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Cry of Fear
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3,872 commentaires
Pelinsu_34 5 déc 2016 à 12h11 
ZHekaakez 14 sept 2016 à 8h25 
ϟ Dr. Heavy Pootis-Man ϟ 18 juil 2016 à 1h33 
I still fucking hate this game... :P First level with the mirrors and dark rooms. lol.
luigi 4 mai 2016 à 8h36 
best game
Mr.Awesome 1 mai 2016 à 17h36 
fun game
light 6 mar 2016 à 4h10 
The best indie
[ESP]KennyDiemonds 21 nov 2015 à 1h29 
Tiene Buena Pinta, Lo Jugaré
yMPuBHocK[A]x 8 nov 2015 à 9h54 
R.Z 21 oct 2015 à 1h04 
Good game
hsuzumiya6 9 août 2015 à 20h00 
wait, Half LIfe 1?, here i thought it was a HL2 mod?
♐ | Be[N]Z1n* 23 juil 2015 à 22h32 
Почему у этого шедевра всего 4 звезды? Это самая страшная игра,которая когда либо существовала.
Zxo Pink 20 juin 2015 à 7h38 
good game
Bravery&stupidity 27 avr 2015 à 8h02 
One of the best mods for half-life
Bespalevny2104 8 fév 2015 à 4h55 
Its best mod
Flam4 4 oct 2014 à 1h28 
without half-life
Flam4 4 oct 2014 à 1h27 
like cry of fear
Flam4 4 oct 2014 à 1h27 
but i want it free
Flam4 4 oct 2014 à 1h26 
i wish there was afraid of monsters and afraid of monsters director's cut:P
Impygoo 21 sept 2014 à 15h52 
My god this game is epic! So sad that i already completed this game. best 55 hours of my life!!!
MrRiNo 11 sept 2014 à 14h29 
The best game! I just waiting to Cry of Fear 2 or something :(
WOLF 11 sept 2014 à 12h01 
i fell so sad since i completed it its the best game i ever played love it love it love it
I Like The Game
Perceive the madness... 26 juil 2014 à 10h27 
I want afraid of monsters on steam
Kzieres99 23 juil 2014 à 16h37 
i love the game is so cool
Alec Productions 10 juil 2014 à 19h33 
why does mine crash?
JkMenttonet21 28 juin 2014 à 12h26 
JkMenttonet21 16 juin 2014 à 14h09 
JkMenttonet21 16 juin 2014 à 14h09 
American Psycho 14 juin 2014 à 9h50 
very good
{£££}Undyne T Undying{£££} 12 juin 2014 à 23h16 
good game
Allenthegenerous 18 mai 2014 à 18h17 
make BIG bug fixes and i will like this alot more
Seriouscraft 6 mai 2014 à 5h02 
best goldsource graphics!
Saniator 4 mai 2014 à 5h26 
good game
fakeboy. 21 avr 2014 à 9h19 
looks nice
MeowMix 21 avr 2014 à 5h32 
@Gat-Man Uhhhh Reident Evil, Alone in the Dark etc. I can go on and on.
Attacker! 2 avr 2014 à 13h49 
nice mod
John the Baptist 20 mar 2014 à 14h47 
mod for extending game qualities :)
Karizma GoodBye :) 17 mar 2014 à 14h11 
mistris 2 fév 2014 à 2h56 
great mod.
ozIll 4 jan 2014 à 18h13 
very good mod hl
Randy 26 déc 2013 à 22h57 
best mod
JAMAL DrAGNeel | kickback.com 22 déc 2013 à 10h35 
make it more fearfull ;)
Sedge 21 déc 2013 à 10h54 
Хорошая игра!
Hot-Dog Man 7 déc 2013 à 23h58 
I'm not sure if this game qualifies as a horror game, saying that you have weapons, or a weapon.
Bathory 24 nov 2013 à 8h25 
exelent game
CrackMasterK 21 nov 2013 à 7h41 
Hey just wanted you guys to know I started a gaming social network just for gamers and game developers. I would love it if Cry Of Fear joined and made their own group on there. Also I will soon be creating a fan page section!

共 产 正能量 18 nov 2013 à 19h18 
pik pok 11 nov 2013 à 4h23 
Super Mario 9 nov 2013 à 8h59 
Big Boss 8 nov 2013 à 6h08 
i got a problem in the start of the game when you are going through a door i got quit from the game everytime and it is shows me mobile_phone not found can you guys help xD