 5:27 
Looks interesting and its a bundle buy. Will tell friends Rating up :)
jamie.d  [készítő] 2013. szept. 13. @ du. 12:55 
Much Appreciated MiddleIndex and Ash! We are working hard on our next title, Boo Bunny Plague, so please tell all your Steam friends to check the game out for Greenlight.
MiddleIndex 2013. aug. 29. @ de. 8:22 
Great trailer, very funny.
Ash 2013. júl. 23. @ de. 11:49 
I remembered how fun your video was to watch/listen to so I decided to check back up with this game. Glad I did -- totally made me smile. You're about to net another sale! Keep up the awesome work. :)
MotoDestructo 2013. júl. 4. @ du. 4:15 
Thanks for all the comments guys. Keep them coming!
JogsterXL 2013. jún. 19. @ du. 1:05 
Just started playing it, and I am loving it so far! Thanks for the free giveaway on Amazon, I had never heard of this before that. This game is crazy... crazy awesome! Voted "YES!"
Dr. Scaphandre 2013. jún. 14. @ du. 7:03 
I love the idea, but the graphics and animations need improvement.
Paperbags 2013. jún. 14. @ de. 12:01 
Saw you guys on Feral Instinct Gaming, best story I've ever seen in a game lol
Sandy 2013. jún. 12. @ du. 8:37 
Looks awesome guys just upvoted this for you! Watching on twitch as Ogre
OTLGS  [készítő] 2013. jún. 12. @ du. 8:21 
@jasj24 Thanks!
jasj24 2013. jún. 12. @ du. 7:01 
game looks awesome, watching it on feralinstinctgaming twitch page!
thrashie 2013. jún. 10. @ du. 4:34 
Looks strange with a hint of postal.. gimme
OTLGS  [készítő] 2013. jún. 7. @ de. 8:43 
@Tarsier, Thanks!!
Tarsier 2013. jún. 7. @ de. 7:12 
This is so far past inane I have to upvote. It would be a crime not to.

Congratulations on making a Youtube ad that I was interested in by the way.
燃心之刃--某狼Swolf 2013. máj. 31. @ du. 9:58 
seems fun , maby
variablenonsense 2013. máj. 30. @ de. 1:36 
Seems like a really weird mish mash of too many genre elements. Weird.
MadeInCroatia 2013. máj. 16. @ du. 2:46 
Seems like a fun game ;D
airart 2013. máj. 10. @ de. 5:52 
also forget what that old lady said, fart jokes are funny!
airart 2013. máj. 10. @ de. 5:50 
i'm upvoting out of sheer confusion. well played.
OTLGS  [készítő] 2013. ápr. 15. @ du. 6:43 
Thanks for comments!
IndridSepia 2013. ápr. 11. @ de. 9:40 
upvoted this because of its originality and humor happy to see devs trying new stuff instead of just lowering you're periphery and throwing you in some dark woods to wander around
kaekimaster 2013. ápr. 7. @ du. 6:12 
Well, give it a try, Thumbs up^^
OTLGS  [készítő] 2013. márc. 27. @ du. 9:34 
@ Akakazz21 - thanks for stopping by and checking it out anyway!
akakazz21 2013. márc. 21. @ de. 7:33 
Umm downvoted, Horrible graphics (thats just my opinion) and does not look that good of a game
The Chosen One 2013. márc. 19. @ de. 5:20 
wtf is this lol.
hellsguardian78 2013. márc. 4. @ de. 9:26 
huh...random, i think there is too many unnessassary swearing, based on the trailers, but meh, look somewhat interesting..until i find out more, im not really interested though
Knight (formerly upsilon) 2013. febr. 19. @ du. 4:27 
He said penis! I laff evrtim x'D! Downvote. Words cannot describe how lazy and default it is to use (im)mature humor. If you want to make people laugh, you have to be clever; not lazy.
CausticChicken 2013. febr. 16. @ du. 11:18 
Great choice of game types look forward to playing it :)