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Blackreef Pirates RPG
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Spoonium 16 mayo 2013 a las 14:37 
Awsome !
ograstamon 13 mayo 2013 a las 20:27 
That battle GUI makes it look like a single-player MMO. Not sure how I feel about that.
Mildudon 12 mayo 2013 a las 8:34 
Hi would you consider a wii u version in the future, now that wii usupports Unity?
Rabbids4eva 8 abr. 2013 a las 11:56 
Say, since it's still in ALPHA state, once greenlit, you could release through Early Access
Grognard_87 - card fishing 8 abr. 2013 a las 5:35 
The music gives me a monkey-island feel to the theme. Also the game looks very well done and I love the look of combat, especially with the pause screen to double check said abilities in combat. It certainly looks quite impressive and you have done your job in making the game look presentable, especially as it's still in Alpha state which is one hell of a achievement.
Byte01 1 abr. 2013 a las 1:18 
Once I have seen sneak previews of the planned naval battles I will review this.
GrokMonkey 30 mar. 2013 a las 19:01 
Seems to me to be something like a cross between Sid Meier's Pirates! and KotOR. Defnitely potential there, but whether or not it'd actually be satisfying to play is a whole other matter. If you drop the ball with navigating the overworld, resources, character advancement, or any one central thing, the whole would fall apart.
Lord Farquaad 21 mar. 2013 a las 5:34 
Let's see, what have we here? Some appealing visuals and the skeleton of a robust combat system. Potential? Certainly. But it's much too early (at least judging by the info we have so far) to tell whether this will be any good.
Canaduhz 15 mar. 2013 a las 16:43 
Is there going to be character creation?
Thundergrunge 13 mar. 2013 a las 7:06 
I like pirates. Therefor I am following this game. There aren't nearly enough good pirate games and fortunately AC:IV has been announced but still: I want more pirate games where I actually am the pirate. Where I can pillage and plunder. Although this does not seem to be the focus of this game. I am giving it a thumbs up for now.
Sigvaldi 7 mar. 2013 a las 2:49 
thanks for supporting Linux
Furio Saltamerenda 5 mar. 2013 a las 8:52 
A pirate game and.. no ship? Why? Many people are waiting for a Pirate RPG, just like the game of Bethesda "sea dogs". It would be nice to explore the world with your own ship. You know.. pirate stuff.
man0cels0 4 mar. 2013 a las 17:51 
The combat system was very uninpressive to me. Perhaps it'd be better by being more action oriented... Graphics are definetely stunning though.
Helping Hoof 4 mar. 2013 a las 17:35 
I'm not sure whether all three Benjamin Longnames were the same guy.. but if I were the 3rd one, seeing two corpses at the feet of someone else.. I would not rush towards them. I would grab my guns or run away and hide for a bit. I do hope the finished version will have more realistic AI.
[SZM] Ben 3 mar. 2013 a las 5:01 
ahoy me matys! she will be gettin ma vote!
intok 2 mar. 2013 a las 22:43 
Looks more like swashbuckling then pirating... Where be the ships wenches and rum matey?
Mr. Lister The Sister Fister 1 mar. 2013 a las 19:25 
Needs female pirates. Also, lots of humor is good for a pirate game.
canerkemik 8 feb. 2013 a las 22:45 
ı like it. +1

(ı hope there is defensive skills like dodge)
Subvert Games  [autor] 8 feb. 2013 a las 6:08 
@pshaetkilh no,you can pause it only if you really need time to think (e.g: battles with lots of enemies). Everything is realtime and not turn based.
๖Pshaeatkilh 8 feb. 2013 a las 5:41 
Do you really have to pause anytime you want to switch with another attack ?
Cyrus 31 ene. 2013 a las 1:52 
oh and this arena,this must be in the released version too :D
Cyrus 31 ene. 2013 a las 1:49 
the combat video had a really nice KOTOR feeling and I love the graphics :D you should make the combat/the exchange of blows,and to compensate the CD's on abilities too/ a little bit faster and "borrow" the naval battles mechanics from AC3/the only thing they've done right/ and this game is gonna be a BLAST :D
stylez 13 ene. 2013 a las 8:50 
Dual-wield pistol AND cutlass? I'll take eight!
Wo0d Glue 12 ene. 2013 a las 14:29 
Looks darn awesome.
Statickai [Syan] 7 ene. 2013 a las 16:22 
Will you add Ships and a Ship combat system?
Perhaps an open world to explore.
Jerry 5 ene. 2013 a las 17:31 
Fenrir007 5 ene. 2013 a las 8:51 
Still no parry and dodge?
Akriloth2160 30 dic. 2012 a las 3:59 
About time someone else started making an open-ended pirate-themed game. Hope this one turns out well!
straider 18 dic. 2012 a las 1:28 
Fly our flag, we teach them fear...under jolly roger!!! Looks cool! Multi-Player would be nice!
Soah 17 dic. 2012 a las 22:55 
When you say "your choices matter," I think "Mass Effect 3" and don't believe you. Why is it necessary to mention my choices mattering? If they didn't, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't play.
Pervy Sage 9 dic. 2012 a las 13:29 
I'd love to play a P-RPG, but it has to become good! Give it your all, please, developers!
Roland of the Deep 6 dic. 2012 a las 14:05 
Wow, this remins me of KotOR... o.o
Virgo Mutation 6 dic. 2012 a las 13:52 
Full "Steam" ahead indeed!
The King 3 dic. 2012 a las 23:22 
Make it multiplayer.
Sharktoothicus 1 dic. 2012 a las 7:00 
Erm... what, cicero? A lady pirate would be strong, have good reflexes, special awareness, studies show that women have higher pain thresholds than men, and they wouldn't have sat around all their life.
cicero 30 nov. 2012 a las 13:16 
Please please tell me that if lady pirates are added that realistically lowered stats for upper body strength, reflexes, spacial awareness, pain threshholds, and endurance will be preset?
lemon² 20 nov. 2012 a las 11:05 
Like KOTOR. Cool. Upvoted.
Chenzzz 20 nov. 2012 a las 3:14 
Oh man if this was an mmo......
bleating 18 nov. 2012 a las 17:19 
Please please tell me that being a lady pirate will be an option?
Domkis 18 nov. 2012 a las 12:09 
Yeah this is pretty awsome will this be free?
Fenrir007 11 nov. 2012 a las 8:51 
Gonna agree with some people here - combat will be great with parry and dodge.
FRAPS on my Google 11 nov. 2012 a las 2:26 
Not sure if putting "Full Steam Ahead" in your post is clever pun or just coincidental.

Either way, I'll throw an upvote your way.
diabLo-Designz 10 nov. 2012 a las 16:14 
an adorable puppy 10 nov. 2012 a las 14:08 
graphics could use some work, but can't vote against a pirate rpg
TF3: Scoutcest Apocalypse 3 nov. 2012 a las 0:49 
Always green light pirates. Always.
sara_bear 29 oct. 2012 a las 17:30 
My only gripe is the character some how looks swaney and baby muscled, but with giant calfs. Put some sholders on him please.
AirWhale1 29 oct. 2012 a las 2:30 
I really like the look of the combat from the video, but can you post another one showing more? I want to know that you can fight smart and defensively.
marceneiro_do_amor 28 oct. 2012 a las 17:14 
it looks good, but please don't make it a simple point and click! the combat system of risen is very good, and it has some great features! something like dodge, dash, and defense are great things that can improve the fighting system!
[HV Boss] OneShotPaddy 17 oct. 2012 a las 0:20 
Definitely will buy this. About time someone made a decent pirate RPG and didn't take it as a joke.
Bodger 14 oct. 2012 a las 8:17 
Having watched the abilities video, I think it might be cool to add some parrys/ripostes to the combat, to give it more of a fencing/swashbuckling feel, which I feel would fit the setting better than the current "MMORPG" style skill choices.

Just my two cents, game looks like it could turn out good, so have a yes vote from me.