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Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth
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666 GESTAPO 666 19. jul kl. 4:43 
any update?
mR. GaW 25. maj kl. 16:51 
Looking forward to this!
Source CatE  [ophavsmand] 10. maj kl. 0:39 
@thood74, recent update was a month ago:
Thood74 9. maj kl. 12:44 
this aint dead: recent update was 1 year ago and contact is still avalable
Nukey McMeltface 13. apr kl. 21:55 
I can't wait for this to finish!
AxiomNachtFox™ 9. apr kl. 17:09 
Damn this sounds good! Wish a game like this that Valve could officially release which would be all Free roam too.
honor 9. apr kl. 10:41 
Source CatE  [ophavsmand] 8. mar kl. 14:05 
CW intensifies, working is hard. We have a lot of plans, but can't make any annonce yet. We hope that we will able to make some great annonce at this year.
CW3D 8. mar kl. 0:04 
How's this going so far? I really want to play this :3
Source CatE  [ophavsmand] 18. dec 2016 kl. 3:31 
@W☪lf102, про осень не было ни слова. Выйдет раньше, чем Half-Life 3.
W☪lf102 18. dec 2016 kl. 1:25 
Когда вы эту игру выпустите? А что в контакте сказали, что выпустим осенью и все. Вот облом...
Outcast™ 8. dec 2016 kl. 10:12 
It is good to see the project still up and running. I love the franchise and this is a grand tribute to it.
bog5651 10. okt 2016 kl. 3:09 
Ясно спасибо
Source CatE  [ophavsmand] 8. okt 2016 kl. 10:20 
@bog5651, мы лично не видим в ней особого скрытого смысла. Учитывая то, что она в первую очередь предназначена для потенциальных партнёров, которые хотят вложиться в проект и быть уверенными, что вкладываются не во второсортный игровой проект :)
bog5651 8. okt 2016 kl. 8:24 
а вообще есть смысл от демки? или лучше все же ждать релиза, чтоб не портилось впечатление от демки? нет? ладно пойду поем =)
bog5651 1. okt 2016 kl. 20:36 
Блин, обидно, давно уже слежу за проектом, а из посмотреть только картинки ;(
Source CatE  [ophavsmand] 1. okt 2016 kl. 10:46 
@tehswordninja, the demo is currently available for a selected group of people and is used during showcases (game conventions).
tehswordninja 1. okt 2016 kl. 9:27 
how does one get into the demo? or is it impossible right now?
Source CatE  [ophavsmand] 1. okt 2016 kl. 9:02 
@bog5651, демка пока что доступна только ограниченному кругу лиц и используется для демонстрации игры на шоукейсах (игровых выставках).
uPdip 1. okt 2016 kl. 7:43 
Нет. Демки нету. Она есть толкьо для ограниченного круга людей.
bog5651 1. okt 2016 kl. 4:56 
яб поиграл. Есть демка?
Odddude21 28. sep 2016 kl. 19:52 
ive been looking forward to it for a while now
I hope it comes out soon
Odddude21 28. sep 2016 kl. 19:51 
this is gonna be a good fuckin game
Source CatE  [ophavsmand] 12. sep 2016 kl. 14:45 
прям прослезился. честно.
uPdip 12. sep 2016 kl. 10:57 
Хатико ждал, и мы подождем.
XENZ 6. sep 2016 kl. 4:33 
Ета Игра Напоминает Мне Half-Life Ето Уже Везкая Причина Купить Её
ACE 3. sep 2016 kl. 9:02 
PACAN 5. aug 2016 kl. 1:59 
Скорее бы.
↜༺ ☩ Frøstyß ᛟ ༻↝ 8. jul 2016 kl. 8:17 
Cool, hopefully you release this before Half-Life 3
Source CatE  [ophavsmand] 8. jul 2016 kl. 7:02 
Yes, off course. We're taking part in indie game showcase on Starcon 2016 at St.-Petersburg, Russia now :)

#nextcastleparty #starcon2016
↜༺ ☩ Frøstyß ᛟ ༻↝ 7. jul 2016 kl. 22:03 
Still working on it?
CW3D 23. jun 2016 kl. 3:55 
Ah cool. Well i hope things go well for the team, and cant wait to get my hands on Lost Story (when it comes out, or.... something ;3). Best of luck! ;D
Source CatE  [ophavsmand] 23. jun 2016 kl. 3:53 
The WHITE NIGHTS CONFERENCE starts at June 28. We're planning to publish some videos from conference and ingame screenshots. But since this stand-alone demo and it's partly technical that demonstrate features of the game, so we don't plan to make it public in near future.
CW3D 23. jun 2016 kl. 1:04 
How long until the WHITE NIGHTS CONFERENCE starts? Cause i heard you'll be there to show off the Lost Story's full demo. Will you release video or even the demo publically?
SS 19. jun 2016 kl. 4:26 
Скорее бы.
♛ Tabajara 30. maj 2016 kl. 23:39 
Following and Favorited! Just found this project. Can't wait to see more. Best of luck!
CW3D 30. maj 2016 kl. 0:43 
ok, i just played ep2 with "Ahead" playing over it (turned off in game music and played soundtrack on internet) and it was awesome! someone, plz make a repalcement mod or something to replace the music in hl2 with Lost story's music! See below v
CW3D 27. maj 2016 kl. 3:15 
Hey, so i was wondering if someone is able to replace some hl2 soundtracks (including the episodes) with a couple of soundtracks from Lost Story. First is a replacement for "Self Destruction" a track played at the elevater bit in ep1 to be replaced "Run In Dark"
Second is "Eon Trap" a track that is played at the ambush bit in ep2 to be replaced with "Ahead"
If someone is able to do this, please post on gamebanana or moddb. Thnx ;3
Dude 20. maj 2016 kl. 4:01 
tommy_beast 12. maj 2016 kl. 13:49 
A game that is worth waiting because you have a great communication with your audience (unlike Routine devs for example). Can't wait for the game!
Asriel Dreemurr 11. maj 2016 kl. 17:51 
@Source CatE
well i hope your making progress so people can play what is left. Cheers
Source CatE  [ophavsmand] 11. maj 2016 kl. 16:28 
It is
Asriel Dreemurr 10. maj 2016 kl. 18:59 
I heard that sourcecatE is working on porting city 17 episode one to sdk 2013
󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡 4. maj 2016 kl. 1:43 
Rudik201222 7. apr 2016 kl. 7:55 
Я возлагаю на вас большие надежды. Не подведите.
Source CatE  [ophavsmand] 27. mar 2016 kl. 10:42 
Не забросим
W☪lf102 26. mar 2016 kl. 23:05 
Сколько игры должны были выходит, но некоторые проекты забросили... Думаю эта хорошая игра получится, жду ее много лет, а игра пока разработке...
CZubay 26. mar 2016 kl. 22:11 
Не вздумайте забросить этот проект!
Source CatE  [ophavsmand] 3. mar 2016 kl. 11:53 
Пускай попробует с:
☢KACCNPIIIA☢ 3. mar 2016 kl. 10:13 
А прикинте хл3 раньше выйдет:D