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Exoplanet: First Contact
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~Ormagodon~ 9 Dez, 2016 às 23:50 
Hurray EA, I have been following this game awhile now.
bijou  [autor] 8 Dez, 2016 às 13:07 
Steam removed a link from your nickname not a link to Exoplanet's steam store page :)
store . steampowered . com / app / 531660

Exoplanet is not free, it will be priced $19.99
мιηιмαl. 8 Dez, 2016 às 11:59 
Mr. Dev?
мιηιмαl. 8 Dez, 2016 às 3:56 
@bijou, YOUR LINK DELETED! :( try again with space after points! Im add to my wishlist 2months ago! But thanks the informations! Tomorrow i can try for free?
bijou  [autor] 7 Dez, 2016 às 16:37 
@мιηιмαl. {LINK REMOVIDO} Exoplanet: First Contact will hit Steam Early Access at December, 9th. You can add it to wishlist here:
мιηιмαl. 7 Dez, 2016 às 15:10 
Looks like very cool game! How to got early access ? sorry for my bad english! :/
bijou  [autor] 25 Nov, 2016 às 15:59 
Steam Early Access is coming in a few weeks probably. Soon we will reveal our store page for Exoplanet.
Weeb jumper 2k17 25 Nov, 2016 às 14:45 
So, any updates on this?
bijou  [autor] 30 Ago, 2016 às 20:06 
@Yeap we fixed that problem and sent a confirmation mail to everyone who tried to register.
Ziigler 25 Ago, 2016 às 1:59 
I'm trying to register on website but never get email, has been hours...
bijou  [autor] 27 Mai, 2016 às 7:23 
@zeusz4u Yes. Actually you can get the latest alpha version of the game right now. Take a look at this topic:

Check the last message & then follow to to use your code. Of course you will get Steam key when we hit Early Access.

If you have some other questions or troubles with your code fell free to ask me. And have a nice day.
zeusz4u 27 Mai, 2016 às 6:57 
Will buyers of Adventure Role Playing Groupee get a free key?
Starlord 16 Abr, 2016 às 21:24 
u need tester on game e_e its really cool
bijou  [autor] 24 Fev, 2016 às 10:30 
@Certified Produce Clerk yes it is still in development. Don't worry.
Cosmo the Hutt, Count of Kessel 24 Fev, 2016 às 9:46 
Please tell me this is still in development.
bijou  [autor] 9 Fev, 2016 às 0:45 
@Trar, thanks a lot. We are pleased to hear it although our game is actually Gothic/TES III: Morrowind in Firefly setting. But RDR of course also has some credits.
bijou  [autor] 9 Fev, 2016 às 0:41 
@Frozen Fry, I can't claim the date but we are working hard for a new and big beta location at the moment. And of course we don't want you to play some raw product with a lack of a content. So we are trying our best to make it quicker but qualitativelyю Thank you for understanding.
bijou  [autor] 9 Fev, 2016 às 0:37 
@MaXPLOITed, привет, написать нам в личные сообщения можно
в группе ВК []. Также адреса почты можно найти на и других местах, где мы представлены.

Спасибо за внимание к нашему проекту, но, тем не менее, в данный момент у нас в команде уже есть и саунд-дизайнер, и композитор.
Trar [99th Calzones] 22 Jan, 2016 às 19:33 
Looks like Red Dead Redemption, with RPG elements, on another planet. Interesting!
Frozen Fry 19 Jan, 2016 às 5:30 
So, any ETA on Steam release???
MaXPLOITed 29 Dez, 2015 às 4:23 
Привет, false3d. Если вам требуется саунд-дизайнер/композитор - буду рад сделать тестовое задание. Сам люблю игрули подобного плана. Не нашел, где вам в личку написать. Если вы не против, задание можно слать сюда
alexander_ 28 Dez, 2015 às 7:44 
Игра действительно выглядит красиво. Буду ждать и когда она выйдет, обязательно куплю!
@kenjel 23 Dez, 2015 às 7:24 
Looking forward for a good deal
HakanDViking 22 Out, 2015 às 21:10 
Holy Crap, I want this game!
false3d  [autor] 7 Out, 2015 às 7:24 
Hi Hug_E_Bear42, we already created an accoun on our website ( for every backer from Kickstarter and sent them the email with additinal info. Who has access to alpha builds, need just to login to our forum with their credectials. If you have any issues please send us an email to with info about your backer name and we will check everyting asap! Sorry for the inconviences! =)
Hug_E_Bear42 12 Set, 2015 às 22:32 
i supported this on kickstarter through the $35 bundel but have yet to receive an alpha key. seeing as the games in alpha build 13 now (though i acknowledge the kickstarter just finished, grats by the way) i was wondering if they will be distributed soon?
bijou  [autor] 10 Set, 2015 às 15:17 
@junior.nc1 it's not a horror but action RPG with survival elements.
junior.nc1 10 Set, 2015 às 7:33 
Rated horror game?
bijou  [autor] 9 Set, 2015 às 18:26 
Dear IMGUR guys, please take a look to this topic before you use some offensive language:
bijou  [autor] 6 Set, 2015 às 22:42 
@chavhunter1986 yeah there is some japanese (?) website. That is really strange. I am going to find out what is going on and tell you asap.
chavhunter1986 6 Set, 2015 às 21:18 
i just checked is gone its now some other site
bijou  [autor] 6 Set, 2015 às 18:25 
@chavhunter1986 currently we are working on adding game to the Steam Early Access.
As soon we complete this procedure we will send keys to guys and they will send Steam key for you.
chavhunter1986 6 Set, 2015 às 12:47 
i bought you game when it was on when will i get my keys for the game
bijou  [autor] 4 Set, 2015 às 19:55 
@Snake, we are not going to disappoint you. @Texshi we're funded :) @Da Melvin Toast thank you, it is nice to see something like that.
RagaRogaRapa 2 Set, 2015 às 7:01 
watson martin 29 Ago, 2015 às 12:23 
boob00 29 Ago, 2015 às 8:48 
good game
Random Techpriest 28 Ago, 2015 às 11:32 
here because of imgur
Da Melvin Toast 27 Ago, 2015 às 4:03 
Just backed you guys. First ever kickstarter backed too, so you have my support and you've popped my kickstarter cherry.
patmc281 26 Ago, 2015 às 20:12 
This looks fantastic! Fallout and Red Dead Redemption had a baby, then launched it into space...

Shut up and take my money!!
Ether 23 Ago, 2015 às 22:14 
Damn Yes !
Texshi 23 Ago, 2015 às 20:50 
PLEASE get funded
Plissken 23 Ago, 2015 às 20:19 
Dang, that's the Space Western game I've ever wanted
zNes 22 Ago, 2015 às 22:10 
abacabb 22 Ago, 2015 às 11:04 
Wolfman 21 Ago, 2015 às 2:46 
ALMAZ 19 Ago, 2015 às 12:05 
Looks nice
Player 19 Ago, 2015 às 7:02 
seems nice, cool
kocyuba19880606 19 Ago, 2015 às 4:55