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def1nt 2 ore fa 
I accomplished like almost everything in Crimsonland, but I still want it in my Steam library.
kds71 16 apr, ore 12:12 
Is there any further info about development available? I checked today and seems to be down... Is this project still alive? I love this game and I can't wait for it to be on Steam!
Krzysztof Nalewajka 16 apr, ore 7:57 
Hey, just wondering is there any closer indication of release date than "Q2". I'm getting married in 9 days and it would be quite a cool wedding gift from my brother - years ago we've spend ages playing it... Please? <grinning insanely>
Kaspeyskis 9 apr, ore 9:02 
Simple but fun game.
soulburner 6 apr, ore 10:46 
Great! Like this game! Remember getting about 1.3 mln points!
Grabarz 30 mar, ore 12:47 
My face when I was proud getting 44500pts and then I saw online best results around 1,5 million...and asking my self HOW they made that?
lexder 26 mar, ore 22:41 
voted some time ago, waiting for it!
Howy 25 mar, ore 4:11 
Thanks! :)
BloodyEyeX 22 mar, ore 14:58 
I still have the old Crimsonland on my Pc <3
Awesome game.
Howy is totally right. Take your time and make CL even more awesome.
I trust you 10tons.
Howy 17 mar, ore 8:12 
I think I speak for the rest of the superfans when I say that we appreciate the hard work, and quality is more important than speed. We have waited this long with fond memories to hold s over, a little while longer wont kill us.
10tons  [autore] 17 mar, ore 1:13 
Howry: April? May? Thereabouts. The work on the game itself is progressing well. After we're done with that it's time to dive into the Steam SDK and publishing process. Those are new to us, so we're not really sure how long it'll take to do what we need to do with those.
scovron 17 mar, ore 0:52 
:D all that hours with type o shooter !
Howy 13 mar, ore 15:25 
When is this gonna be available? I have hard earned monies that are ready for the spending!
Howy 13 mar, ore 15:23 
As a kid? I played this as an early adult...
Omar_DmX 12 mar, ore 14:42 
Enjoyed this game so much when I was a kid :D
Rutalj 8 mar, ore 19:45 
I've spent so much time on this one as a kid. Genuine fun. Can't wait for Steam release.
Howy 8 mar, ore 16:09 
lol, blowtorch... its all about the pulse gun :D
Diamonds Droog 6 mar, ore 14:36 
>We make the blow torch actually useful.
My money can't exit my wallet fast enough!
moon4 3 mar, ore 1:35 
Please get Ville Eriksson to the team! I still listen those brutal tunes!
Roxolani 2 mar, ore 19:10 
Add as many Steam Achievements as you can to Crimsonland.
SgtImrak93 2 mar, ore 7:48 
The main website was just updated! Its almost here!
Sensenmann 28 feb, ore 6:08 
How many achievements will be added in game? 30?50?100?
Howy 27 feb, ore 9:42 
If there are some of you who want to play the trial before the game is released on steam, you can run it in compatibility mode for Windows XP and it seems to be stable. Just thought it would be nice to let all of the fans know whats up
Howy 25 feb, ore 20:25 
Sounds good, I just wanted to let you fine people know whats going on. I would hate future fans to get a bad taste for this great game.
10tons  [autore] 25 feb, ore 7:24 
Howry: Hmm, interesting. Thanks for letting us know. The current trial is years old, and it indeed may not work properly on Windows 8. I guess it's unlikely we'll update it any more, as the remastered version will most likely replace the old version in all channels.
Howy 24 feb, ore 12:47 
I downloaded the trial from the wesite, and it seems to have a memory leak or something. The game crashes on my windows 8 laptop after 5 or so minutes. Unless that is a limitation of the trial, and not a software issue.
MacaronBox 23 feb, ore 12:11 
Im losing my patience too :) Please hurry up !
Howy 23 feb, ore 9:08 
Running out of patience...must kill alien scum... hurry...
min 22 feb, ore 11:45 
Holy crap, I remember this game! Now I just have to find my receipt...
Roxolani 20 feb, ore 16:38 
This is a very entertaining game. Enjoyable and guarantees hours of replaying.
[RPL] DxO Sirius Black 20 feb, ore 14:27 
this game rocks
OneDollarWilliam 16 feb, ore 19:05 
I am looking forward to this in a really big way. I played hours of Crimsonland back in the day, and it's great that 10tons wants to allow previous owners Steam Access. I, Alas, will have to buy it again, because in the last decade I've gone through half a dozen different e-mail accounts, four new home addresses, and at least 14 hard drives (that I can see from where I'm sitting). It'll be more cost effective to just buy the game again rather than trying to dig up my Reflexive reciept.

Thanks for keeping up with Crimsonland 10tons! I look forawrd to slaughtering hordes in it again soon!
Illus 16 feb, ore 8:32 
Can't wait anymore!
Howy 15 feb, ore 18:48 
What's the longest survival time for you peeps? I recall times in the 20 minute range
afextwin 15 feb, ore 11:24 
When is this coming out?
AsUI 15 feb, ore 5:25 
Whats about 1080p resolution?
Vaagur 11 feb, ore 2:53 
I can't wait to play Typ'o'Shooter again!
Dr. Arschko Med. 10 feb, ore 17:24 
this game is amazing! we played it years ago in two player mode for hours. i want it to be on steam so bad!
Tymon 10 feb, ore 1:29 
Also, consider releasing the CURRENT version of crimsonland on steam, and updating it via updates then(for free).

Make sure you make the above VERY CLEAR though, as you don't want people to buy the game expecting it to be updated.
Tymon 10 feb, ore 1:28 
That's quite a huge delay.

Keep us updated!
10tons  [autore] 9 feb, ore 23:55 
We won't have the game ready by February 11th, unfortunately. We've had a lot of delays with other projects, and we changed the ETA for Crimsonland to Q1 2014. It's entirely possible we'll miss even that deadline. We're still 1-2 weeks from having a good idea of what the exact schedule will be, but it most probably will be in Q2 2014.

We're sorry for the delay, there's nothing more we'd like ourselves than to get plasma shotgunning in high res.
sakuramboo 7 feb, ore 21:12 
It hasn't been 90 days since being greenlit yet. The 90 day mark is February 11th. :)
Tymon 7 feb, ore 6:21 
Any updates? News? Etc?
Nick88 30 gen, ore 13:20 
Please add online coop too :D
Slayer Mark 29 gen, ore 1:22 
This game should of been released on Steam ages ago. I glad it's finally going to get released. Because this game is awesome. One of my all time favorites
pokrishka 29 gen, ore 0:16 
Sure :) I hope you would sell well on Steam and will be able to fund Crimsonland 2.
10tons  [autore] 28 gen, ore 23:30 
pokrishka: That'd be one potential way of doing it, but it's a bit beside the point. It would surely be *possible* to add online multiplayer to Crimsonland, but it would be so much work it would make little sense. Coding identical feature to a brand new game would probably be less work, and the rest of a new similar game wouldn't be that big a deal anymore. Crimsonland is, after all, a simple game from the implementation point of view. It's just the little details we got right back in the day that make it a lot more than the sum of its parts :)
pokrishka 28 gen, ore 6:04 
Quote from 10 tons: Inputs would be a small fraction of network traffic. The states (locations, orientations and velocities) of every single moving object (players, monsters, bullets) several times a second would be... A lot, especially in a game like Crimsonland. There would definitely be ways, but we'd just have to gut the entire codebase.

What if you will be synchronizing state of important things like players position/inputs and monsters' spawn position and let two separate games play out on their own on players' PCs? Sure it's more complex than that, but there must be a way to determine a short list of important parameters that would cause the identical outcome (like sync pseudo random number generators for all the powerup drops and stuff prior to start of the match) and then synchronize them before processing on both PCs. That would cause a small ping even on the hosting PC but might make online multiplayer manageable.
1nskiy 28 gen, ore 3:39 
skulz87 27 gen, ore 14:29 
Would be epic if you guys add multiplayer, online co-op would be kickass