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Heroes & Generals
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4,612 commentaires
amilk2123 26 nov 2016 à 20h42 
Andreich 30 oct 2016 à 5h05 
говно конченное на донате
asghar_72 26 sept 2016 à 9h52 
nice challenging and entertaining game. play it for hours
|PzGren.| Panzer #RipGabeThedog 13 août 2016 à 21h16 
Please, fix the game!!! I cant spawn without the game crash!!!!
Massive Titties 14 juil 2016 à 13h29 
oh wow, its funny stumbling upon this in the greenlight and released section. It is interesting to see what the old war map looked like, back when it was first being released. Funny thing is, the game is still in alpha to this day, but its a good alpha and i think reto only keep it in alpha so they can continue to tweek stuff here and there and still have the reason of saying "its still in alpha". Very Good game over all, but hit detection sometimes is very slightly off and a couple of issues with the squad 2.0 update, but still darn good over all.
Colt 4 juil 2016 à 4h08 
TOP Game
IV 21 avr 2016 à 16h55 
IV 21 avr 2016 à 16h54 
they should make a new heroes and generals but based in the civil war, does anyone agree with me????
[LSB] bradley the JS Manager 17 avr 2016 à 4h21 
Please make this available for Mac
Capifoshka 15 avr 2016 à 6h05 
NP ● Recuex 1 fév 2016 à 8h30 
turkish Language
Random Sauce 6 nov 2015 à 4h35 
The game is good, though under rated by idiots who think this is P2W
check is ready not don't 15 oct 2015 à 14h16 
BooceFrogert101 6 oct 2015 à 9h06 
how do i get more than 9 fps. i really wanna enjoy this game more and thelow fps is kinda killing it
=XIIªFVL= xXFeniceXx 25 sept 2015 à 3h27 
it looks good
Tubex 20 sept 2015 à 1h58 
Very good game c:
Rouce 13 sept 2015 à 23h38 
You should really check the steam reviews before playing this game.. I've warned you.
iron-maiden-maniac 13 sept 2015 à 7h13 
sakismondeo 3 sept 2015 à 3h18 
looks good
minion-assassin 14 août 2015 à 9h02 
Myracil 11 juil 2015 à 5h08 
Klingt nett
TamTar0508 10 juil 2015 à 8h59 
Kamil007 3 avr 2015 à 11h36 
† LAST-SAINT † 31 mar 2015 à 10h18 
interesting game!
Maddwarrior1962 23 mar 2015 à 18h43 
When will this game be released!!!!! I like games based on WWII and Later I really do like to play the modern war games!!
Тройной Тулуп 23 mar 2015 à 3h15 
I love this game
Soul.CLONE 17 mar 2015 à 7h31 
good game
WillowGaming 3 mar 2015 à 17h55 
I know. Creator can you please make a mac version, as soon as I saw it on youtube I wanted to play it. But then I went to steam and saw it was`t for mac! So could you please make it for mac too, I would really love to play it.
Burank12 3 mar 2015 à 12h45 
GanjyBoy 22 fév 2015 à 4h45 
ZeldaMudkip 14 fév 2015 à 9h21 
good game its fun
TuskenWambo 26 jan 2015 à 12h33 
™ℬᴸƱᴣ ® 5 jan 2015 à 20h47 
w0w i loved it...
MrBoune 4 nov 2014 à 13h27 
i love this game !!
..--HAPPY--.. 23 oct 2014 à 5h49 
sehr interessantes game !
[RZD] Golgotux 18 sept 2014 à 14h29 
dommage que le jeux demmande trop de performences mais sinon trés bon jeu
3a4awsd 12 sept 2014 à 7h06 
very good game .
Finn 99 - Wodka Gorbatsch[DE] 9 sept 2014 à 8h04 
geniales Spiel
dani 7 sept 2014 à 5h38 
bel gioco
Cromok 5 sept 2014 à 19h33 
good game
BattleLion ツ ︻デ┳═ー 3 sept 2014 à 5h59 
GOOD Game.
fastfroob 30 août 2014 à 1h50 
I hope this gets a mac release
Magic_LAG 29 août 2014 à 8h36 
Mostcarpiot 29 août 2014 à 7h11 
good game
Sylph 28 août 2014 à 19h59 
100/10 would play this game. = w=)b
Donald Trump 21 août 2014 à 2h59 
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Партизан 9 août 2014 à 21h07 
Put in Swastikas, who cares if it's illegal in Germany.
[TITAN]Brakass (Fr) 5 août 2014 à 6h00 
good game
ninjajellybeans 29 juil 2014 à 13h42 
suck it mac users microsoft for the WIIIIIIIN
Secr3t 22 juil 2014 à 13h16