Ta gra została wybrana do dystrybucji dzięki Greenlight!

Społeczność wyraziła swoje zainteresowanie tą grą. Valve skontaktowało się z jej twórcami, aby sprawdzić możliwości publikacji ich dzieła na platformie Steam.

Project Black Sun
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muito legal o jogo.
djguardian0311 27 Wrz - 16:21 
Fantastic game! I purchased it on desaru. The gun mechanics are similar to the metal slug games, but the gameplay is super metroid all the way. A lot of game for a $1.99.
Prof. Pick1es 13 Wrz - 17:09 
this oddly reminds me of super metroid
Swifty Magee 11 Wrz - 0:23 
The developer, Starflower Games, aren't able to actually release the game due to some financial reasons, I think. I don't know the exact details, but if you check the discussions titled "Where is the steam version?", the Steam representative Gekko actually says they are "not active at the moment". So it seems like until all that is settled, none of their games are eligible to be released or updated...Starflower Games might be a dead company, sadly.
Fishman465 10 Wrz - 21:44 
It might take time to do all the adjustments, as not all greenlight to steam processes are quick.
Resmah 17 Maj - 18:40 
You can still buy it on GamersGate and other websites if you really wanted to do so. This game is actually years old. It's not under active development or anything like that.
kalirion 3 Maj - 12:45 
Sad to see that they're not planning to release it after getting greenlit...
Tinkky (Niclas) 10 Sty - 4:19 
looks kinda cool... And also like a slower Super Metroid, I´d like to try it.
nidhognagar 18 Gru, 2013 - 0:51 
Sad to see this got greenlit aswell.
Gas Powered Stick 22 Lis, 2013 - 16:27 
Sad to see this got greenlit.
caveman8 8 Lis, 2013 - 22:09 
Imbued with bash. ;-)
caveman8 8 Lis, 2013 - 22:09 
Please don't make me donate to get past the undead orc caves, cause then i'll have to grab an electric imbued sword and head underwater to the mermen.
caveman8 8 Lis, 2013 - 22:08 
Whoa, looks like the story of my perma novice on "a" RO server. Sweet if it is a Novicevania.
pixel Lover 30 Paź, 2013 - 18:57 
when is it coming out is it almost finished?
Nate Jennings 26 Paź, 2013 - 12:30 
I have Project Black Sun, DRM-free, via GamersGate. Love it. Tough as nails, but awesome.
Gekko  [autor] 2 Paź, 2013 - 4:22 
If it is possible, and no time-consuming process, then yes.
Luchador138 2 Paź, 2013 - 4:11 
will you give steam keys to those that have already purchased this?
Gekko  [autor] 2 Paź, 2013 - 3:31 
Yes, we will add gamepad support for Mac.
cybertrance 1 Paź, 2013 - 14:46 
added u to ask some question, because u dont check ur discussion board, sadly and asnwer questions there
Luchador138 13 Wrz, 2013 - 0:22 
could you please add controller support for Mac I got this on Desura and it doesn't have controller support
ND 1 Wrz, 2013 - 10:11 
-shhfiftyfive 31 Sie, 2013 - 10:14 
i get interested when i hear metroid-vania, but i lose interest if i see a game heavily revolving around projectile dodging (game screen full of dozens of projectiles you must avoid) that isn't fun for me at all. (rogue legacy, etc)
Gamer_4biz 30 Sie, 2013 - 16:12 
fulls a badly need area on steam !
Lil' Sassy Sex Magi Supreme 30 Sie, 2013 - 13:39 
I'm glad this got greenlit
heiderassamita 30 Sie, 2013 - 6:17 
Wow, amazing art!
SATAN IMPERIAL 29 Sie, 2013 - 22:32 
Msxman 29 Sie, 2013 - 15:19 
It takes me back in time in the fabulous "Treasure of Usas" by Konami on MSX computer ^__^ Grratttzzz <3
cissogarcia13 28 Sie, 2013 - 14:21 
The old times is back!!!!!! "Da hora mesmo!!" (portuguese - Brazil)
Whiskey_Fox 28 Sie, 2013 - 12:32 
Art looks fantastic. I wanna try!
bl33ding_silence 28 Sie, 2013 - 11:13 
Congrats! Don't forget about Linux support!
kalirion 28 Sie, 2013 - 11:00 
Congrats on getting on Steam! Played on GamersGate and its great, but please flesh out the story a bit (well, add one) and make the automap more useful by showing exits & entrances.
Desidiosus 28 Sie, 2013 - 8:42 
I have the game on Gamersgate and probably some others too, so is there any chance of getting a Steam key?
Chaplain Gaunt 23 Sie, 2013 - 18:47 
looks like it will be a fun game
DanielL 22 Sie, 2013 - 3:17 
Look like Metal Slug
ElvisMarques 21 Sie, 2013 - 6:03 
Very good gameplay.
Scruffy cat 19 Sie, 2013 - 2:12 
Metroid Metal Slug YEAH!!!!!!
Keppethor 17 Sie, 2013 - 6:07 
nami348 15 Sie, 2013 - 5:08 
Very nice game!
Fabulous Prince Adam 12 Sie, 2013 - 19:07 
Looks interesting, I like the 2-d Effects, the story sounds a little over done but... Perhaps you can add something like a Twist into it? Other than that, looks like it would be a fun game to mess around with on a rainy day.
Плюм-бум 12 Sie, 2013 - 13:31 
UberStrike 11 Sie, 2013 - 12:04 
dunno if it would be good
Lord Sheogorath 11 Sie, 2013 - 10:21 
its not greenlit yet because some dont vote YES when its just good. some only vote yes when they will buy it. i think its good but im not going to buy it. so no.
badwords 11 Sie, 2013 - 5:22 
Man, how is this not greenlit yet?
spyke 10 Sie, 2013 - 5:45 
like old school games ^^
✭ChrisFresh007 9 Sie, 2013 - 5:59 
like old school games like that :D
Rawkie ♪ <Sheep> baa baa 8 Sie, 2013 - 15:58 
NEON ROBOCOPTIMUS 4 Sie, 2013 - 22:57 
I love metroidvania games! I hope you can get it to run a bit faster if it gets greenlit.
HPK 28 Lip, 2013 - 20:47 
Seems to be a pretty decent game based on the video and premise.
McGwire Peña 25 Lip, 2013 - 6:07 
looks very interesting
CoRe <3 Hannah Montana :x 24 Lip, 2013 - 12:19