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Gemenskapen har visat sitt intresse i detta spel. Valve har tagit kontakt med denna utvecklare för att börja gå mot ett släpp på Steam.

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This is one of the simplest, most unique games I have ever seen on Greenlight. I can't believe I've never seen this on here before. Many congratulations on being greenlit!
Hoss 2 timmar sedan 
Light cycles, fuck yes.
TGIF TIme To Game 2 timmar sedan 
ionutudor2012 13 timmar sedan 
[EPIC]BoredBass 15 apr @ 12:03pm 
Played it @ MediaCity amazing game. It was so hard it made me want to play more. :D
bemed 13 apr @ 12:46pm 
Played it on @GDNMediaCity. Amazing game.
Best camera on a Tron inspired game ever!
hasbeenhere 11 apr @ 6:40pm 
Voted. Looks awesome.
Sp4rkR4t 11 apr @ 3:55pm 
hmm, looks fun.
yourPrey 11 apr @ 3:46pm 
voted ;)
RixerBode 11 apr @ 1:10pm 
Jay 11 apr @ 12:06pm 
Voted a while ago :D
Bytrix  [författare] 11 apr @ 11:42am 
Thanks for the recent votes and comments. I'm likely planning on putting the game up for about £4.99-£5.99 when it goes on sale. It will include 120 single player levels and the online functionality will be added at some point after the game is launched :)
Forge #flushaaaaaa 11 apr @ 11:21am 
Seems like a good small game. If it doesn't get over 7.99E I would buy it :)
Rouxmire 11 apr @ 9:04am 
Looks really fantastic -- I would definitely buy this one.
rife 11 apr @ 8:21am 
Locke 11 apr @ 6:53am 
[VS-UK] r3m0dul8 11 apr @ 6:21am 
P4R4D0X 11 apr @ 6:12am 
Love the art style of this game. Good luck with the project. Voted!
Ðiɳɦσ 8 apr @ 11:47pm 
Voted! :)
Karma 2 apr @ 6:36pm 
god, i miss light cycle battles in Tron
AwwA 28 mar @ 12:42pm 
This is awesome!!! I would like to see a map that has more than one floor, like in the tron movie. (Also called a Multi Layered Map). I agree light cycles are AWESOME!!!!
hampuserlandson 28 mar @ 8:37am 
It is tron for fuck sake AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lucave 18 mar @ 10:35pm 
Of course I want it.
MrIce 16 mar @ 1:50pm 
Very,very,very Good!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retroburn  [författare] 12 mar @ 4:47am 
Thanks, and I agree, light cycles are awesome!
Bigfan 421 11 mar @ 8:45pm 
Since you were willing to admit your product was heavily inspired by TRON, I'll upvote it out of respect. Besides, the Retro Lightcycles were Awesome.
PlasmaFire 6 mar @ 7:13am 
looks good :)
Tommy Vercetti 24 feb @ 4:36am 
i would by this game although it looks a lot like tron it is a fast thinking puzzle game that requires you to be aware 100% of the time
Retroburn  [författare] 12 feb @ 2:23pm 
No copyrights are being infringed, this isn't Tron and it isn't trying to be. There are plenty of other light cycle games out there but none that I feel are up to the standards that modern gamers expect.
=VAC=Killers 11 feb @ 6:33pm 
love the graphics and the style, awesome! but surely that is a copywrite infringement of TRON though?
exterminator2100 10 feb @ 10:09pm 
I am very glad I am able to play this. It took me a while but I got through it. Its the right type of difficulty. I love to lose hours on this
jeun 9 feb @ 6:33am 
It looks and plays very well. I love the bike and the music/sounds. Too bad i'm just terrible at mazes. I keep dying and backtracking so much its ridicullous -_-;
Retroburn  [författare] 7 feb @ 12:22am 
Thanks for the suggestions. Each bike does have it's own engine sound but it does repeat for the duration of the ride. I've also altered the turn sound in the latest version so it's much quieter and less harsh which should sound better in the next demo :)
kn00tcn 6 feb @ 5:52pm 
multiple engine sounds (even if it's just minor variances in pitch per bike or even per run) would be a nice professional & realistic boost, same goes for the turning sound

i noticed the 'reset' voice over has that so that's good
Retroburn  [författare] 4 feb @ 10:46am 
That'd just make it unnecessarily complex at this stage. Right now I have three very different game modes and that will do for this game. I already have plans for a sequel which will be much larger in scale but may take some time to develop (and also depends on how well this game does when released ;-)).
drarem 3 feb @ 7:46pm 
How about adding a feature of multiple levels and ramps as in the latest Tron movie?
Retroburn  [författare] 3 feb @ 2:22am 
Thanks to everyone that tried the little preview build. I probably should have selected a better maze as that one is a bit boring :-p. I've fixed my issue with the Arena AI now (they no longer turn suicidal) and will be releasing a preview of Arena mode in the next few days, followed by a preview of Race mode and then the full demo which will allow you to try all game modes are various difficulties using all three bikes available in the game.
zhhhhxhq 2 feb @ 6:31pm 
Good Game
indienerd 1 feb @ 4:54pm 
wow ... Armagetron invented that concept and not Positron? Who would have guessed.
Skaldic Games don't you think it is a bit foul to call the clone of a clone of a clone of a Movie a ripoff?
Retroburn  [författare] 1 feb @ 1:00am 
@Skaldic, nice to see you actually read the information about my game and watched the videos (which would've shown you it's quite different from Armagetron, which in itself is hardly unique and has been around for at least a decade with the likes of GLTron and Cycles3D.. but none of those games receive any major updates anymore and they try to CLONE Tron. My game is inspired by those games and Tron itself but does not try to clone every aspect of the game and movies.
Remilia Scarlet 31 jan @ 5:56pm 
looks great!
Intercidona 28 jan @ 3:50am 
I'd buy this. It looks so cute with the zig-zags, speed and color. That's exactly why I would buy it! >w< I'm almost interested in any game, and this is one of them.
Kiss Ltd 28 jan @ 2:33am 
OK people. get everyone you know to vote for this. This game should be on Steam!
Byron Atkinson-Jones 27 jan @ 3:31am 

I throw money at the screen but nothing happens... WHY???
Helicraft 20 jan @ 10:51am 
I want this game!
Svatopluk Hus 18 jan @ 10:53am 
could be fun with splitscreen
Pa[R]s~Legen...Dary 14 jan @ 11:08pm 
its a great idea to make an old game 3D.interesting game
kani 10 jan @ 6:10pm 
old game
Max_Smirnov 7 jan @ 12:55pm 
Interesting idea)