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Lumenox: Aaru's Awakening
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Komentarzy: 197
ionutudor2012 14 kwietnia 2014 o 14:02 
ShadowAkito 26 lutego 2014 o 9:22 
Looks pretty good, good luck ^^
BB 19 lutego 2014 o 11:04 
Saw the demo on and it looked cool.
ShizZ 13 stycznia 2014 o 19:45 
добавьте геймплейное видео в описание, многие человеки поленятся искать и проголосуют против.
Freiherr von Konigstein 11 stycznia 2014 o 7:54 
The art style is gorgeous and the mechanics are clever, thought I think the control scheme/save system needs some tweaking.
Forever Pepe 1 stycznia 2014 o 10:36 
mohla by to byt sranda
fisilfox 31 grudnia 2013 o 2:29 
Головоломки это хорошо, больше новых идей(пользователь greenlith)
Cortex 30 grudnia 2013 o 16:20 
It looks really good.
Best nickname 30 grudnia 2013 o 11:35 
Acmaar 24 grudnia 2013 o 4:01 
И всё?! О_о
[LT3] Evolve 15 grudnia 2013 o 12:17 
Looks good :)
mikky forte 19 listopada 2013 o 8:46 
Лол, это всё?
Brigh Guy 12 listopada 2013 o 5:31 
Saw the demo on and it looked cool.
☆RiP PEEP☆ 8 listopada 2013 o 8:09 
Задумка, геймплей и уровни главные положительные стороны игры этой красивой игры.
Peegs 9 października 2013 o 14:12 
Very beautiful ! I need this game.
TSUMI 13 sierpnia 2013 o 11:13 
Russian localization, please
Katanalevy 13 sierpnia 2013 o 3:29 
The artwork is amazing and the platforming looks like good fun.
JAEH_SP4M-golier 13 sierpnia 2013 o 0:50 
gorgeous game. Wonderfull athmosphere, i wouldnt wonder seeing Samus running around in this world somewhere. And that was ment as a huge compliment! Carry on folks!
Lord Midas 12 sierpnia 2013 o 14:22 
Beautiful 12 sierpnia 2013 o 12:40 
Awesome!!!! I wish I could play it right now...
soh_cah_toa 11 sierpnia 2013 o 11:13 
The artwork and environment in AA is stunningly gorgeous. Lumenox clearly has some talented members on their hands.

I was a little disappointed to see that the demo had been taken down but I respect their decision. Lumenox should take their time and release the demo when AA is more mature. No rush; I'm already sold.
bundum 11 sierpnia 2013 o 9:59 
Looks really nice can't wait to buy it!
Lok 11 sierpnia 2013 o 5:07 
Not so sure about the gameplay, but I LOVE the artwork.
Osu' BengOsu' 11 sierpnia 2013 o 0:31 
This looks amazing!
Vancha 29 lipca 2013 o 10:42 
Featured Aaru's Awakening on my Indie Channel, wonderfull 2D Art combined with some nice gameplay mechanics.
Jack Nash 17 lipca 2013 o 16:13 
this game looks so awesome!
[ACE] abordeu 12 lipca 2013 o 7:14 
Absolutely gorgeous! Instant purchase when it comes out!
[ACE] cbordeu 12 lipca 2013 o 7:10 
Awesome art style! Immediately fell in love with the original design (I'm a fellow indie game developer - developer of Zeno Clash). Four thumbs up!
DustyBlue 11 lipca 2013 o 23:50 
Looks like it's going to be a great game.
williamsakai 11 lipca 2013 o 3:56 
Can't wait! Awesome work!
Minty-Linux 8 lipca 2013 o 4:54 
Thank you for that info!
SlinGthoR  [autor] 8 lipca 2013 o 4:51 
@Minty-Linux "**Linux may not be supported on initial release. Support will be added as soon as Lumenox Games possibly can" We do not have a Linux demo as of now, but the full Linux version will hopefully be released very soon after the PC and Mac versions.
Ewandor 7 lipca 2013 o 4:07 
Very beautiful design!
Minty-Linux 7 lipca 2013 o 1:02 
where is the Linux demo?
nekabe21 6 lipca 2013 o 14:45 
We need more game like this, beautiful 2d platformers
dannypockets 4 lipca 2013 o 0:13 
Game looks beautiful.
Harvey dent 3 lipca 2013 o 17:34 
Rurouni 3 lipca 2013 o 13:53 
its just beautiful, i want it...
GAVade™ 3 lipca 2013 o 13:30 
Love the aestetic choice you went for, will be watching closely.
Czepta 2 lipca 2013 o 21:16 
Great looking world and art direction. Looking forward to trying the demo.
ND 2 lipca 2013 o 4:23 
PodjeGamen 26 czerwca 2013 o 13:48 
Wow Wow Wow!!!!! Upvoted!!! Favorited! This looks beautiful!!
kozykiller 24 czerwca 2013 o 12:04 
Hand drawn graphics are just beautiful.
Burningpet 24 czerwca 2013 o 9:28 
Looks good mate. good luck with the greening proccess
Natan_TeChh 20 czerwca 2013 o 6:05 
Amazing game guys, looks great :)
DIT 20 czerwca 2013 o 1:10 
Good Job! The game looks great!
Keeper of Death 15 czerwca 2013 o 22:25 
@SlinGthoR Thank you! This game looks stunning, and I wish you luck on getting this greenlit!
SlinGthoR  [autor] 10 czerwca 2013 o 4:11 
the stick that the fish was on: The demo is still available, fixed the link in description and here's a fast url! :)
Keeper of Death 30 maja 2013 o 13:07 
Quick question though, is the demo still available?
Keeper of Death 30 maja 2013 o 13:06 
This looks gorgeous and insanely fun!