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Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive
Počet komentářů: 754
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Biart  [autor] před 19 hodinami 
photo sniper? 200 фото снимков
|Fioh| BiOS před 19 hodinami 
Ещё один вопрос, так-как в английском я слаб, хотел спросить по достижениям. Есть достижение "СНАЙПЕР", что именно нужно сделать? За ранее спасибо!
|Fioh| BiOS před 20 hodinami 
Ну да я заметил) Вот только, когда ты их видишь в первый раз, плывешь аж по самому дну, что бы не спугнуть)))
Biart  [autor] před 20 hodinami 
Акулы добрые. Нельзя их убивать)
|Fioh| BiOS před 20 hodinami 
Первая часть по сложней была, в плане ловли рыбы) Частенько срывалась)
|Fioh| BiOS před 20 hodinami 
А как насчет акул???
Biart  [autor] před 20 hodinami 
Планируем кита в аддоне. Но его нельзя будет убить )
|Fioh| BiOS před 21 hodinami 
Ещё вопрос есть? В описании семейства рыб, там упоминается о синем ките, он есть в игре?
|Fioh| BiOS před 21 hodinami 
Хорошая игра. Море (океан), отличные места, приятная музыка. Хотелось бы ещё DLC с охотой на акул)
Biart  [autor] 22. srp. v 12.16 dop. 
Всегда пожалуйста! Поддержите нас добрым словом
|Fioh| BiOS 22. srp. v 12.03 dop. 
Отличная игра! И уже в стиме) Спасибо авторам!
Biart  [autor] 20. srp. v 11.08 dop. 
Biart  [autor] 8. srp. v 8.27 dop. 
Uhhh. Nice idea to integrate multiplayer, but we are out of budget for so complex features like this. Maybe we can do this later. Thank you, Kamen!
KamenRiderKaze 8. srp. v 7.33 dop. 
i hate to say it though but it should at least be two-man multiplayer ready for those of us who like a freindly challange to see who can spear the most fish types or to explore the seas together or kill sharks together. for such and epic scale underwater game, theres no connectivity whatsoever for multiplayer support which leaves me and probably others puzzled. imagine what people could do, together....
Biart  [autor] 8. srp. v 3.00 dop. 
Thank you for your feedbacks! Game will be released very soon. We are working now on integration of achievements and leaderboards.
KamenRiderKaze 2. srp. v 1.40 odp. 
ive played this awhile back and its epic, especially if you like exploring the seas!
sepehrhr 2. srp. v 12.12 dop. 
Bullet Gun Guy 26. čvc. v 8.38 dop. 
this is beautiful
Dodo 26. čvn. v 4.21 dop. 
nice idea
Kristupas 26. čvn. v 1.58 dop. 
i want it
Juleeh4ppl[1g] 25. čvn. v 5.13 dop. 
would love ot have one steam key :D
Juleeh4ppl[1g] 25. čvn. v 5.13 dop. 
Biart  [autor] 25. čvn. v 5.07 dop. 
Steam version of Depth Hunter will be not a simple port, that's why we can not provide free key or owners of Desura key. But we will make a discount.
DarkLouis312 24. čvn. v 3.27 dop. 
Hi... I have buy this game for Desura. Can i get a free steam key?
Juleeh4ppl[1g] 18. čvn. v 4.49 dop. 
infine 12. čvn. v 11.21 dop. 
I bought the indieroyal world water day bundle, may i get a steam key?
gfw2012 6. čvn. v 3.59 dop. 
will Depth Hunter owner on desura get a steam key ?
Biart  [autor] 5. čvn. v 5.17 dop. 
Guys, we just released iOS version of our another game! Please download and rate us. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scuba-diver-adventures-beyond/id793772894?mt=8
Prinzz Grizzly 22. kvě. v 10.16 dop. 
Yeah, sorry..i was talking about the Steam Version..
Biart  [autor] 22. kvě. v 6.14 dop. 
Prinzz, Depth Hunter was released. You can download it and read more on our site - http://www.biart7.com. We are working on Steam version.
Prinzz Grizzly 20. kvě. v 12.09 odp. 
Depth Hunter 1 isn't realesed and they are working on Depth Hunter 2..hm...
rav3n 2. kvě. v 6.14 dop. 
Hi Biart. The game is currently on sale on dailyindiegame.com. If i buy it will i get a steam key later on?
DodObOBo 20. dub. v 1.24 dop. 
Biart  [autor] 14. dub. v 2.20 dop. 
Krisaf and Biart Company have created a virtual environment for the rehabilitation of children with neurological motor impairments - See more at: http://www.biart7.com/node/68
Biart  [autor] 14. dub. v 2.18 dop. 
We plan to release it this year.
Kawachigay14 27. bře. v 11.31 dop. 
So it released ?
Roeroeroe 21. bře. v 1.00 odp. 
Will Indie Royale bundle buyers get a steam key from the World Water Day bundle?
Abd2 21. bře. v 3.42 dop. 
i'm still waiting O.o
|おたく| Raymond 13. bře. v 4.21 odp. 
I can't swim. This is perfect. I WANT EET.
Maikeru 1. bře. v 2.56 odp. 
thats alot of screenshotz
Mercenary X 23. úno. v 10.11 odp. 
You know what I would love to have in this game? A mermaid mode where the title girl can become a mermaid.
Patterson 19. úno. v 11.54 odp. 
nice game i like it
TG62•Bæstien ★ 15. led. v 2.34 odp. 
Depth Hunter: Deep Dive - DEMO
STREAMing HERE : 40min
brokenfix 2. led. v 3.47 odp. 
I'm here for boobs
eastpaw 17. pro. 2013 v 5.50 dop. 
Hi, congrats on being Greenlit! I bought your game as part of the Greenlight Bundle some time ago. The bundle's website doesn't seem to have a contact email, so I'm hoping you could help me with a Steam key. Thank you!
[TG62]-Big Boss [FR] 5. pro. 2013 v 6.23 odp. 
i have donwloaded the demo and in menu Help and option.
Where is the Help please ?
I have juste Option for sound etc but no help :(.
MobileSuitKong 3. pro. 2013 v 3.59 odp. 
Fxxk yeah, you give us a hot female character then this is a FPS game, the only things we can see this her hands with gloves which are not sexy at all. Thats "great"!!!
Ravlı 2. pro. 2013 v 5.26 dop. 
IIeTPoBu4 11. lis. 2013 v 1.21 odp. 
good game