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Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth
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Spoffy máj. 20. @ de. 4:01 
tommy_beast máj. 12. @ du. 1:49 
A game that is worth waiting because you have a great communication with your audience (unlike Routine devs for example). Can't wait for the game!
Ben máj. 11. @ du. 5:51 
@Source CatE
well i hope your making progress so people can play what is left. Cheers
Source CatE  [készítő] máj. 11. @ du. 4:28 
It is
Ben máj. 10. @ du. 6:59 
I heard that sourcecatE is working on porting city 17 episode one to sdk 2013
nenti máj. 4. @ de. 1:43 
Rudik201222 ápr. 7. @ de. 7:55 
Я возлагаю на вас большие надежды. Не подведите.
Source CatE  [készítő] márc. 27. @ de. 10:42 
Не забросим
W☪lf102 márc. 26. @ du. 11:05 
Сколько игры должны были выходит, но некоторые проекты забросили... Думаю эта хорошая игра получится, жду ее много лет, а игра пока разработке...
CZubay márc. 26. @ du. 10:11 
Не вздумайте забросить этот проект!
Source CatE  [készítő] márc. 3. @ de. 11:53 
Пускай попробует с:
KACCNPIIIA JIHP márc. 3. @ de. 10:13 
А прикинте хл3 раньше выйдет:D
Source CatE  [készítő] febr. 7. @ de. 7:33 
Ожидание того стоит :) В офф группе ВК запустили загадку, которая связана с темой следующего дневника разработки.
W☪lf102 febr. 7. @ de. 7:33 
Most would have released this game, rather than wait for Half - life 3

Tired of waiting for her
W☪lf102 febr. 7. @ de. 7:32 
Скорей бы выпустили эту игру, чем ждать Half - life 3

Устал ждать ее
|VaultOfHentai| Ket febr. 7. @ de. 7:25 
It is true, that it will be earlier then HL3, because, no one confirmed HL3 to be coming anysoon.
Source CatE  [készítő] febr. 3. @ de. 11:06 
@Combine Elite,
We sure that Lost Story will be released earlier than Half-Life 3. That's all that I can say.
Combine Elite febr. 3. @ de. 10:29 
Why? Earlier than half-life 3 u sure you got information of hl3 by valve? (X-Flies)
Source CatE  [készítő] febr. 2. @ de. 4:53 
You're right, earlier than Half-Life 3 (:
Hanm13 febr. 2. @ de. 1:30 
Release date: At same time as Steam Release. Steam Release: Earlier than Half-Life 3
Yeah, sure.
Шеф Манчев jan. 31. @ du. 1:34 
Overwatch Transhuman Arm.
StanR  [készítő] jan. 31. @ de. 11:10 
@Lord Breekons: what do you mean by "OTA"?
Шеф Манчев jan. 31. @ de. 9:28 
For what i have seen, the game will have OTA, and you won't have the HEV suit, so you can't rush to them like if you don't lose anything, or you will die very fast.
Combine Elite jan. 31. @ de. 9:01 
Well Maybe there is choice to be bad or good.

Yeah this game looks very cool maybe wanna get when it releases.
EviL jan. 31. @ de. 8:54 
Becuz you got accepted in CC? The irony GG.
General Squad Leader (lukemac) jan. 31. @ de. 8:48 
Hope it has COTA.
sooklal jan. 26. @ de. 5:21 
Also when you mean the early version of the combine(metropolice) metropolice specificly they hae quite DIFFERENT models......stating that the orginals aka the one that has a trenchcoat and a backpack on his back has a model of erhm SS combine...I would love to see that getting to shoot some SS combine,Stating along the ones like that were very different like the combine guard there is a human version of it which was the metropolice at its EARLIEST stage which used that SS model.
tehswordninja jan. 23. @ de. 7:11 
Oh, sweet, for sure looking forward to this then.
Source CatE  [készítő] jan. 22. @ du. 9:02 
@Pluginbuilder (G.E.W.P),
We're trying to release it as soon as possible. Every screenshot in greenlight shows how game looks now. Before game release we should to complete all game-play parts and maps. Remember that we show screenshots only from few finished maps, not from all.
Pluginbuilder jan. 22. @ du. 8:51 
Any idea when this will come out? Also this kinda applies to movies but if you have all these screenshots doesnt thaqt mean you have a good portion of the game done? Or like in movies, you see the trialers so doesnt that mean the movie is done so you can see it then? That horribly hype
Source CatE  [készítő] jan. 22. @ du. 8:47 
@tehswordninja #downwithescrow,
Yep, in Lost Story we're plan to show combine synth soldiers & early versions of combine humanoid soldiers.
tehswordninja jan. 22. @ du. 8:43 
so is there going to be normal combine or synth soldiers?
Source CatE  [készítő] jan. 22. @ du. 8:39 
Thanks, m8 ^___^
Hammurabi of Babylon jan. 22. @ du. 8:12 
Looks pretty boss, good luck!
Pluginbuilder jan. 21. @ du. 7:18 
Oh.. Ok
Source CatE  [készítő] jan. 21. @ de. 6:39 
Pluginbuilder (G.E.W.P),
We're making this game without budget and at our free time. That's why development taking so long time.
Pluginbuilder jan. 20. @ du. 9:33 
Whats taking it so long?
Pluginbuilder jan. 20. @ du. 9:33 
I want to play this
Button Mash jan. 17. @ de. 1:01 
Looks pretty interesting.
Source CatE  [készítő] jan. 8. @ du. 11:38 
W☪lf102rus, раньше чем Half-Life 3
W☪lf102 jan. 8. @ du. 9:36 
Наверно мне понравится эту игру... Когда она выйдет на steam?
jasra2001 jan. 4. @ du. 2:54 
Выглядит неплохо
2000 jan. 3. @ du. 1:23 
Воу крутой мод =3
tehswordninja jan. 1. @ de. 8:57 
Why would there be combine troops yet?
Why not just use synth soldiers instead?
sooklal 2015. dec. 29. @ du. 3:08 
Very good I'm interested but they wont have combine soldiers instead they would use synths since the combine didn't actually start recruiting and proccessing soldiers
Prime 2015. dec. 29. @ de. 2:39 
Verry good guys !
{UE} Fores-To 2015. dec. 21. @ de. 11:58 
CW3D 2015. dec. 18. @ du. 10:49 
What new creatures will we see?
Legion-casualbrb-afkAdmin 2015. dec. 18. @ de. 10:15 
o i thought originally it was
Source CatE  [készítő] 2015. dec. 18. @ de. 10:15 
It's standalone game.