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Exoplanet: First Contact
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HakanDViking okt. 22. @ du. 9:10 
Holy Crap, I want this game!
false3d  [készítő] okt. 7. @ de. 7:24 
Hi Hug_E_Bear42, we already created an accoun on our website (alersteam.com) for every backer from Kickstarter and sent them the email with additinal info. Who has access to alpha builds, need just to login to our forum with their credectials. If you have any issues please send us an email to alersteamgames@gmail.com with info about your backer name and we will check everyting asap! Sorry for the inconviences! =)
Hug_E_Bear42 szept. 12. @ du. 10:32 
i supported this on kickstarter through the $35 bundel but have yet to receive an alpha key. seeing as the games in alpha build 13 now (though i acknowledge the kickstarter just finished, grats by the way) i was wondering if they will be distributed soon?
bijou  [készítő] szept. 10. @ du. 3:17 
@junior.nc1 it's not a horror but action RPG with survival elements.
junior.nc1 szept. 10. @ de. 7:33 
Rated horror game?
bijou  [készítő] szept. 9. @ du. 6:26 
Dear IMGUR guys, please take a look to this topic before you use some offensive language: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/93077318/517141624281504319/
bijou  [készítő] szept. 6. @ du. 10:42 
@chavhunter1986 yeah there is some japanese (?) website. That is really strange. I am going to find out what is going on and tell you asap.
chavhunter1986 szept. 6. @ du. 9:18 
i just checked http://www.indiebundle.org/ is gone its now some other site
bijou  [készítő] szept. 6. @ du. 6:25 
@chavhunter1986 currently we are working on adding game to the Steam Early Access.
As soon we complete this procedure we will send keys to indiebundle.org guys and they will send Steam key for you.
chavhunter1986 szept. 6. @ du. 12:47 
i bought you game when it was on indiebundle.org when will i get my keys for the game
bijou  [készítő] szept. 4. @ du. 7:55 
@Snake, we are not going to disappoint you. @Texshi we're funded :) @Da Melvin Toast thank you, it is nice to see something like that.
RagaRogaRapa szept. 2. @ de. 7:01 
watson martin aug. 29. @ du. 12:23 
boob00 aug. 29. @ de. 8:48 
good game
drakede aug. 28. @ de. 11:32 
here because of imgur
Da Melvin Toast aug. 27. @ de. 4:03 
Just backed you guys. First ever kickstarter backed too, so you have my support and you've popped my kickstarter cherry.
patmc281 aug. 26. @ du. 8:12 
This looks fantastic! Fallout and Red Dead Redemption had a baby, then launched it into space...

Shut up and take my money!!
Ether aug. 23. @ du. 10:14 
Damn Yes !
Texshi aug. 23. @ du. 8:50 
PLEASE get funded
Snake aug. 23. @ du. 8:19 
Dang, that's the Space Western game I've ever wanted
zNes aug. 22. @ du. 10:10 
abacabb aug. 22. @ de. 11:04 
Riad Thunderbolt aug. 21. @ de. 2:46 
djdyma aug. 19. @ du. 12:05 
Looks nice
Player aug. 19. @ de. 7:02 
seems nice, cool
kocyuba19880606 aug. 19. @ de. 4:55 
Monominemon aug. 18. @ du. 9:44 
bijou  [készítő] aug. 18. @ de. 8:45 
@fantis6 @tomme25 @★helderfoca™ @iitsutae-sha thank you very much
fantis6 aug. 18. @ de. 5:20 
tomme25 aug. 17. @ de. 7:22 
Looks fun. Good luck with the kickstarter
Foca aug. 17. @ de. 12:34 
looks good
iitsutae-sha aug. 15. @ de. 9:28 
see a good game. w8 for release day.
bijou  [készítő] aug. 13. @ du. 11:00 
@Erretter hi! Thank you for your feedback. Actually we wanted to add a personal but our team lead was against it. But I think he changed his opinion at the moment so we will publish some info about us.
Erretter aug. 13. @ de. 3:56 
You KS lacks any vital info about you, the devs. Big fail.
Skreech aug. 13. @ de. 3:37 
Big Pink Bunny aug. 13. @ de. 1:46 
at least nice game on greenlight =)
mktigerPL aug. 13. @ de. 1:19 
Nice work
Kurutucu aug. 12. @ du. 10:37 
wow nice game
Drk aug. 12. @ du. 9:32 
i realy like this one
Mithrandir aug. 12. @ du. 4:30 
I like it!
jakey1995abc aug. 12. @ du. 3:19 
Nice! :D
xLordPikachu aug. 12. @ du. 2:37 
Good game!
Templar Volsgen aug. 12. @ du. 2:29 
Looks interesting
Gaaalv aug. 12. @ du. 2:16 
EMI aug. 12. @ de. 9:27 
Good luck!
bijou  [készítő] aug. 9. @ de. 8:21 
@Mihai @KISHKA @Lucario2006 thank you very much. We are launch a Kickstarter campaign (12th of August). So there are more great news and updates coming soon.
Breaking MeeM | trade.tf aug. 9. @ de. 7:07 
seems very good
KISHKA aug. 8. @ de. 9:32 
Mihai aug. 3. @ du. 1:18 
It looks so good !