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Radiant Defense
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190 kommenttia
Coulite-nof 8. heinä, 2016 16.34 
Hexage, you have radiant defense, why not add radiant and robotek to steam greenlight?
Trigisek ^^ 4. elo, 2014 13.12 
best game on phone :D
mishdanil 7. kesä, 2014 13.02 
игра с андроида пытается перебраться на ПК))) интересно было бы посмотреть)))
タ一ニャ 3. kesä, 2014 11.07 
i like it, my smart pone in this app game
Jim Tarnung 28. touko, 2014 12.00 
Greenlight is go. It only took two years. I'm curious whether this release will happen still.
Arakjin 22. touko, 2014 1.14 
Rano 5. touko, 2014 15.05 
Gotta love that TD!
nickifr 23. huhti, 2014 1.09 
Another Tower Defense Game, right? Hm, I don't know, I'll give it a try.
Korado3D 22. huhti, 2014 4.37 
I hope this one will get a release on Steam, I think it needs more missions though like maybe 30.
HandGilga 17. huhti, 2014 10.27 
ionutudor2012 16. huhti, 2014 5.18 
Cashout Service Advertisement 2 11. huhti, 2014 1.33 
Good game :)
ℑ.n.Q.2√easy4.T.o.R. 1. huhti, 2014 3.31 
Nice game )
❤Librarian♥Ⓜⓘⓐ♥♏ 29. maalis, 2014 6.33 
Looks fun!
.Send 14. maalis, 2014 14.34 
Great game, would rather play it on my pc.
Banjo Kaboom 3. maalis, 2014 16.14 
Hexage is one of my favorite mobile game developers. I'm so glad they are making their way to the PC market!
FredD. 23. helmi, 2014 10.29 
I have played this game on my smartphone... It's so fucking awesome!
Naru 19. helmi, 2014 14.49 
I'd like this on my pc rather than my laggy iphone.
DUMBLEDOR 13. helmi, 2014 8.30 
So cool game! I have already played it on my phone! Its realy nice game)
Dragollo 7. helmi, 2014 13.22 
I have played this game on my smartphone.... so why will ill it be on PC? its a smartphone game.ceep it thare people dont play on the PC for phone games
Christopher Lime <3 ChenNya 5. helmi, 2014 7.20 
I have played this game on my smartphone... It's so fucking awesome!
(MM) :: Wrixed (in the army) 29. tammi, 2014 12.16 
I have played this game on my smartphone... It's so fucking awesome!
AngeAlexiel 24. tammi, 2014 7.32 
is its mac avaialable too yup i will support it, but i have no worries , hexage supports mac a lot, repaer is already on the mac appstore since a while ... so i assume reaper and this one will be on mac too on steam at launch ?
magiclegendstaff 21. tammi, 2014 10.09 
the ideas are very very good. I hope you rock with your game
First_original 18. tammi, 2014 13.44 
Игра клёвая) На телефоне много играл... теперь хочу поиграть в нее на РС.
Valis 15. tammi, 2014 8.05 
This game is amazing on Android. I play it almost every day. I would love to own it on the PC. Go Hexage! All of the games of yours I've played have been amazing!
ShizZ 15. tammi, 2014 3.02 
no linux version? no greenlight support.
Boar 14. tammi, 2014 23.31 
Люблю товер дефенс, а это что то новенькое не похожеее на другие.
X-Glacius-X 13. tammi, 2014 13.36 
Valve add this please !!! ^^
Amazing game !
ŵřḿĉŧ❤ 11. tammi, 2014 17.21 
Kom Till Pappa 9. tammi, 2014 2.06 
Tower Defense is usually good, and this got good graphics
Blackheal 30. joulu, 2013 1.22 
Nice Graphics + I love Tower Defense
hl2_osx quit unexpectedly. 28. joulu, 2013 11.40 
I freaking LOVE this game. I've bought it for the blackberry playbook, iOS, Google Play (android), the Wndows 8 store and the mac (I kid you not). If you like tower defense games, this game is ridiculously addicting and fun.

If Steam greenlights it, I'll buy it from them, too. I'd love to have this on Windows 7.

The pay-to-play thing on the other platforms is ONLY for extra weapons (there's 4 weapons packs total, and are a dollar a piece)... they give the game away for free, but once you buy those weapons packs, you're done paying for it.. it's not one of those games where you have to keep paying to play (like a bunch of the newer PopCap games).
Rahz Zalinto 18. joulu, 2013 12.22 
stop trying to sell your practice games and go back to college
junior_ttm 10. joulu, 2013 4.16 
beauty graphick
「pshuuu」 7. joulu, 2013 2.16 
Played it on my surface, food fame
Grobu 24. marras, 2013 18.07 
oO Ca juste l'air d'etre LE meilleur tower defense !
13th 16. marras, 2013 11.44 
I've got this on my phone. Love this game!
KungFuBrad 6. marras, 2013 17.29 
I actually own this game on my Windows Phone. Great game and very well done :)
T-800 28. loka, 2013 6.57 
Awesome game! hurry up steam! We want this game!
AstroDiver 27. loka, 2013 10.55 
piXel.Zombieジ | KorbenGoodkat 24. loka, 2013 13.40 
Why isn't this available yet? C'mon Steam, green light this game!
Spider-Man 21. loka, 2013 17.07 
Slacking 20. loka, 2013 19.08 
got the game for ipod and loved it
Gabb3rZ 15. loka, 2013 12.48 
This tower defense is Amazing, i love the full Neon color.
i play all day on my phone for the moment.
Blubx 12. loka, 2013 23.37 
Very nice game !
Barry Allen 7. loka, 2013 19.23 
yeah i like it :D
Minhiriath 23. syys, 2013 14.16 
Push Microsoft to support payment through IDEAL!!!
msdfs 23. elo, 2013 13.54 
very good
Not Gay But 20$ is 20$ 22. elo, 2013 12.55